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Jefferson-Scranton Superintendent’s Desk

Posted August 21, 2012 in Community Blogs, Greene County

The 2012-2013 school year is picking up momentum and will be in high gear by the end of the week.  We started the day with a breakfast for all faculty and staff hosted by the “Friends of the Library.”  We then had a general meeting of all faculty and staff to outline the focus for the school year.  There will be several items that will be the focus for the school year. The main four we will be addressing are bullying/harassment, building unity and relationships, improving reading skills, and implementing the Core Curriculum. As adults we will be responding quickly and consistently to bully and harassment to send the message that it is not acceptable.  As we enter our first year of whole grade sharing (East Greene and Jefferson-Scranton), we will be focusing on building unity and relationships.  We want to make sure positive relationships are formed between staff members, students, and parents.  Cooperation, communication, and collaboration between people are beneficial for everyone. As far an academic focus, we will be looking at improving reading skills across all grade levels and also implementing the Core Curriculum.  Julie Neal will be taking on a new role this year as a Reading Specialist and will be working with all teachers to improve reading instruction.  Karen Sandberg will take on the role of Curriculum Coordinator and will assist teachers with implementing the Core Curriculum into their classroom.

Students will start back to school on Thursday, August 23rd and athletic events will start on the 23rd as well.

Tim Christensen
Jefferson-Scranton CSD

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