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Fridays and pizza

What is it about pizza and Friday nights that just goes together? It started in junior high when every Friday night football game was followed by a trip to a pizza joint with friends. Win or lose, we had a great time with a table full of friends, pizza and

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Shake it up

As most avid Starbucks goers know, the familiar menu was shaken up in the last few months with the addition of La Boulange pastries and sandwiches. Some of the staples were taken off of the menu to make room for the new foods. I admit I was hesitant to try

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Time for a take-out picnic

This is picnic season, but who always has time to pack a picnic basket? (Most of the time, I don’t even have time to find the picnic basket.) So in these hot days of August, I just love to find my favorite home-style drive-through and enjoy a weeknight picnic in

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Ballpark vibe

When you’re given the gift of a cool July day, you’ve got to make the most of it. When lunch time comes around on days like that, those of us who are desk jockeys go looking for an eatery with a patio. My dining and I found a great patio

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Serving memories

Breakfast on the porch has to be one of the best Clear Lake traditions at PM Park. I can remember rising early with Dad and coming out for pancakes. It would be hours before boaters and water skiers started kicking up waves, and we could look out on the lake,

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Cafe class

The Café has been a popular place for Ames foodies since it opened 11 years ago in the Somerset neighborhood in northwest Ames. The restaurant boasts a creative, ever-changing menu full of tasty dishes featuring food from local farmers and purveyors. It also has an impressive bakery and coffee shop,

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Summer tradition

I really can’t call it summer without a trip to this little home of Blizzards and sundaes, Dilly Bars and strawberry malts, and oh-so-many other good things. Summer in America is almost boring without a nearby, neighborhood Dairy Queen. And that’s one of the fun things — sitting down while

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New hot spot

On a beautiful Tuesday evening, my husband and I decided to check out Bar Louie, a new hot spot in the Jordan Creek Town Center area. The outside patio and cool garage door sides that are opened in nice weather were eye-catching enough to get my attention. As we walked

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It’s all good stuff

I caught the delightful scents of Mexico as we opened the door At Lomita’s on a hot Saturday afternoon. It was cool inside, our first bit of refreshment from the summer sun. My dining companion and I found a quiet booth, not too far from the buffet for him and

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A great Aunt

It’s said that the concept for Aunt Maude’s came about on a Sunday morning in 1975 after a few Bloody Mary cocktails. Though Aunt Maude the person is mythical, the restaurant is anything but, surviving for nearly four decades as an Ames date night mainstay. Despite her age, Maude has

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