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Meet Sarah Holland

Posted August 22, 2012 in Community Featured, Beaverdale

For as long as Sarah Holland can remember, she has wanted to be a teacher.

Sarah Holland teaches middle school social sciences at Holy Trinity Catholic School.

Getting her first taste of teaching when she was in high school, she recalls loving the duty of imparting life lessons on eager minds. While the lessons were about germs and first aid safety, she was bitten by the teaching bug. She also realized that her real passion could be found in teaching older children.

In her second year of teaching at Holy Trinity Catholic School, Holland is excited for the new school year.

“I so enjoy teaching the middle school level because the students are beginning to think more critically and learning to ask deeper thought-provoking questions,” she says.

Holland has loved that she’s been able to get to know the staff and families within the school.

“Since it is a smaller school, I am able to interact with many families, not just the families of the students I teach,” she says.

Holland’s hope is that each individual student will gain a greater understanding of how history has shaped the global relationships of today.

“I love to see students excited to learn,” she says. “When someone comes into the classroom and says, ‘What do we get to work on?’ it tells me they want to know more.

“This year I am going to be incorporating many new activities and lessons into the social studies curriculum. I would recommend for incoming students to come to class with an open mind for learning. With an open mind there is no limit to the knowledge a student could gain.”

Growing up, Holland enjoyed social studies classes the most.

“My favorite subjects were U.S. history and psychology. I loved learning about how and why the world and the country were shaped through historical events. Psychology helped me to understand why people act the way they do,” she says. “It is important for all students to understand different cultures so that they can grow to become knowledgeable and accepting individuals.”

The Civil War time period is the era of history that Holland loves to teach because so much of our country’s fate hinged on this time in American history.

“The United States could possibly not exist today if the Union had lost the Civil War,” she says. “I would absolutely love to live in the 1860s while the Civil War was occurring. This decade fascinates me because of the way people lived and the events that occurred. During high school I was a docent at a local historical society which helped pique my interest in the 1860s, giving tours of homes from this time.”

Holland’s hope in the next 10 years is to travel more in the world.

“I want to bring my experiences to the classroom to enhance the learning of my students and to share with them the rich world we live in,” she says.

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