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Established neighborhood

Former Ontario, Canadians Zach and Lori Cox moved to Ankeny about five years ago, but have called their recent place “home” for just a year. They have two sons, Ewan, 8, and Dexter, 2, along with Max, their lab-mix dog, and Sammy, their orange-and-white cat. “We chose our neighborhood because

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Meant to be

Ben and Addie Vance’s move to Grimes from Lincoln, Nebraska, was an adventure in itself. “It was not a smooth move,” Addie says, “we were supposed to close on the house on a Friday, we had the moving truck scheduled for Friday, but when we arrived, we were told we

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Being different

This long-term Des Moines resident prides herself on being just a little different. If it isn’t obvious from her cat (named Aphrodisiac), her polka-dotted mailbox or her identifying dress style, the walls covered in vintage vinyl records might trip you off. “Fortunately, Des Moines is the perfect place to be

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Heart of it all

Much has changed in Windsor Heights over the years. Being a land-locked city, it’s not the residential expansion that has contributed to the vast changes over the years, rather what the city has done for itself with the space it possesses. However, many Windsor Heights residence will agree few things

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Charming bungalow

In 1982, John and Jean Pletchette moved to Winterset after he accepted a position with Winterset Parks & Recreation department. For almost ten years they rented. But shortly after their third daughter was born, they decided it was time to buy. There weren’t many options on the market, but Jean

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Second chances

Lori Brinkmeyer, of Clive, got a second chance to move back to a neighborhood she adores, and make a home for herself, and her growing family. After going through a divorce in 1995, Brinkmeyer and her two little daughters, Alexandra, and Mackenzie, moved from Omaha to Clive in 1997. “My

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Lost and found

It took getting lost before Emily Zach was able to find the house she was looking for in Des Moines. “I had been looking for a while and hadn’t been able to find the right thing,” she recalls. “One day, I got kind of lost in my neighborhood, and it

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At home in the parsonage

Jessica and Derek Jansen’s house at 1102 Main will reawaken your spirit when you step inside. The house offers a charming setting where clever details shine. Jessica is an artist who transforms crafty materials into special pieces. The Jansen’s moved to Adel from the Southeast side of Des Moines in

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Two’s Company

It was a decision she was at first unsure of. Her mother warned her, her father warned her, and her grandmother told her she would have to do twice the praying for forgiveness as normal. As she loaded the final boxes into her four-door and the U-haul accompanying it, it

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Earth-friendly home

Having lived in Des Moines, Altoona and Ankeny, this well-traveled couple has found their favorite home. Their 2,580 square foot home with finished basement has all their needs and more. Here since 2004, homeowners Ric and Karen Powell couldn’t be happier with a ranch-style home on the outskirts of Pleasant

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