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A chance for change

Living with friends has never been so fun. I get to come home every day and not have to worry about what my plans are for the evening. It’s really nice,” says Hannah Everett of her roommates. “And it definitely helps that I can trust them to pay their rent

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This old house

Howard Clement still enjoys the quiet of his home after 20 years. It’s one of the two oldest houses on the block. The entire area that was once farm land is now a newer housing development. Clement’s home and one other home are the only ones that know what it

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House with a view

When Nate and Nicole Teut moved into their Waukee home in 2008, it was a little bit of wish fulfillment. “I’ve always wanted to live on a golf course,” Nate says. “I’d kind of had my eye on this house. I first saw it in December of ’07, but then

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Making a house a home

Wolf Creek sits on the southernmost edge of Bondurant. Complete with a clubhouse and swimming pool, the development has formed through progressive stages in the last 10 years. It was during one of the initial phases in 2007 when Brie Carl and son Aiden became fixtures of the Wolf Creek

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Home to many

It was 1993. It was the summer of the floods. It was also the time when homeowners Craig and Chris Wood moved into their 1964 Pleasant Hill home. Both from Des Moines, they didn’t want to go far from their east side pride. Accustomed to managing foster care in their

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Much to love

Having been in her Windsor Heights home since 1977, homeowner Ruth Bartusek has much to love about her it. There are many memories she holds dear to her heart. “I love my home,” Bartusek says. The 1977 layout has remained largely the same. The front sitting room is formal. There

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Out of Africa and into Grimes

When you speak to the Henrici children there’s a tinge of an unrecognizable accent in their voice. But as Alice Henrici shares their story it becomes evident why. Gus and Alice Henrici were missionaries in the African country Mozambique for seven years before moving to Grimes. All three of their

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Comfortable in Georgetown

When retired couple Eldon and Marilyn Lind moved from Colfax to Ankeny in 2002, they were looking for a place closer to their daughter and her family. They found that Georgetown Townhomes were just the match for them. Georgetown Townhomes are tucked off of North Ankeny Boulevard and Northwest 18th

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Couple plus cats

When Rocket Transfer Lofts opened in July 2013, Jacob Shkolnick and his girlfriend, Holly D’Anna, and their two cats — Edison and Tesla — were one of the first ones to call this place home. Rocket Transfer Lofts are at 320 S.W. Seventh St., just south of the Science Center

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Colorful Victorian

In 2002, Pat and Connie Ryan, and their children moved from Arizona to 223 W. Jefferson St. Passing through Winterset during a family vacation prompted their decision to move. Pat searched for a home by himself and showed Connie just a few simple pictures, stating their house simply needed some

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