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Looking Back

Posted August 01, 2012 in Adel, Community Featured

100 years ago. Local news: “Yesterday C. Poffenberger, Henry Myers and O. Messamer took out a new threshing outfit. It has been bought by a number of farmers in the Panther neighborhood to be used for threshing their grain.”

Advertisement: “D. A. Blanchard Hardware Implements: Hardware Implement: Cedar Mills Feed Grinder – $20.00 and up; Farm Trucks – $24.00 and up; Victor Wash Machines – $8.00.”

75 years ago: “Crowd of 550 Used New Swimming Pool Sunday! Equal numbers watched contests and exhibitions outside the fence. The pool manager has a number of diplomas for both junior and intermediate swimming as soon as they pass the tests required.”
Advertisement: “Community Food Market: Bread 2 for 15 cents; Ground Beef – 2 lbs.- 33 cents; Bananas – 2 lbs -11 cents; Apples for pies – 3 lbs.- 10 cents; Whole Wheat Kellogg’s Flakes – 9 cents; Butter – 32 cents pound.”

50 years ago: “Two Japanese farm leaders, Einosuke Ishi and Dr. Hideo Tokoro toured farms in Dallas County Sunday with Ken Schuman, president of the Iowa Farmers Union, and Tony Dechant, secretary. They visited at the Robert Morris farm near Dallas Center and the Howard Goldsberry farm near Minburn.
Advertisement: “Koch and Oelrich Rexall Drug – West Side of Square: Thank-you Notes – 25 cents; Metal Household File – $2.19; 135 – 20 Exposure Film – $1.49; Cara Nome Deodorant – 50 cents; Red Ten Flashlight – 79 cents; Baby Pants – 29 cents.”

25 years ago: “It was a classic night of All Star Wrestling in the Adel-DeSoto Middle School Gymnasium Friday. The evening was complete with body slams, pile drivers and an enthusiastic crowd of approximately 400 people. Members of all age groups attended the event sponsored by the Adel Lions Club.”
Advertisement: “By Popular Request and to Serve Our Valued Customers Better: The Italian Villa Restaurant at 111 North 9th Street, Adel, Will Be Open Sunday Nights from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.”

Some interesting facts about Adel
S. H. Greene was one of the first settlers in Adel. He was a promoter of Adel’s early railroad. His store was located where the jail now stands. Greene Street was named after him. His home, which had a blockhouse on top of it to ward off Indian attacks, was located where the old Daugherty’s Supermarket stood. He was the father of Mrs. George Washington Clarke and the grandfather of Nile Kinnick. His picture and cane are in the Adel Museum.

Museum Moments
What do you know about Kennedy Station? It was located in Colfax Township in Dallas County. It was named after Francis A. Kennedy who owned the land, and became a thriving and prosperous community. Its livelihood centered around the train depot. The museum (993-1032) is looking for pictures and more information about Kennedy Station.

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