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Back home again

It took almost 15 years, but Becky and Sean Boston are finally back where they started — in Dallas County. Along the way, their daughter, Emma, was born, and she now has plenty of opportunities to play with her many cousins. Sean and Becky were married in an outdoor ceremony

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Boys and their toys

“Boys and their toys…” a common phrase often used when referring to guys who cannot live without some sort of motorized plaything. Jim Pruismann, 78, of Bondurant, is proud to be one of “those” guys. For the last twelve years, Pruismann has owned a 1956 Dodge Royal, and isn’t one

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Classic Nova

Buying a car is a commitment. For some people, it can be done in a matter of hours or a few days. For others, a few years. Buying a vintage car can be even more difficult. Especially when searching for a model that fits all of a person’s criteria. For

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Under the sea

Not all dads are like Clark Griswald but those that are often lead their kids on some madcap adventures. Just ask Kelsey Jacobs who’s been taking scuba trips with her family since the idea popped into her dad’s noggin. “When I was 16 my dad, who is very adventuresome, decided

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1958 Ford Ranchero

As with many vintage car owners, Kenneth Draman always dreamed of owning one of his first cars again. He purchased a 1957 Ranchero in the early sixties for his daily driver with his wife, Mary, when they were first married. But then, also common to young couples, he had to

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A different kind of classic

Most men who own vintage cars think of them as a valued treasure, something to show off to their friends and neighbors who come to visit. Mike Draper, founder of RAYGUN, certainly treasures his vintage car, and he keeps it covered in his garage most of the time — but

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Prized possession

The good looking credenza that stands proudly in Joyce Habel’s garage started out as solid mahogany interior doors. That is, until Habel’s dad decided to remove them from their frames and repurpose them. The doors were a part of the first house that her parents had bought. They, and the

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Pass It On

Tucked inside Ryan Brown’s garage are some old hand tools – a mallet, a wood handled hammer, a chisel, a punch and a few screwdrivers. What makes these objects so special? They once belonged to Ryan’s grandfather, Homer Brown. Ryan grew up in Indianola, just a six minute bike ride

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Riding to relax and to discover

You could say most boys growing up dream of owning their very own Harley Davidson motorcycle some day. Maybe they’ve got their own toy collection and dream of it coming to life in the garage, or maybe they watch their dad riding down the street and hope to ride along

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Appreciation of culture

Culture, appreciation and a few souvenirs No matter where you go in the world, you always come back a little wiser. Traveling opens up new cultures, ideas and experiences that one cannot have in their hometown. When Dr. Lindsey White found out she would be going to Vietnam for her

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