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Redeemer Church

  Three years ago, Jaysson and Leah Gurwell were trying to sell their house to move their family to Altoona where Gurwell was serving as apprentice pastor at High Point Church. The house almost sold but then the sale fell through. “God was telling us it just wasn’t going to

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The gift of giving

                    What may seem like just a shoebox could make a world of difference for children this Christmas. It was a group effort, but it couldn’t be done without the love and support of the large Christian community. Walnut Creek Church in Windsor Heights took part in a tradition

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Eye on the future

                    Sometimes the history of a church may be just as interesting as its congregation. The Past                   Many churches in Iowa have beginnings spanning over 100 years. But not all of them have set forth on a mission and maintained their values for over a century. Webster City

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One Starry Night

  Grimes United Methodist Church is extending a helping hand this holiday season to the Grimes community. With donations from both congregation members and people in Grimes, the food pantry at the church provides meals for approximately 50 families a month. However, around the holidays, the church steps up its

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Spirit of Christmas

We enjoy “keeping” the season of Advent here at St. John’s.  It is a counter-cultural thing to do since Advent’s themes of repentance, reflection and preparation for Christ’s second coming,  which fill our worship in the four weeks before Christmas, are in sharp contrast to the very noisy encouragement to

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Christmas Solidarity

  The assembly line of Satan turns out millions of sins every day. He packs them into huge cargo planes and flies them to heaven and spreads them out before God and laughs and laughs and laughs. Some people work full-time on the assembly line. Others have quit their jobs

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It’s “that” time of year.  The new year is upon us.  How do you feel about the “r” word?  You know  – resolution?   Are you one of the nearly 40% of all Americans who NEVER make resolutions?  Maybe because less than 50% actually stick with their resolution for more than

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Heeding God’s call

There are some men of the cloth who consider it a great leap of faith to leave their hometown to move to another town in the same state, let alone to move from one state to another. Then there are fearless men like 37-year-old Lincon Guerra, who understand that God’s

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Why do good things to happen to bad people?

Several months ago I asked the question in this column, Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? I sought to provide a little insight in the limited space available. A similar question could also be asked: Why does God allow good things to happen to bad

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Netflix for Christians

Online streaming services are all the rage, but this church is offering a unique service to Fort Dodge Movie streaming services make national headlines, collect millions of dollars and bring pleasure to millions. One church in Fort Dodge has seen the impact of this and has partnered with a special

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