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Cozy corner home

The year was 1951. The builder was Les Troutman. The street was, and still is, Del Matro. As Windsor Heights history lovers recall, Troutman named the street after his mother, Della Mae Troutman. Homeowner Marty Angier recalls that bit of information fondly, too. Having lived at the corner of 64th

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Concrete home

Eleven years ago, Mike and Sherri Young were looking for a house to purchase. Nothing seemed to fit their needs. Sherri stopped to look at a home on the market, never believing for a minute it would work for them. She was surprised at what she found and called Mike

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Forever home

Six years ago, Matt and Steph Zeller were expecting their first child. With nesting instincts in overdrive, the couple began planning their Grimes ranch. They found a neighborhood and dove in. Custom archways, a curved wall on the back of the home and rounded drywall corners are just a few

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New memories

Four months ago Michelle Steil, her 3-year-old daughter, Reagan and their cat, Rudy, called Creekside Brownstones their home. “Our development is a big circle — only one way in and out,” she says. “You will always see kids out riding their bikes and playing. It has a lot of families

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Coming home

Moving into the house Foster Drive was a chance to move back to their childhood neighborhoods for Susan and Joe DeMarco. The DeMarcos both grew up on Foster Drive: Susan’s family house was three doors in one direction, and Joe’s was four in the other direction. The couple wasn’t necessarily

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Family ties

The future is both old and new for Amy and Anthony Cosentino. Soon after they married in June, they bought a house in Jefferson built in the early part of the 1900s. It had been owned for many years by Amy’s uncle, the late Dick Brunner. He and his brother,

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Peaceful presence of white

The painted white brick house on North 13th Street owned by Damon and Dr. Elizabeth Holland imparts calm and beauty. Jean Fredregill McGhee grew up in the house and provided information regarding the property history. The house was built sometime before 1900 and was owned by the A.C. Hubbard family.

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A leap of faith

When Ryan and Kristine Forret found their long-awaited dream home in Johnston, they took a leap of faith and put their Beaverdale brick on the market. To their surprise, they had an offer five days later. The couple and their daughter, Grace, are now settling into a peaceful two-story walkout

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Peace and quiet

Sometimes the major life transitions that occur in families are hard to accept. When homeowners Dennis and Mary Wheeler decided to sell their home on Beech Boulevard, their youngest son wasn’t overly excited. Although he was happy for his parents, he wasn’t ready to see his childhood home leave the

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Anything but mundane

Five years ago, if someone told Laurie Kramer she would trade in a life of adventure, exotics and intrigue for a two-car garage in a quiet neighborhood, she probably would have laughed in that person’s face. The New Hampshire native spent a good part of her childhood in Iowa, but

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