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Off the road

Aaron Chen loves to load his ATV on his trailer and head south to the Rathbun ATV park, along the shores of Lake Rathbun. “It is so fun, especially when it’s muddy,” says Chen. “It’s not the biggest park in the world, but with limited places to ride, I sure

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Play with your toys

Sometimes all it takes to rejuvenate a person’s passion is a little sibling rivalry. Such was the case that led to a beautiful 1960 Triumph TR3 winding up in Randy McGuire’s garage. “My father lived here in Des Moines all his life,” says McGuire. “Now my dad was a hot

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Mustang for life

Rob Purcell is a Mustang guy through and through. He is currently on his fourth Mustang — a black 2014 he bought more than a year ago. He’s had Mustangs all of his life. Purcell has owned a 1972, 1991, 2005 and 2014 Ford Mustang. He won several awards with

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Ordinary to extraordinary

A garage can hold so many different items, some that are richly saturated with memories and history, others ordinary and commonplace. In Jill and Nick Swift’s garage, the ordinary present day blends beautifully with a colorful and historical past in a mysterious wooden chest. This beautiful soft brown chest has

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Flair for the art

There’s something about a dad’s workshop that can be endlessly fascinating for little boys… and sometimes little girls. Anna Modeland Cosentino grew up in her father Tim Modeland’s welding shop. “I came here all the time when I was younger,” Anna says. “I didn’t go to preschool, so I came

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Prison fun

Each autumn the David Kurth family in northeast Grimes fills their third garage stall with scenes similar to a movie set. This year’s theme was an old-fashioned prison, complete with a solitary confinement cell and a regular cell with a seated skeleton, a hanging skeleton man and an electric chair.

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Bring on the cold

While most of us are cursing the cold, Steve Cannon is nothing but excited. “Bring on the cold. Bring on the snow,” says Cannon. “I love it. I can’t get enough of winter.” Cannon, who is an avid runner and has run around Lake Michigan and across Iowa, enjoys putting

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1969 Chevy Malibu

Garry Orr’s shop holds 45 years worth of his collections. It also has held his 1969 Chevy Malibu for the last 25 years. Orr is the second owner of the car, which has 49,000 original miles. He owned one like it when he was first married but traded it for

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Customized cruisers

It’s fair to say Todd Lenig loves bicycling, but that wasn’t always the case. As a boy, it was his main mode of transportation. As a teenager, he raced mountain bikes competitively. As a college student, neither rain nor snow nor sleet prevented him from biking to class. As an

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1986 Excaliber

Fear not, Fort Dodge, for while that demon of the Dalmatian world has indeed been spotted cruising the streets of the city, it appears that Cruella De Vil has changed her hard-hearted ways. It all started about four months ago when a long white car was seen about town. Behind

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