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Sounds like a Chevy

NASA may have put man on the moon in 1969, but think about what Chevrolet did the decade before. Somehow, the engineers at Chevrolet back in the 1950s taught their vehicles to literally “talk” to people. Ask any classic Chevy owner, and you’ll understand that the rumble of those motors

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Smoke and sauce

If you ever see smoke from Josh Bryant’s house, no worries. Instead, enjoy the smell and hope that he may share. Bryant’s dad was in the meat industry and, 25 years ago, they decided to enter into a barbecue competition. They were instantly hooked. Each year between April and October,

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Shelter from the storm

What’s in your garage? A simple question with simple answers. Sometimes it’s an old gas station sign, maybe a vintage leg lamp or mementos from the ’93 flood. But what about the non-material things? Peace of mind. Respite. A place that keeps one productive. “My garage, really to me —

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Keys to the past

With his ancestors being some of the founding fathers of Traer,  Craig Wignall’s love of history began at an early age, something that is evident in both his career as a history teacher and his personal life. “Much of the history I have has been handed down to me through

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Game changer

Though not free, electricity is considerably less than $3.38 per gallon. Mike and Rhonda Moore get around town by paying their electric bill each month, not by stopping at the gas station. “We have one Chevy Volt, and another on the way,” says Mike Moore. “It’s a great car. With

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Sporty ride

Travis Madsen has one major love in his life: sports cars. “It’s not always the most practical car to own, but as a fairly young guy who doesn’t have a wife or kids, I have a little freedom in what I can drive,” he says. “I think most people, if

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It’s a MINI party

MINI Coopers and Porches and Jaguars, oh my! Janis Fox recently threw open her garage door and welcomed members of the Central Iowa MINI Club and the Porsche Club of America’s (PCA) Central Iowa Region. When her guests weren’t admiring the 25-plus shiny, upscale cars lining the streets, they feasted

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1949 Plymouth business coupe

When Wayne Shafer was just 10 years old, he had the opportunity to purchase a 1949 Plymouth business coupe from his neighbor in Fairfield for just $60. His parents, however, weren’t very happy with the idea, and so the sale did not go through. In 1980, the original owner of

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Fiero fun

Back in the 1980s, Don Rice owned a Pontiac Fiero. Soon he started a family, and the Fiero was sold in favor of more family-friendly vehicles. But Rice’s love of the Fiero persisted, and after the kids were in college, he decided he wanted another one. The Pontiac Fiero is

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Community center

Norwalk’s Jason and Amanda Lane have their own community center —  their garage. “It’s heated and air conditioned, so we do all kinds of things in there,” Jason Lane says. “The only problem is keeping it clean!” The Lanes first converted their un-attached garage into a party room to watch

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