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How to Measure a Society

Posted August 15, 2012 in Community Featured, Grimes

It has been said that the measure of any society is how it treats the most vulnerable citizens in the society. If we accept that premise, the community of Grimes measures up very well. That is especially true of the members of Grimes Chamber and Economic Development.

Grimes Volunteer Support Services (GVSS) provides support to enable our older citizens or those who may have a disability which hinders their ability to thrive in their homes. Services typically include transportation, handy services, yard mowing, snow removal, durable medical equipment loans, etc.

When GVSS was just a new idea, Chamber members became supporters and sponsors. To this day, they continue to make up the majority of funding for the operation. Chamber members were instrumental in helping us locate good, durable and free furniture (desk, chairs, file cabinet, conference table) when the City of Grimes provided office space in the old city hall, located on Southeast Second Street. It is not uncommon for Chamber members to ask, “Is there anything you need?” Approximately 65 percent of the funding to support GVSS comes from the business community.

The interest and concern of Chamber members is continuous.  Our organization receives questions weekly from Chamber members asking how GVSS is doing.  At the annual Chamber golf outing, last September, I had a Chamber member/sponsor tell me, “Be sure to tell me when it’s time to send another check!”

The Chamber has accepted GVSS as a full participating member and is always supportive. We know they are not just supporting us as a member organization but providing support indirectly to those we choose to serve.

Just another reason why Grimes is such a great community in which to live.

Jay Brewer serves as the president of Grimes Volunteer Support Services and is a previous Grimes Citizen of the Year Award Recipient.

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