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It’s easy being green

What’s the plural of “Prius”? Priuses? Prii? Or is it like “moose,” making the plural just Prius? Well, no matter what option you choose, Brock and Karlee McKibban have two of them. “I wanted one forever,” Karlee says of the small Toyota hybrid. “So we got one in 2011. Then

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One-day ride

Pleasant Hill dentist Chad Johnson keeps more in his garage than his cars, a rake, screwdriver and a few screws. What he keeps in his garage will, with the help of the weather, good food and a supportive crew, take him from one side of the state to the other

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The perfect gift

I walked into Brick Street Market looking for the always-smiling Steve Pinkley. I sat up at the bar, and Megan Kula pulled out a laminated newspaper article while she paged him. Pinkley had written an article about his purchase of a 1929 Ford Model A that I learned was a

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Teenage wasteland

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very special guest here this edition. You may know them from class. You may know them from the Internet. But after this you’ll simply know them as Stoopid. “Not to be confused with Slightly [Stoopid],” says Chris. “We’re full-blown Stoopid.” It’s been about three

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Model A

Dave Gonzalez has two passions in his life: his family and his cars — classic cars. Fortunately for Gonzalez they are two distinct passions that blend very well with each other. “We’re just out for a little ride with the family,” Gonzalez says as he parks the car under a

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A touch of whimsy

If you looked long enough, you’d probably find unique items in most people’s garages. Justin and Pam Benge’s garage is no exception. What you’d find is an assortment of whimsical owls made from driftwood. That’s because Justin helps his mom, Laura Benge, sell her arts and crafts at the Des

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1967 Ramber Rebel

Since Cole McDonald was a small boy, his dad, Jayson McDonald, had a rebuild car in the works for him. The first choice was a 1970 Dodge Dart. After finding the interior destroyed by chickens while it was in storage, the Dart was cast aside to make room for a

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Corvette fan

When Ken Pfaff first married his wife, Karla, he owned a Chevrolet Corvette. Soon they started a family, and the Corvette was sold in favor of a down payment on a house. But Ken’s love of the Corvette persisted, and after the kids were grown, he decided he wanted another

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Convertible weather

A cloudless, 80-degree day is the perfect weather for Maurine Edmonds to pull her 1975 Olds convertible out of the garage for an afternoon drive. “My husband, Al, bought it for me so I wouldn’t drive his classic cars,” says Edmonds. “He had show cars –– Cadillacs and the like.

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Row your boat

Canoes for any occasion fill the West Des Moines garage of Joe and Joann Schmidt. “We’ve got a tough, old, aluminum Grumman that can handle about any abuse,” said Joe Schmidt. “And we’ve got a nice, lightweight, composite Wenonah that makes portaging much easier.” The Schmidts enjoy canoeing on everything

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