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Much to love

Having been in her Windsor Heights home since 1977, homeowner Ruth Bartusek has much to love about her it. There are many memories she holds dear to her heart. “I love my home,” Bartusek says. The 1977 layout has remained largely the same. The front sitting room is formal. There

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Out of Africa and into Grimes

When you speak to the Henrici children there’s a tinge of an unrecognizable accent in their voice. But as Alice Henrici shares their story it becomes evident why. Gus and Alice Henrici were missionaries in the African country Mozambique for seven years before moving to Grimes. All three of their

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Comfortable in Georgetown

When retired couple Eldon and Marilyn Lind moved from Colfax to Ankeny in 2002, they were looking for a place closer to their daughter and her family. They found that Georgetown Townhomes were just the match for them. Georgetown Townhomes are tucked off of North Ankeny Boulevard and Northwest 18th

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Couple plus cats

When Rocket Transfer Lofts opened in July 2013, Jacob Shkolnick and his girlfriend, Holly D’Anna, and their two cats — Edison and Tesla — were one of the first ones to call this place home. Rocket Transfer Lofts are at 320 S.W. Seventh St., just south of the Science Center

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Colorful Victorian

In 2002, Pat and Connie Ryan, and their children moved from Arizona to 223 W. Jefferson St. Passing through Winterset during a family vacation prompted their decision to move. Pat searched for a home by himself and showed Connie just a few simple pictures, stating their house simply needed some

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No horsing around

People driving down Cedar Street in Jefferson often take a second look when they pas the home Marilyn Leiss and Bob Coil. The second-takes happen as drivers see a row of what appears to be merry-go-round horses along the south side of the house and another on a white pole

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Customized living

Chi and Michael Czipars were a little unsure as to how things would end up with their new home when they saw that the previous homeowner was still moving out on closing day. But after 14 years in their two-story home,they are now able to laugh about the chaos of

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Owl’s Head

Tucked back a couple of blocks south of Grand Avenue is a neighborhood known as Owl’s Head. It was the seclusion with its close proximity to downtown that attracted Lisa and Hunter Clark to the area. “We didn’t even know this place called ‘Owl’s Head’ existed, but we saw the

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From the 1880s

Many styles of homes are found in Adel, some of simple design and others maximizing every possible detail. Most homes are oriented to the street, providing a cloistered private world. The home of LeRoy Wicks, built in 1880, has a unique interior design and configuration that only a woodworker such

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Still enjoying it

Rob and Dawn Larsen started searching for a new house long before they were ready to move. Taking their time allowed them to prioritize what they really wanted in a home. One of the most important things on their list, which prompted the move in the first place, was a

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