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Posted August 08, 2012 in Community Featured, Des Moines West

Lisa Hubbell walks into her laundry room and remembers the time the room served as her bedroom during her teenage years.

The Hubbell Home on Glenview Drive in Des Moines.

“It’s still my room, only in a different way,” she says.

Hubbell lives in the same house at 110 Glenview Drive, where she grew up along with her six brothers and sisters.

“It’s wonderful,” she says. “There are lots of happy memories.”

Lisa’s parents, Joe and Diane Schupp, lived in the house for about 40 years. In their youth, Lisa and her siblings went sledding in their backyard and ran the neighborhood with the other kids.

“It’s nice you can tell stories about growing up,” her husband, Corky, says.

Lisa knows the ins and outs of the house. She jokes that she told her four children: “ ‘Don’t think you can sneak out of this house because I know every way you can sneak back in, and we’ve eliminated some of them.”

When the Schupps were ready for a smaller house with less yard work, they asked if Lisa and Corky wanted to buy the house in 1996. The Hubbells jumped at the opportunity rather than go through the process of building a new house.

The house, built in 1926, was designed by architect Norman Vorse. The story goes that he built the house for his brother who had lived in the country. The brother didn’t live in the house for very long. He had a couple of daughters and thought city life was a negative influence, so he moved the family back to the country.

Corky and Lisa Hubbell, seated with three of their four children. In back, from left: Harriet, Diane and Madie.

The Hubbells have made a few changes to the house, which Lisa says “already had good bones. “Growing up in the house, she knew what worked and didn’t work. The eat-in kitchen was crowded when the family gathered around, so the Hubbells bumped out a wall and opened up a doorway during the kitchen remodel. The third-floor attic space where Lisa and her siblings played was converted into a large family room with a ping-pong table.

The first floor of the house did not contain hardwood floors and was covered with carpet. One of the first updates the Hubbells made to the house was to remove the carpets and install hardwood. They also removed dated draperies and wallpaper.

But one thing that has not changed is that the Hubbells continue to host Lisa’s family’s Thanksgiving gathering. Between 45 and 50 family members come for several days to celebrate together.

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