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Meet Carolyn Manard

A funny thing happened on the way to becoming a teacher for Carolyn Manard. One classroom wasn’t going to be enough. And so Manard was drawn into school administration, where she can serve not just the needs of students, but the needs of teachers, parents and the community at large.

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Meet Jo Ann McConeghy

If you’re in Jo Ann McConeghy’s health class, be prepared to get up and move. She’s a believer in “active learning,” which sometimes entails things like seeing how many push-ups you can do, rather than just reading about it in a textbook. Part of her approach is attributed to her

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Meet Julie Hengstenberg

Not all teachers are lucky. Some land the perfect job right out of college — and others work hard for the right opportunity. Julie Hengstenberg, a Centerville native, is teaching fourth grade at Four Mile Elementary. Last year she taught second grade science and social studies. Hengstenberg attended Graceland University

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Meet Suzanne Wong

Growing up, reading had always been a favorite classroom subject of Suzanne Wong’s. So it was no surprise when, as an adult, she chose to make reading not only her favorite pastime but her career path as well. As a reading specialist at the Altoona Elementary School, Wong works closely with numerous teachers throughout the

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Meet Brad Kjar

It seems as if it was just yesterday when school was released for summer break, and yet here we are, back-to-school commercials, school shopping for four 70-page spiral notebooks in red, blue, green and purple and other very specific school supplies. This time of year also means football. Meet Coach

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Technology Integration Continues with New Additions

As we start the 2014-15 school year, we have lots to be excited about regarding technology in our District.  Our Board of Education realized that putting technology in the hands of our students is a very important piece in our students’ education, and so funding for additional technology was approved

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Meet Zach Sweeney

With football practices under way, Zach Sweeney is beginning his 17th year of teaching at Winterset High School and will once again work to get to know every one of his new ninth grade students. Sweeney grew up in Waterloo and received his bachelor’s degree in secondary education science with

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Meet Patty Morris

Patty Morris is the new principal at South Prairie Elementary School in Grimes. While she has taught grades first through eighth, she really enjoyed the early years. “I went into education to become a kindergarten teacher; however, I have never taught kindergarten,” Morris says. “I really enjoyed first grade, teaching

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Meet Mackenzie Keenan

Mackenzie Keenan has been teaching school for five years, and this summer was her third year of teaching Hillside Elementary’s Stretching Minds summer program. Although vastly different from a normal school year, she enjoys both. Keenan spent several weeks during the summer with first graders helping them with math and

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Summer school

Pleasant View and Sunset Heights elementary schools offered a summer literacy program to Webster City students in kindergarten through third grade, intended to help them improve their reading and writing skills. The program was provided for those students assessed to be at risk of falling short in reading skills, according

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