Posted June 24, 2015in Boone, Community Featured

All in the family

A love of all things having to do with fairs must run in families. It’s a genetic link that ties families to livestock shows and funnel cakes, 4-H projects and grandstand shows. For Danielle Griggs and daughter Talynn, a shared love of the Boone County Fair has landed each of

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Posted June 17, 2015in Community Featured, Windsor Heights

Delivering services to the public

The mission of the Windsor Heights Fire Department is to deliver excellent EMS and fire services to the public through continuous training, rapid response, public education, and fire protection. Since the beginning of March, the fire department has been going through many organizational changes. One of these major changes has

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Posted June 10, 2015in Community Featured, Norwalk

20 years and counting

Not long ago I was at the home of a long-time Norwalk resident. She had a 3’ x 3’ hand-drawn map of Norwalk from the 1930’s. It was actually very well done. Each house in town was on the map along with the name of the family who lived there.

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Posted June 10, 2015in Community Featured, Greene County

Rolling along

Step back in time by skating into the covered, but open-air roller skating rink at Spring Lake Park in Greene County. The rink is one of just a few, possibly one of two, still operating in the United states, according to Kyle Niles and her daughter Lisa Wolterman, both of

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Posted June 03, 2015in Clear Lake, Community Featured, Email blast

Free fishing

Quick, grab a line, grab a pole, grab a kid! And don’t forget the lifejackets and a bucket of worms; the Iowa DNR Free Fishing Weekend is about to return to Clear Lake, as well as the entire state of Iowa. “Free fishing weekend gives Iowans a chance to experience

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Posted June 03, 2015in Community Featured, Perry

One man’s treasure

Barbara Burger, 70, quickly found an appreciation for the life, surprises and mystery of antiques a few years ago when she met her now husband, Robert “Huggie” Huggins, 66. “I didn’t know anything about antiques, but he didn’t know anything about the Internet,” she says. “Now I spend a lot

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Posted May 27, 2015in Bondurant, Community Featured

The Italian invasion

It began as an ordinary Friday. Wally Kenison, chef for Courtyard Estates was finishing lunch. Without warning, a few short Italian women followed by a small group of volunteers entered the dining hall. Italian music filled the room.   Susan Comito and Rosemarie (Comito) Waskel commandeered the kitchen. “We need two

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Posted May 13, 2015in Community Featured

Welcome to Waterbury

Spring is such a beautiful time in the Waterbury Neighborhood, and spring 2015 looks to be one of record beauty. This is especially true as one enters into the Waterbury Garden from the intersection of Polk Boulevard and Ingersoll Avenue. Ornamental trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs, and annuals all welcome residents

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Posted May 13, 2015in Community Featured, Email blast, Greene County


Light-dappled roads under leaf-green clad branches lead to a red barn. Across the gallery of artist Joseph Murray, ice-encased branches gleam in the light as snow sweeps across the landscape. Serenity. “My goal is to create a sense of peace. If people get that from my paintings then I have

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Posted May 07, 2015in Community Blogs, Urbandale

Thank You

Dear Urbandale Families, This is the last blog I will write as superintendent of the Urbandale Community School District. Having served in the district for a total of 10 years (the last five as superintendent) I have come to love this district and its people. As a result, it is

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