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julsdesign Launches Subsidiary Digital Printing Company

Posted August 17, 2012 in Ankeny, Community Web Exclusives

An Ankeny firm is combining efforts with the Ankeny Community School District to create a groundbreaking service that could help the district realize more profits from the sale of their school name and logo-imprinted items.

QB Studios, an online garment design and printing service, will also offer individuals and groups such as youth activities an online resource for getting unique logos and designs imprinted on a wide array of products.

Helping Schools Profit from Intellectual Property

Sales of apparel with such world-recognized logos as Nike, Adidas, Coke and others typically generates profits for the owner of the trademarked logo. So Nike gets some part of the revenue from every shirt that’s sold bearing its logo, because the Nike swoosh is a valuable part of the product. Not so for many schools, who see others use their intellectual property such as logos on apparel yet don’t share in the revenue.

QB Studios will now handle all the printing and sales for the Ankeny school district and return a pre-negotiated portion of the proceeds to the school district as a royalty fee for using the school’s logo.

QB Studios is a subsidiary of julsdesign, an advertising and marketing firm based in Ankeny.

“We felt we could make a difference,” said Julie Mangels, owner of julsdesign and QB Studios. “So we worked with our hometown school district here in Ankeny to set up an online store that gives them control over what’s offered and what’s not, handle all the production, shipping and customer service, and cut them a check for their part of the proceeds. It’s a win-win for all involved.”

Ankeny Community Schools athletic director Kevin Biggs said the online store offers students at both Ankeny High and the under-construction Ankeny Centennial High items that help them show school spirit.

“Whether you’re an athlete, musician, scientist, artist or dreamer, we want there to be something at Ankeny High or Ankeny Centennial High for you to grab onto and make your own. Our new online spirit wear shop and design center has helped us provide that special experience to our students and community by building something that is unlike anything available in the country, especially for elementary, middle and high school students,” Biggs said. “Our kids can get creative, while also supporting their school and teams. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to partner with julsdesign and QB Studios. They deliver on their promises and are wonderful to work with.”

QB Studios hopes to create online shops for non-CIML schools, including smaller, rural school districts that have not had access to the same array of products as the largest districts offer.

Small Groups, Teams, Just-for-Fun Printing Welcomed

QB Studios will also offer unique merchandise and apparel to groups like youth and adult sport teams and leagues, class reunion groups, corporate activity teams and virtually any other group that wants customized apparel.

“One of the things that motivated us to start QB Studios was to serve the small customers who just want some products for fun — maybe for a family reunion or a special gift,” Mangels said. “It was difficult for them to get those shirts made because either the minimum order was too high or the price per shirt worked out to be cost prohibitive. With our digital system and commitment to the customers of every size, we can get those orders done at an affordable price.”

QB Studios will also offer the capability to let individuals and groups have their own online stores that can be public or private. So, for example, a youth soccer team can upload a design for team apparel, then distribute the unique store Web URL to the team members who are interested. The store can also be made private so only those with the URL and password can get access.

The Latest from Central Iowa Graphic Artists

Along with their joint effort with Ankeny schools, QB Studios has launched an online store offering the broader retail market the latest unique designs from Central Iowa graphic artists imprinted on high-quality apparel.

With both the Ankeny school shop and their general online store, QB Studios is capitalizing on three factors —
1. The latest in digital printing technology tightly integrated with an online design-and-order system to bring new efficiency to even one-shirt orders.
2. Connecting fashion-conscious consumers with designs from talented local graphic artists imprinted on top-quality apparel.
3. An exceptional service ethic built by julsdesign’s 20 years as a marketing branding agency.

Making Customers the Queen Bee

“Beyond offering the latest technology and capabilities, we’re most committed to service — for every customer, regardless of size,” said Mangels. “Since 1992 julsdesign as a marketing agency has been the customer working with vendors to design and produce all kinds of apparel for our clients. So it’s very easy for us to take the customer’s point of view since that’s what we’ve been for 20 years. Now that we’re launching our new service, we’re dedicated to giving every customer the same service that we’ve expected for those two decades.”

Mangels said her new company will be able to handle orders in quantities of “one to 501 and more” but will bring the same attention to the smallest orders as the biggest.

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