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Meet Michelle Sellers

After a busy, buzzing time of reading sight words and sounding out the alphabet with songs and hand signs, a story about a goose is a great way to settle down Michelle Sellers’ 22 kindergartners. Sellers worked for Principal Financial Group for 10 years before opening her own in-home daycare.

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Meet Justin Ballard

Remember those teachers who made learning fun? They were funny, helpful and nice to everyone. They were cool and you liked talking with them. That’s Justin Ballard. Having been at Windsor Elementary for one year, he has picked up the role of dean of students as well. “Parts of that

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Meet Lester Ray Miller III

From its link to the popular NBC hit TV series “Glee” to the more than 21,000 people clicking its video on YouTube, the performances of Centennial show choir have put the Des Moines suburb of Ankeny on the map. And the singers couldn’t have done it without Lester Ray Miller

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Character Counts

Team Up For Character Counts is the motto the Webster City Middle School students believe each day of the year, but a special day is held each year to add the emphasis to the importance of Character Counts and the six pillars. The six pillars include Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness,

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Meet Ruth Otto

Ruth Otto is an accomplished musician and a popular piano teacher in Grimes. She currently has approximately 40 students. “One of my biggest challenges as a teacher is saying ‘No’ to all the requests for teaching. My schedule can stretch just so far,” says Otto. Otto graduated high school in

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2013-14 Iowa Assessment Scores Show Growth at Advanced Level

Results from the 2013-14 Iowa Assessments were distributed to schools in the spring of 2014. Iowa tests are an important set of student achievement data points analyzed when monitoring student learning. All students grades 2 – 11 take the Iowa Assessments, and data from each cohort is compared and used

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Building Relationships Through Dodger Time

The subject of Dodger Time, the advisory period at the high school, has sparked many lively conversations in the last couple of years, both in our school and in our community.  Dodger Time has several purposes: Provides students an opportunity to build relationships and feel connected to a teacher and

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It’s Not About the Grade, It’s About the Learning

By Lance McConnell, 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher and Steve Mefford, 8th Grade Science Teacher Remember when we were kids in school? Most of us would learn the same material, on the same day, by doing the same assignments—regardless of our readiness level to learn or our ability level on

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Meet Nathan Sleyster

If special education instructor Nathan Sleyster was giving the Norwalk Community School District a grade, it would easily be an A+.  You could say that the Norwalk Community School District had him at hello. “I wanted to work in this district since the first time I came here,” says Sleyster. 

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Meet Jill Westholm

Fourteen years on the job, and it never grows old for Jill Westholm who teaches sixth grade students the fundamentals of math and science at St. Francis of Assisi in West Des Moines. “I love that they’re still innocent kids and eager to learn,” she says. “They’re developing their personalities,

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