Sunday, December 11, 2016

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Steak for lunch

Those of us in the working world all know a certain set of initials: T.G.I.F. — Thank God It’s Friday. The work week is coming to a close, the weekend beckons, and there’s a good chance it’s payday. And there’s another reason to celebrate in Johnston. Texas Roadhouse is open

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Posted August 26, 2015in Community Featured, Email blast, Waukee

A prime spot

It’s a warm Friday night and jazz music floats softly through the speakers of John and Nick’s Steak and Prime Rib. Chandeliers on the ceiling provide dim, atmospheric light; wine bottles and pictures of Paris decorate the walls. We slip into a cozy booth with marbled, granite tabletops and observe

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Enjoying the Scenic Route

I am continually amazed at the quality of food offerings that Downtown Des Moines offers. My most recent ‘moment of amazement’ was at the Scenic Route Bakery; equal parts bakery, coffee shop and café. In nine months’ time, the Scenic Route Bakery has done what many restaurants take years to

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Posted August 12, 2015in Community Featured, Email blast, West Des Moines

Bring your appetite

On a busy weekday night my husband and I were excited to try out the new Draught House 50 that took the place of Bang Bang in West Des Moines. We had seen the transformation of the building from the street but hadn’t had a chance to stop in yet.

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Posted August 05, 2015in Community Featured, Email blast, Johnston

Thrifty dining

Back in the day, a certain fast food chain had a jingle that promised they would “put good food in your family and change back in your pocket.” Wong’s Chopsticks on Merle Hay Road does the same thing. Lunch specials range from $4.95 to $6.25; the higher prices are for

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Posted August 05, 2015in Ames, Featured Story

Deli slam dunk

Depot Deli and Cookies, Etc. has only been open for a few weeks now, but it’s the perfect addition to a growing list of shops that have taken over the old railroad depot at the end of Main Street. If you’re a sucker for a good sandwich and a cup

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Posted August 05, 2015in Clear Lake, Community Featured

Old-fashioned charm

It’s been one of my favorite stops for as long as I can remember: the soda fountain at the drug store on the corner in downtown Clear Lake. After long afternoons shopping with my mother as a child, mom was all too happy to reward my siblings and I with

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Posted July 22, 2015in Community Featured, Email blast, Waukee

Go west to go south

Come to Des Moines and you’ll hear about Jethro’s. Since it’s launch in 2008 near Drake University, this popular BBQ restaurant has rapidly expanded to include a total of six restaurants. But make no mistake these restaurants aren’t duplicates. Though each Jethro’s restaurant offers their well-loved BBQ, the various extensions

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Posted July 15, 2015in Community Featured, Downtown

South of the border downtown

Downtown plays host to a variety of Mexican cuisine options. Landmarks such as Dos Rios, Malo and Tacopocalypse are bringing unique interpretations on south of the border dishes; but if it’s traditional Mexican-American fare you seek, head to Margarita. Opened in February of 2015, Margarita Mexican Restaurant & Cantina delivers

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Posted July 08, 2015in Community Featured, Email blast, West Des Moines

Not just a burger joint

I smelled the goodness of Guttenburgers before I was able to enjoy it. I had been in the area with my kids one day and we could smell the yumminess wafting through the air. Knowing my husband would love a place that specializes in burgers, I decided to suggest it

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