Posted July 01, 2015in Ames, Community Featured, Email blast

Some old, some new

There are a lot of things that the Harrises have left in their garage over the years. For the longest time, the garage housed the family’s two pet dogs. Years after that, it served as a makeshift gym for some active high school kids and now it is a place

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Posted July 01, 2015in Community Featured, Urbandale

Slug-bug yellow

Remember the old traveling game, where you would call out the color of whatever Volkswagen Bug you saw, and then slugged whoever was sitting next to you, before they could get you? Well, the game lives on, and even sparked a forever love of VW Bugs for 21-year-old, Sarah Mueller

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Posted June 24, 2015in Altoona, Community Featured

On the go

Let the summer begin! Doug Porter, 42, of Altoona, is more than ready to spend some relaxing time camping with his family this summer. Owner of a 2012 Salem 26 T-Bud camper, Porter says that traveling with his family is fun, and not at all tedious, compared to all of

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Posted June 24, 2015in Community Featured, Email blast, Pleasant Hill

1949 McCormick Farmall H

Little boys are often enthralled with all things related to living on a farm. Animals, wagons, and big old barns are just the tip of the pitchfork when it comes to playtime for a farm kid. Nothing, however, can compare to a boy’s love of tractors. Bud Wells of Pleasant

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Posted June 24, 2015in Bondurant, Community Featured

Smell that smoke

Summer is here, which means it’s time to put the top down, hit the pool and throw a backyard party. No backyard party is complete without the smell of meat being slowly cooked to glorious perfection. Hang around the home of Laramie and Michelle Sandbulte and you’ll experience just that,

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Posted June 24, 2015in Beaverdale, Community Featured

Music from the ashes

When it comes to music Dave Kouri has what you need to become the next headline act. As the owner of Uptempo Music, Kouri has been providing instruments and lessons to the folks in Beaverdale and greater Des Moines for the past 14 years. But it’s not just music you

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Posted June 24, 2015in Boone, Community Featured

1966 Ford

To say that ‘Old Blue’ is just an old truck is somewhat akin to saying that ‘Old Yeller’ was just a dog. Old farm kids can quickly appreciate either one of them. Loren Phipps has been driving this old blue truck since 1991, but it was on the road long

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Posted June 17, 2015in Community Featured, Windsor Heights

1955 GMC

At first glance, the truck appears to be a rusty old relic, in need of some tender-loving-care. However, Bob Baldus’s 1955 GMC pick-up truck is quite the opposite. Baldus, 77, of Windsor Heights, has completely rebuilt, and rewired his 1955 truck. The rust color was done intentionally to put it

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Posted June 17, 2015in Community Featured, Winterset

1957 Mercury Monterey

As a kid, Gary Barker was always excited about the new models of cars coming out every year. As an adult, he always wanted to own a unique 1950’s car. In 2000, while living in South Carolina, his wife, Pat, spotted a 1957 Mercury Monterey convertible in a car lot.

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Posted June 17, 2015in Community Featured, Email blast, Grimes

The dog house

Russell Slauson’s two car garage in Grimes holds just about every sheet metal machine and tool that there is. Although he is now legally blind, he continues working in his shop, both as a hobby and building items as requested. He even carved out a small office space in the

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