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On the move

Whether it’s a new baby crib, a highchair or a giant box of diapers, most expecting parents have a long wish list before their bundle of joy arrives. Topping Jacinda and Clint Schipper’s list was a top-of-the-line BOB jogging stroller. “My mom and dad gave it to us as a

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Volvo station wagon

With a garage full of bikes and weekend trips to ride them, Ken and Kristin Sherman needed a car capable of hauling their gear around Iowa and as far away as Mount Rainier, Washington. What they bought in 2005 was a Volvo station wagon — the V-50. Where they bought

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1972 Monte Carlo

There’s something ironic about driving to Lincoln to get a Chevy. But that’s just what Brian Stanberg did on Mother’s Day this year. Stanberg isn’t one of those guys who’s always wished he had never sold his very first car. Actually, he’s always wished for just what he found on

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If you happen to see Jason Bryan rolling through West Des Moines on his motorcycle, you might have a sudden flashback to 1982. You might think you just saw Erik Estrada as Ponch filming an episode of “CHiPs,” the early 1980s television show about the California Highway Patrol. Bryan is

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Kayak fun

Many weekends finds Mike Bandstra floating down the Raccoon River in his Hurricane Trace kayak. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” says Bandstra. “It’s just so beautiful. You don’t even believe you’re in Iowa any more. Right outside of Des Moines, or even paddleing into Des Moines, you see fox,

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Like making your way through an onion, a Mike Rowley story takes several retellings before the whole is complete. So goes the tale of a soda machine that had temptations exceeding libations. Coke memorabilia has long been a favorite collectable as it reminds many of his generation of a special

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My red wagon

During WWII it’s likely that many soldiers left behind not only “the girl next door” but also hard-earned automobiles. But this is the tale of a young man and his little red wagon. Walt was 17 in 1941. After graduation from  high school, he took a job working as a

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Classic Corvette

In 1953, the first Chevrolet Corvette rolled off an assembly line in Flint, Michigan. It was designed to be a show car for the 1953 Auto Show but piqued so much interest, Chevrolet brought the car off the showroom floor and to the public. More than 60 years later, it

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Cool warehouse

The gold Amana side-by-side refrigerator nestled in the back of Ames resident Kathie Oulman’s garage is, in her words, “a great warehouse for her inspiration and curious taste buds.” Oulman is an avid gardener and an equally accomplished cook, and the extra storage afforded by the 19-cubic-foot “big box,” as

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1931 Model A

Lowell Roney enjoys looking for the story behind a classic automobile. His 1964 Chevy pickup may look like it just rolled off the assembly line, but underneath it’s a different story. “I put a Corvette motor in it,” Roney says. “It’s more dependable and I can enjoy it more —

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