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Flavor Adventure

Posted August 08, 2012 in Community Featured, Des Moines West

My dining companion and I are on a quest to lunch our way down the entire length of Ingersoll Avenue. We have almost reached our goal and had one new place to try — Sakari Sushi Lounge.

The bento box lunch special at Sakari Sushi Lounge, clockwise from upper left: dynamite crab roll, dynamite shrimp, salad and chicken teriyaki don.

Judging by the outside of the restaurant, we weren’t sure what we were in for. Any doubts were dispelled once we walked through the bright red door. The interior of Sakari is small and modern, done in black and white with accents of red. Unfamiliar and appetizing aromas greeted us. We studied the long list of sushi items and the brief lunch menu and made our choices.

I know I can’t go wrong with noodles and ordered the chicken yakisoba noodles with salad ($7). My companion was the adventurous one and ordered the bento box lunch special ($11). The special included a choice of house sushi rolls, and my companion asked our waitress for her recommendation, which was the dynamite crab roll.

My salad was familiar iceberg lettuce, but the creamy ginger dressing made it fresh and new. My dish of yakisoba noodles had plenty of onion, cabbage and slices of chicken breast. Our waitress asked if I liked spicy food and recommended some sriracha sauce with the noodles. She cautioned me that a little went a long way, and she was right. A few drops provided just the right amount.

My companion’s lunch was beautifully presented, each items in its own compartment of the bento box. The teriyaki don had huge chunks of mushroom, a tasty sauce and was sprinkled with sesame seeds. The dynamite crab rolls were excellent. The spicy mayo and unagi sauce played well against the milder flavors of rice, crab and cream cheese.

The dymanite shrimp, with a light, crunchy fried coating, were also delicious and were dressed with the same condiments.

“It’s the sauces that make everything unique,” my companion said. I thought I detected molasses in the unagi sauce, but after some research, I found I was mistaken.

I do know this for sure — I’m going to Sakari again, and I’ll be thinking inside the bento box.

Sakari Sushi Lounge
2605 Ingersoll Ave.
Lunch hours: Mon.- Fri. 11a.m.- 2p.m.
Dinner: Mon.- Sat. 5-10p.m.

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