Sunday, December 11, 2016

Posted September 02, 2015in Community Featured, Urbandale

More room, more zoom

After years and years of owning Mustang convertibles, Gary McMickle of Urbandale decided to switch up his game, and invest in a Sebring instead. McMickle, and his wife, Joyce, have a lot of fun in their 2008 Chrysler Sebring convertible. “We drove Mustang convertibles for a lot of years, but

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Posted August 26, 2015in Altoona, Community Featured

Dirt bike boy and the sassy daredevil

He’s a natural-born dirt bike boy, and she is a “sassy little dare-devil,” according to mom, that is. Meet Aiden and Ellie Morgan: Mom Alexis’ ultimate dynamic duo: Alexis Kaye Ficek, 24, is one proud mama when it comes to her four-year-old son, Aiden, and her two-year old daughter, Ellie.

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Posted August 26, 2015in Bondurant, Community Featured, Email blast

No newbie

No “newbie” when it comes to collecting antique cars. Don Newby, 82, of Bondurant considers himself a semi-retired farmer, and a full-time, antique car buff. Newby currently owns three vintage vehicles: a 19641/2 Mustang convertible, a 1949 Mercury, four-door, and a 1968 Cadillac. He says that all of the vehicles

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Posted August 26, 2015in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill

That’s what friends are for

Butch Jones, 65, of Pleasant Hill, has some pretty darn good friends, and they proved it to him by helping him rebuild his1938 Dodge pickup. “I got my truck about four years ago. The cab of the truck was an old dump truck cab that the county used to salt

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Posted August 26, 2015in Beaverdale, Community Featured

Things left behind

When Karla Walsh found her Beaverdale home this past February — and moved in during March — she had no problem envisioning how she would make this house her own. Little did she know she know the previous owner would have some supplies waiting to help her get started. During

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Posted August 26, 2015in Boone, Community Featured

1964 Chrysler Imperial

Gary Nystrom is a born Chrysler/Dodge man. And, if anyone has any doubts, just read one of his favorite t-shirts. “Old Guys Rule — Mid Life Chrysler!” But don’t let the ‘mid-life’ adjective fool you; he’s been in the Chrysler family since he was a young guy. Nystrom’s pride and

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Posted August 19, 2015in Community Featured, Email blast, Grimes

No gravel roads

When Dana Duckett decides to take his ‘baby’ 1970 Chevelle convertible for a spin, he first drives it out if its garage and into a trailer. Why? Because he lives on a gravel road and any car collector knows how much havoc gravel roads can cause to a prime paint

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Posted August 19, 2015in Community Featured, Winterset

1978 Cobra II

Gary Anker has always loved Mustangs. He has owned at least six over the years. The first car he drove in high school was a ’66 Mustang. In 2002, he was approached by the previous owner of his Mustang to see if he was interested in buying. So Anker and

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Posted August 19, 2015in Ankeny, Community Featured

More power

Out of sight, out of mind? Not when it comes to Grant Hundley, 22, of Ankeny, and his 1988 Toyota Supra. “The car was local for the longest time, then made its way out to Fairfield, Iowa, and then popped up here for sale with a blown-up engine and a

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Posted August 19, 2015in Community Featured, Windsor Heights

The buggy

After digging into his bag of tricks, no, make that car parts, Joey Edelstein, 28, of Windsor Heights, eventually pulled a buggy out of his hat, aka: garage. Home made is best, right? Edelstein decided to find out for himself by building a very unique looking street buggy. “I am

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