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Single Moms, together in Christ

It can be challenging to get active and stay active in a new church community. The people of today lead busy lives that complicate schedules and stretch free time thin. It can be even harder to make time for God and fellowship when you are raising a family all on

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Life groups

Some churches capitalize on specifically set worship services and meetings to make connections and strengthen their relationship with Christ. At Cornerstone Church, however, there is a strong focus on church and community involvement that extends past one morning per week. The way that church staff is encouraging Boone community members

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Clean water

So what exactly is that shown above? A license plate from a foreign country? A mile marker from abroad? A commemorative marker of success? Actually, it is a GPS marker for a water well in Ecole Luature St. Mary, Jacmel, Haiti (GPS N18 15’ 08.5” W 072 37’ 22.6”) established

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Don’t get tired of doing what is right

In Galatians 6:9, we are exhorted to not get tired of “doing good.”  We are surrounded by a multiplicity of opportunities to be deterred from “doing good” which I choose to also mean “doing what is right.” The apostle Paul told the Christians in Galatia that if they held on

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More than you think

Oct. 31. This is the date of the holiday we know as Halloween. But did you know that there is more to Oct. 31 than just Halloween? There is another historical event that happened on that date. It was the beginning of the Reformation. Martin Luther was a priest and

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Receiving grace, showing grace

I got pulled over by a police officer awhile back and knew I was in trouble. We had just moved here, and I was behind on everything. I had a headlight out, didn’t have my insurance card or registration, still had my old plates and had left my billfold at

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Joyful noise

At Windsor Heights Lutheran Church, there is a special focus on children and youth ministry. With multiple opportunities to learn and grow in Christ, Windsor Heights Lutheran staff says all youth should have the opportunity to experience the church’s schedule of events. Tania Schramm is Windsor Heights Lutheran’s newest Children’s

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Princeton and back

The interim minister at First Presbyterian Church of Grimes, Reverend Jessica Wietzke, took a long path to get to her current position, a path that led her from a small Iowa town to Princeton University and back again. Raised on a family farm in Greenfield, Wietzke says she grew up

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150 years

The history books tell us that in 1865… •    Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated for his second term as President of the United States  and assassinated six weeks later by John Wilkes Booth. •    Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered to U.S. General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House. •  

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Faith online

The World Wide Web can be used for so many things in this day and age. The vast expanses of the Internet have something for everyone and bring information to people’s fingertips with the click of a mouse. Although much of the Internet can be viewed as distraction-filled and potentially

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