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Shaping the Future

Posted August 02, 2012 in Community Featured, Johnston

I’ll never forget the day my social life died. It was in the first grade. As I was walking home from school with a buddy, a cool bird caught my eye, so I said, “Hey, look at that buwd!” He looked at me in disbelief and said, “What?”

“Look at that buwd!”
“What’s a buwd?”
“That bwight blue thing over thewe with two wings, feathews and a beak!”
With his face scrunched together like a prune, he burst out laughing and said, “You can’t say bird!”
“I can, too!”
“OK, then say it.”
“Ahh ha ha ha!”

By now, others had joined in the discussion, and I was able to entertain them by saying all kinds of words like, “puwple,” “pwetty,” and “Thuwsday.”  But when I came to the realization that they were laughing at me and not with me, I turned around and walked away.

Just a few weeks later, my new first grade teacher told me I was going to get to periodically go to my own special class. She told me I would really enjoy the new class because I would get to play games and learn new things. She was right. I did enjoy the special class, and before long I was able to talk about the pretty birds I had seen on Thursday.

Although I don’t recall her name, that teacher helped me learn some very important skills I still use to this day. Just think how it would go over if I spoke to people about the Chwist who died on the cwoss each Sunday.

For those of you who resume your teaching duties soon, let me remind you that you’re not going back to work; you’re going back to changing lives and shaping the future. Do it with pride! Do it with passion!

Since this is a church column, it is a great opportunity to let you know that at Pathway Church we also have a dedicated staff of people who are passionate about teaching both children and adults what the Bible says about living out your faith in the Christ who died so that we could live. If you think you may have a few things yet to learn about Jesus, come check us out (

Pathway Church
Dan Hudson, lead pastor
Meets at Johnston Middle School
6207 N.W. 62nd Ave.
Sunday: 9 and 10:30a.m.
515-276-PATH (7284)

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