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Comfort food

Autumn winds have a way of sending me for cover each year. I begin to crave comfort foods: warm breads, fruit pies with a dollop of whipped cream, a glazed doughnut with a cup of hot chocolate or apple cider and, most especially, a good cup of soup at noon.

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Q: Which over-the-counter cold remedy is right for me?

A: Here are five quick tips. • Watch for duplicate ingredients. Combination products such as DayQuil, Advil Cold & Sinus or Tylenol Cold & Head Congestion all may seem like very attractive solutions because they say on the package that they will treat your symptoms. For example, if you already

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No passport, no problem

If English food is what you are craving, look no further than The Royal Mile. In fact, a Google search will show you it may be your only option in the Des Moines area. Since opening in 2001, The Royal Mile has been pleasing patrons with its style, beverage options

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Healthy options

It was the moment I had been waiting for. The new restaurant, Mixed, had opened. Within just a few days of the grand opening, my family and I attended for dinner. Based purely on the name, I expected lots of healthy options and mainly salads or vegetarian meal choices. When

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Autumn delights

Apple time. Time to gather up the girls, head to the orchard, do a little shopping, have a little lunch — and did I mention the shopping? The season is here again for cool mornings, warm afternoons and long lunches at Community Orchard. We started off with lunch and had

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Irish luck

For the Irish, a visit to the local pub is like a visit to a good friend’s home. It’s a place to relax, eat, have a drink and enjoy time with friends – or friends not yet met. Dublin Bay attempts to recreate the traditional pub atmosphere that’s seen throughout

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Familiary comfort

New is nice, most of the time. We like discovering the unfamiliar, blazing new territory, seeing something we haven’t seen before. And keeping up with the trends. Now there’s a full-time job. What’s the dessert of the moment? Gelato? Cupcakes? Chocolate-covered bacon? A fried egg is becoming the standard topping

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Comfy cozy

It’s so cozy and comfortable in here, I’d come in just to relax, even if there wasn’t such wonderful food and drink. There’s just something about Cabin Coffee that invites people to linger awhile. With the homey atmosphere, the quiet conversation seating areas, it’s a place to come together —

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Make your taste buds sing

When it comes to Mexican cuisine, the downtown area offers a broad spectrum of options to satisfy diners. From the basic taco truck to contemporary fare, it’s all here. Opened in May of 2014, Malo is a welcome addition to the growing downtown food landscape. Malo is billed as offering

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Laid-back lunch

My family and I are no strangers to Mexican food. Usually when we go out to dinner, someone in the group is requesting tacos. One recent Sunday afternoon, things were no different. We were looking to go out for lunch, and we all wanted to fill up on tacos and

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