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Go west to go south

Come to Des Moines and you’ll hear about Jethro’s. Since it’s launch in 2008 near Drake University, this popular BBQ restaurant has rapidly expanded to include a total of six restaurants. But make no mistake these restaurants aren’t duplicates. Though each Jethro’s restaurant offers their well-loved BBQ, the various extensions

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Posted July 15, 2015in Community Featured, Downtown

South of the border downtown

Downtown plays host to a variety of Mexican cuisine options. Landmarks such as Dos Rios, Malo and Tacopocalypse are bringing unique interpretations on south of the border dishes; but if it’s traditional Mexican-American fare you seek, head to Margarita. Opened in February of 2015, Margarita Mexican Restaurant & Cantina delivers

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Not just a burger joint

I smelled the goodness of Guttenburgers before I was able to enjoy it. I had been in the area with my kids one day and we could smell the yumminess wafting through the air. Knowing my husband would love a place that specializes in burgers, I decided to suggest it

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Posted July 01, 2015in Ames, Community Featured

Worth the battle scars

My husband had visited the Des Moines skywalk location of Fighting Burrito, but I had yet to experience the burrito tastiness, so we decided to try the Ames location for lunch over the weekend. I was ready for the ultimate custom burrito, and I was not disappointed. The burrito menu

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Food for the body and soul

Finding a table was half the fun. I could have roamed for hours before settling on just the right table beside a quiet window. After all, just one dining room would be as boring as a Ladybug with no spots. The Ladybug Café in Clear Lake needs to be experienced

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Luck of the Irish

March is gone and summer here, but who says you need St. Patrick as an excuse to have a beer? At Mickey’s Irish Pub in Waukee, you can capture the feeling of that holiday anytime. Mickey’s is decorated in a classic pub style. The thick, wooden interior houses high top

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Posted June 24, 2015in Bondurant, Community Featured

The Brick challenge

In the past seven months, the Butler Café has served an astounding 19,000 tenderloins. In large part from being awarded Best Tenderloin in the Des Moines Metro and placing second in the state by the Iowa Pork Producer’s. So how do you follow up such a prestigious award? Butler Café

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Martinis and tapas

The Des Moines food scene is amazing. Within a few square miles you can find a diverse blend of cuisines that will satisfy any hunger pangs. Whether you are looking for a full course meal, or a quiet respite to sip cocktails and chat, Des Moines has it all. With

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New on University Avenue

Ever since the sign went up for 7 Stone Pizzeria, my family has been dying to try it. Pizza is one the five foods my toddler is eating at the moment, so we are always looking for a great way to mix it up. Located in one of the new

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A bountiful buffet

Valentino’s has been serving hungry Ames residents for nearly 30 years. The first pizza restaurant opened up in 1957 in Lincoln, Neb. In 1974, Valentino’s expanded and now has 35 locations in four different states. The highlight of a trip to Valentino’s is the grand Italian buffet, but you can

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