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Dining with a twist

We all know what to expect at brunch, right? Eggs benedict with rich hollandaise sauce, bacon, sticky rolls, fruit cup, mimosas, that sort of thing. Well, it’s time to try the brunch — make that brunchpocalypse at Tacopocalypse and get your expectations blown out of the water. Tacopocalypse executive chef

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Authentic and tasty

Sometimes a taco is just the only thing that sounds good. Last Friday, that was certainly the case when my husband and I were pondering where to go out for dinner. We needed something close and quick but still a sit-down experience. We were eager to try the west side

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Limited edition

They had me at butter. Three gorgeous dollops of butter piped onto a gleaming white platter like frosted flowers on a wedding cake, each with a different flavor. Spread on warm rolls that the culinary students of Iowa Central Community College had baked from scratch earlier that day, it was

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Out of the Park

Hickory Park Restaurant Co. bills itself as “an Ames tradition,” and that it certainly has become. Owner David Wheelock established the restaurant in 1970 when he decided to try his hand at smoking meats and offering beloved ice cream favorites. The rest is history. The restaurant is now in its

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Keeping it light

If I could start every Saturday morning right here, in this comfortable booth with a selection of flavored syrups and a half a stick of butter on the table, life would be so grand. You see, I’m a pancake addict — and I’m not afraid to admit it. As far

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An old favorite

The table was brimming with luscious smells and delicious laughter. The chosen delights for the evening ranged from a thick slab of prime rib, to a sizzling piece of steak, to lighter fares of chicken, shrimp and fresh wraps, but whatever was on the plate added a bit of tantalizing

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Small price, big taste

I think one of the signs that a restaurant is successful is when a customer requests “the usual” from the waitress and she knows exactly what to get. That would mean that Chuong Garden on West Second Street is a successful place. During a recent visit the waitress walked up

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More is better

More. That’s a great word to describe Zebb’s Burgers and More, which opened recently in a familiar location on Fifth Avenue South. Formerly the Fort Dodge Maid Rite, Zebb’s gives the restaurant more freedom to offer local favorites and new menu choices frequently. Loose meat sandwiches remain a favorite at

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Neighborhood pub

On a Tuesday evening, my husband and I decided to venture down to the Valley Junction area for a relaxed, light dinner. Having never tried G. Mig’s, we found a spot right across the street and hurried inside. There were friends drinking, eating and talking at nearly every table in

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School lunch

My choice for lunch on a recent Thursday led to eating an excellent hamburger on a fresh-baked bun accompanied by the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had. Add to that an ice cream sundae made with homemade ice cream and drizzled with made-from-scratch chocolate sauce, and the result was

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