Posted July 22, 2015in Boone, Community Featured

1966 Beetle

Growing up out in the western panhandle of Nebraska, Michael Baclawski remembers well the days when he scrambled into the backseat of his mom’s VW Beatle. She drove a late model Beatle — late model, that is, for the mid 1970s — and to this day it’s hard for Baclawski

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Posted July 22, 2015in Bondurant, Community Featured

Born to ride

She is a long-time “easy rider” with long flowing hair, and a biker-babe attitude that started way back when she was just seven-years-old. Shelly Bailey, 53, of Bondurant, tells the story of her days as a kid riding mini-bikes, that spawned a forever love of motorcycles. “When I was seven,

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Posted July 22, 2015in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill

A car for all seasons

You know you are an Iowa girl, when the crazy weather this state has to offer becomes a big factor when it is time to buy a vehicle. When she is not working as the Operations Analyst at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, Jessica Jones, 24, of Pleasant Hill

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Posted July 22, 2015in Beaverdale, Community Featured

Camping across the country

Walking through the Dunbar’s garage revealed very little: a small car and two chairs hanging on the wall. It would soon be revealed Nancy, her husband Art, needed little more to see the National Parks across this nation — and even across the ocean. “Before we were married my husband

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Posted July 22, 2015in Altoona, Community Featured, Email blast

Hot rod dream

Not every 14-year-old finally getting their driving permit, has a 1929 Ford A Roadster to drive around in. However, Aaron Martinez of Altoona sure does! Aaron and his dad, Chris, sat proud and loud at this years Good Guys car show in their shabby-sheik, rat-rod looking ’29 roadster. The car

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Posted July 15, 2015in Ankeny, Community Featured

Everywhere they ride

Love-birds, John, 29, and Sara Holub 26, of Ankeny, are the proud owners of a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, that takes them on endless road trips of fun and fascination. Married on April 18, 2015, the Holubs do not waste any time. They spend hours appreciating spending quality time together doing

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Posted July 15, 2015in Community Featured, Email blast, Windsor Heights

Like father, like son

Garage time means bonding time with dad, for 15-year-old Evan Cooper, of Windsor Heights. Also, to say the least, it is a great way to score a car when he turns 16. “I guess you could say it’s kind of in my blood, and I’m the only kid in the

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Posted July 15, 2015in Community Featured, Winterset

1971 AMC Javelin

As a kid, Mike Kaldenberg, owned a Javelin model car. At that early age, he fell in love with that specific car and body style. So, as a teen, it was natural for him to start searching for a Javelin to own and drive. “Of course, there was no internet

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Posted July 15, 2015in Community Featured, Grimes

Boards to beauty

Fank Marsh, of Grimes, collects trees, logs and lumber from central Iowa friends, farms and neighbors. He’s been known to bargain with a neighbor for a pecan tree, and through a friend, find boards in Newton, Ipwa, stacked in a trailer for years. “this guy had a buyer for the

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Posted July 08, 2015in Community Featured, West Des Moines

Through an artist’s eyes

Sometimes there is more than what meets the eye when it comes to the contents of a garage. In fact, in one West Des Moines garage, there is some amazing, original art being created by an interesting young fellow that is definitely, in his own right, more than what anyone

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