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Enjoying their toys

The Davis Family garage in Grimes has not one or two, but three interesting vehicles parked inside. And each one has a unique story to tell. John and Mary have been empty nesters for several years so they have the time to enjoy their toys. Let’s start with John’s “baby,”

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When he is not working on the railroad, Brian Shumaker, 52, of Windsor Heights, tries to spend as much time as possible cruising around on his 1956 BMW R69 motorcycle. The Shumaker garage is currently full of household appliances, as they are in the middle of a remodeling project. However,

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2004 Wide Glide Custom

Two years ago, while snow was still on the ground, Michael Chapman found his motorcycle in Indianola. It was owned by an older man who simply wished to sell. They struck a deal and the bike became his. “I got a good deal,” Chapman says. Artistic skills run strong in

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Boatload of fun

People build garages in all shapes and sizes. Take Kent Penquite, for example. In 2004, he built a 32 x 40’ two-story garage for his 24’ boat, a Crownline deckboat. Kent states, “We bought the boat in 2003. I wanted a speedboat and my wife, Pam, wanted a pontoon, so

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The envy of all

In a well-hidden location in the Des Moines West area, history abounds, as well as a wealth of knowledge of fine, classic cars, and interesting collectables in general. Richard Hickman, Senior Investment Executive for Berthel Fisher Company, Financial Services, Inc., is the owner of this hide-away, and all that resides

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The Beast

Frighteningly fast, and a force to be reckoned with, that is how Todd Evans, 61, of Urbandale describes his red, 2011 Camaro SS convertible. “ The red cars draw attention to the cops, so I really have to watch it to stay within the speed limit,” he said. Evans grew

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Outdoor life

The things indoors that clutter Hank Kohler’s garage are the things he relies upon to help fulfill his love of the outdoors. “I call this my bait shop,” Kohler says of a corner of the garage where a desk is covered with dozens of plastic bait organizers. The boxes are

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Heirloom on wheels

Cecil and Judy Reyerson share a love of classic automobiles that’s been handed down from one generation to the next. When it comes to classics, there’s nothing better than keeping it in the family, and that’s just what Cecil has done with his pride and joy: a 1968 Ford Fairlane

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The road less traveled

These days it’s actually difficult to get lost. With a phone in nearly every pocket and GPS capabilities on nearly every phone it’s hard to get lost for more than a second. Kevin “Regs” Ruegsegger still manages adventures into the unknown armed only with his 2007 KLR 650 and 2015

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Crafted by hand

Randy Hartwig, 57, a ten-year resident of Altoona, builds, and sells, Adirondack furniture in his spare time. When not working as a Mortgage Quality Assurance Specialist for Wells Fargo, Hartwig enjoys spending time in his garage creating “tweaked up” versions of the original Adirondack chair style. “I bought a pattern

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