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Meet Angie Gilliand

Posted August 02, 2012 in Adel, Community Featured

Angie Gilliland is a 10-12 special education resources teacher, coaches volleyball and is an assistant girls’ track coach.

For a long as Angie Gilliland can remember, teaching was one of the things she wanted to do when she grew up. With her love of school and education, she easily saw herself working in that environment. Being a teacher has given her the opportunity to pursue that dream and to help students.

Gilliland grew up in Adel, completing all 13 years of schooling at Adel-DeSoto. She then attended Iowa State University, graduating with a B.A. in history in 1994. In 2004 she earned an M.A. in education (with emphasis in special education) from Drake University.

Before coming to ADM, Gilliland spent a few years as a substitute teacher. She also worked in the banking industry before returning to education in 2001.

Currently, Gilliland is a 10 – 12 Special Education Resource teacher. She coaches eighth grade volleyball and is an assistant high school girls’ track coach. The beginning of this school year marked her 12th year teaching for the district and her 16th year coaching for the Tigers.

“In my area of teaching, as well as in coaching, I get to work with students throughout their high school careers. I really get to know them well and build relationships with them. I am also lucky to work with a great staff at the high school. They are supportive and helpful, as well as a lot of fun,” Gilliland responds when asked why she enjoys her job.

Gilliland keeps busy during the school year.
“A regular day for me is very busy and very diverse,” she says. “I have resource study halls in my room, I teach a history class, and I co-teach in several different subjects. I am on the go most of the day and constantly shifting between history, math, science, English, etc. I also have to find time to plan, prepare and grade work for my history class as well as keep up on special education paperwork. During my coaching seasons, I go to practice or games/meets right after school.”

Gilliland is very involved in her church’s activities. She sings in the choir, serves on many committees and helps with special events. During her free time, Gilliland enjoys hobbies such as reading, crafts, traveling and attending sporting events. She also spends time for her parents who live in Adel and with her siblings in Colorado and California.

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