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Love and miracles

Show your love and support to leukemia patients by attending “A Miracle for Matthew Blood Drive” at Westview Church’s Worship Center on July 29 between 2-6:30 p.m. The blood drive is in honor of Matthew Barker and other children who need blood transfusions for cancer treatments. Barker is a member

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60 years and counting

On Dec. 21, 1953, Reverend Richard Lintner was ordained into the Episcopal Church at Seabury Western Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. Harry S. Truman was in the White House, and the Korean War was still raging. He has served parishioners in Michigan, Kansas, California and Iowa. Father Lintner now lives in

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The church search

There are people among us who have a desire to know the comfort of having the loving support of a congregation they can claim as their own. They are afraid of making a mistake in the selection of a church that they can call home.  Procrastinating only takes you further

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The last minute

There was once a pastor who asked everyone in the congregation to write on a piece of paper what was on their mind at that moment. “Be honest,” he said, “and don’t sign it.” You can probably imagine many of the responses. Some said they were thinking about lunch, others

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Faith-filled events

Berean Baptist Church, located at 720 S. Montana, is keeping its members and the community educated by hosting events and inviting guest speakers to the church’s activities. The church will be having a vacation Bible time, July 28 – Aug 1, 9 a.m. – noon at the church building. The

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Two weeks of faith

Local and out-of-state Christ followers can mark their calendars as Pleasant Hill Church of Christ is bringing a Two-Week Meeting to the community July 26 – Aug .9. For the fourth time within 40 years, the church is bringing back the two-week program to Pleasant Hill. It is a program

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Amazing updating grace

If you have a “smart” phone, use Internet applications, or simply come into contact with interactive technology, chances are you have seen a message that reads something like this; “Update available for this application.” When this type of message pops up on our smart phones, it is a reminder that

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New face, new visions

Asbury United Methodist Church welcomes a new shepherd to lead its flock as Pastor Jeffrey Flagg began his appointment at the church on July 1. Church members have recently celebrated the arrival of their new pastor and his wife who have recently relocated to Webster City. Before coming to Asbury,

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Mission trip

Winterset Community Church began 14 years ago with a handful of families and a vision for the church to live in community with God, each other and their neighbor. For the past two years, Winterset Community Church has supported David and Lenutsa Chronic, who have been missionaries in Galati, Romania,

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Christmas in July

For the fourth year, the four locations of Walnut Creek Church are teaming up to bring Christmas to summer. The church is partnering with Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse, to pack and deliver Christmas gifts to children who are living in poverty regions around the world. The

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