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The road less traveled

These days it’s actually difficult to get lost. With a phone in nearly every pocket and GPS capabilities on nearly every phone it’s hard to get lost for more than a second. Kevin “Regs” Ruegsegger still manages adventures into the unknown armed only with his 2007 KLR 650 and 2015

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Crafted by hand

Randy Hartwig, 57, a ten-year resident of Altoona, builds, and sells, Adirondack furniture in his spare time. When not working as a Mortgage Quality Assurance Specialist for Wells Fargo, Hartwig enjoys spending time in his garage creating “tweaked up” versions of the original Adirondack chair style. “I bought a pattern

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A new adventure

Retired, with a healthy side of foot loose and fancy free…that is how you will find Gene and Della Mohr of Waukee this summer. The couple is living the crazy life this year by taking on a brand new activity. Camping is the name, and traveling is the game. They

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1951 Ford Tudor

“I like anything with an engine,” Eric Campbell, 29, of Pleasant Hill says. Campbell’s garage boasts all kinds of engine baring items. Looking around the two car attached garage you will find fun stuff such as go-carts, cars, and a motorcycle. However, his prized possession, that is a work in

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1972 Chevelle

The two-door car originally belonged to the mom of one of Dawson’s high school friends. He has many memories of just driving around in Winterset with his friends to see friends. “We just cruised the loop up an down John Wayne Drive. That’s what we did then, scoop the loop,”

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Garage band

While it’s probably a safe bet that there aren’t too many garage bands in Ankeny, we can happily report there is at least one – Played Out. The band, comprised of four high school students, includes (drumroll, please) Josh Melvin (rhythm guitarist), Cory Stark (bass guitarist and vocalist), Ethan Hopkey

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A work of love

Jackson Chesher has a work in progress in his garage. And you could call it a work of love. He is restoring a 1980 Mustang that he bought as a 17 year-old junior in high school in October of 2001. In fact this is the second rebuilding of this car.

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Clyde’s baby

Retired business owner, Clyde Leonard, 68, of Windsor Heights, considers his 1973 Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible, his baby all right…he has even referred to the shiny, red beauty as his “boy toy.” The timeless hunk of steel with its creamy, white rag top, sits boldly, with pristine perfection on the

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Yarn it

Seeing all of Mashelle Bollie’s beautiful scarfs, bags, afghans and more one has to wonder how she can create so much. After a moment of watching her work and a quick look in her garage the mystery was solved: lots and lots and lots of yarn. “I have a lot

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A work in progress

West Des Moines resident Mark Christen bought his first pickup truck in 1972 while living in Iowa City. Although he circumstances weren’t the best — the previous owner had recently passed away — once the then-blue, 1950 ½ ton Chevrolet Standard was in his possession, Christen babied it as though

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