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The Continental: an East Village treasure

  The Des Moines East Village is home to many of the best restaurants in the area; some of which you wouldn’t know existed unless you were looking for them. Fitting into both of these labels, The Continental, located on East Locust, serves tapas-style food in a modern upscale setting.

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Quick and easy

After a nice long workout one night, I was looking for a quick, healthy and delicious dinner. Since Jimmy John’s has just recently opened in a new strip mall in West Des Moines, I decided to stop by and see what they had to offer. A Jimmy John’s fan to

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New restaurant flies into town

It was time to try out the latest new place in town. We had watched it go up eagerly for several months and were delighted when Buffalo Wild Wings finally flew in to town. My favorite dining companion and I decided to check it out at off-time to avoid the

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Homemade goodness

She was a breath of fresh air on a very busy day. She was the kind of waitress one doesn’t find every day. As good as the food is at 7 Stars Family Restaurant — and it’s wonderful — this story simply has to begin with kudos for the friendly

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Buon appetito

When two Italians teamed up with two native Iowans, the result has become a tasty and fun dining experience in the Somerset neighborhood of northwest Ames — +39 Restaurant, Market and Cantina. Done in a classic Tuscan trattoria style, the restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. The menu includes

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Tiny and tasty

You’ve all heard the saying “good things come in small packages.” My dining companion and I discovered that bit of wisdom was never more true than at Brickhouse Café on Merle Hay Road. The restaurant is tiny. No, make that itsy-bitsy. A few booths, a few tables and a kitchen

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Mix it up

As the holidays rapidly approach (and platters of desserts imminently encroach), the days feel shorter than ever. There are family members to catch up with, presents to buy and plans to make — who has time for a healthy meal? Thanks to Mixed, you do. This trendy chain recently made

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To each his own

It’s always fun when one can find something new and different at a favorite, familiar place. When it comes to Subway, I tend to stick to my favorites because I know them well and they always satisfy. Wheat bread, luscious turkey, fresh lettuce, slices of tomato, a few olives, pickles,

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Business in the front

Mullets is a rare anomaly that can only be experienced in person. First you have the décor. “Mulletin boards,” fishing gear, vintage license plates and everything mullet lines the walls of the interior. The “business in the front, party in the back” regalia works against the backdrop of Principal Park

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New name, new food

Any frequent Jordan Creek Mall shoppers have probably noticed a change in what used to be Champps restaurant. The doors now have a brand new logo and the name Eighty Six’d prominently graces the entrance. The owners are the same, and the inside is basically unchanged. The menu seems to

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