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Don’t go to church anymore

Whether you are part of a church or not, most likely you have experienced the subtle message that loyalty to Christ is defined by how much you are participating in congregational activities (worship, small groups, teaching Sunday school, etc). Some people can actually get a little proud of all they’re

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St. Luke’s hosts Kenyan priest

Anglican Priest Rev. Domnic Misolo recently spoke at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church about his efforts to change attitudes about women in Western Kenya. As a youngster he was taught that girls and women are inferior in every way to males. Girls, for example, can be forced into arranged marriages at

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Back in session

Waukee United Methodist Church is coming back full circle after a long summer with more new things to offer to church members and the local community. Rally Day on Sept. 7 will kick off the church’s small groups and Sunday school for the 2014-2015 school year. A new Sunday school

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Nurturing faith

Kids grow up so fast. We see the children in our lives from their birth until they have grown and matured into adults with lives of their own to live. Their growth and development is so very important. We enjoy seeing how they grow physically and even intellectually as their

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What kids need

I am the proud father of three beautiful girls, and my wife and I just found out that No. 4 is on the way. Ten years ago, when my wife was pregnant with our first, the response from people was overwhelmingly positive. “Congratulations!” “Wow, that’s incredible” and “Praise God, I’m

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Life and legacy

Local religious institutions have always hosted different kinds of events, programs and activities to further reach out to the local and international communities. Hosting workshops is one of the most common ways for the institutions, or individuals within an institution, to not necessarily deliver the word of God, but to

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Anniversary celebration

A special celebration service will be hosted by Crossroads Community Church at the Grimes Community Complex on Sunday, Aug. 24 at 10:30 a.m. to celebrate its 10th anniversary. A luncheon will be held following the service, and all in the community are invited to attend. St. Peter Lutheran Church will

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Expanding the house of Christ

The construction project that Windsor Heights Lutheran Church launched at the end of 2013 has finally entered its final stage and is expected to be completed by Aug. 24. This project includes the construction of a new fellowship hall at the west of the original church building in addition to

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The Cupboard

For years, New Bridge Church, located at 1305 W. Jefferson St., has been helping hungry families with Fareway gift certificates when they were approached by those in need. A group of approximately 10 women saw a need to not only provide food for families, but also work to develop relationships

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A fresh new start

Asbury United Methodist Church (UMC) has fully prepared for the new school year by making several new additions and notable changes in its Christian education program. Sunday school is back in session after a long summer break. The first day of class begins Sept. 7, from 9-9:50 a.m. Dwain Noffke,

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