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Home away from home

Gabi Montigues doesn’t mind the cultural differences that come from moving to the Midwestern United States. Sure, it’s nothing like the small village she spent most of her childhood in on the outskirts of Puerto Rico’s capital city. From San Juan to Beaverdale, Montigues embraced the idea of moving with

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Perfect neighborhood

In June 2012, the Williams family decided to relocate from a comfortable condo in Grimes to a family home in Waukee. Nicole Williams had just had her son and had decided to stay home with her little boy. The family was looking for a neighborhood that was close to schools,

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Perfect Iowa neighborhood

Perhaps Iowa really is where it’s at? The Highlands of Pleasant Hill homeowners Jeff and Wendy Wamser believe the easy-living Iowa provides is second to none. “We never thought we’d stay in Iowa this long,” Jeff says. “But our close-knit community really feels like home to us.” Jeff, originally from

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Memories then and now

Things were different in 1971. The population of Altoona was a mere 2,300. The housing development on 12th Avenue NW was brand new and houses were going up left and right. Back then, the kids on a span of two blocks could fill one entire school bus. 1971 was also

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A rare find

It has become a rare thing nowadays, and no easy feat, to find a small town resident who can recount a town’s history. Recounting is one thing, but to have actually lived it is a difficult task. Jerry Pritchard is one of those rare finds that has seen Bondurant’s evolution

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Close family

While some, if not many, adults might resist living too close to other family members, four members of the Letsch family deliberately moved within a block of each other in Grimes. This is how the story begins, the youngest daughter, Lori (Letsch) Adams and her family bought a house in

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A home that’s theirs

A mere five years ago, the Cook family called Ankeny “home.” Like many newlyweds, they wanted to move into a home that was “theirs,” not “hers” or “his.” “We moved from West Des Moines, which was my husband’s home prior to getting married,” Janaha says. “We wanted to move to

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Timeless ranch

Fifteen years ago, Bob and Mary Jane Young decided to move into Winterset from their acreage south of town. At the time, their youngest son, Ryan, was heading into his senior year of high school. For a number of reasons, they chose to build a new home. Corkrean’s s second

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Location and more

The grand home that sits on the northeast corners of 70th and Washington belongs to happy homeowners Bill and Mary Bishop. Having lived here since 1982 they are enjoying the approximate 2,800 square feet of home now just as they did when their two children were young. “What sold us

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Then and now

Curiosity led Trisha Serrano to the four square-style house at 610 40th Street about four years ago. “We weren’t even looking at all,” she recalls. “I just happened to drive by and saw the ‘For Sale’ sign, and I love four square homes, so it was just kind of out

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