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Good Idea For Passwords

Posted August 08, 2012 in Advice Column, West Des Moines

Without doubt there are as many opinions regarding password usage and creation as there are people who give them. I use a product called LastPass ( and value it highly. It helps with the storage, creation and recall of passwords.

We are frequently asked the question “How many passwords should I have?” Ideally — and if you were able to remember — you’d have a different username and password combination for each site you visit. A more practical response is to have several different levels of password security (I personally have about four) and use the same password or a permutation for each level.

For sites that require passwords and don’t store critical information, I use a simple unsecure password. As the criticality, importance of data and potential for financial catastrophe increases, so does the complexity of the password. Your most secure of password combinations might be stored at a password storage service like LastPass. I propose that your most secure password include a minimum of two upper case letters, two lower case letters, two special characters and two numbers. A password composed of these characters provides a great degree of security. And finally, try to not write them on paper. If you do, make certain they are stored in a secure location.

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