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A story from the Gardens

Stories are everywhere. They can come from a thought or an idea. Some emerge from experiences; others are inspired. All are the result of the teller’s imagination. However a story is conceived, each one faces the dilemma of a beginning and ironically, it is the hardest place to start. This

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Jefferson’s tower

Any day is the perfect setting for a trip up Jefferson’s Mahanay Memorial Carillon Tower. The perfect guide is Pat Richards, and she says some of her favorite times at the top of the tower is in inclement weather. “I just like the elements hitting the window, she says. Richards

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Foster grandma

The Perry area has a need for more foster grandparents to help in after-school programs, as well as daycare settings, according to foster grandparent Dorothea Peterson of Perry. “I’ve been a foster grandparent for nine years,” she says. “The program helps a lot of children, and I enjoy it immensely.”

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Downtown facelift

The face of downtown Grand Junction will have a new look. No one knows exactly when. That depends on fundraising efforts for a new community center. Alan Robinson, a member of the Grand Junction City Council and the community center steering committee, says he doesn’t know how long it will

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No help at all

For a man who started a company called “TrueCare,” — a home health care and medical facility staffing service designed to people in a time of need —  the nickname “I Can Not Help You” is quite the oxymoron. “It stemmed from a previous obstacle race,” says Travis Foltz. “My

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Young actors

Story Theater Company invites the public to be part of its world with their children’s presentation of “The Little Mermaid Jr.” Running from June 20-29, this high-energy performance will wrap up the company’s season. A non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, Story Theater Company utilizes students from the Iowa State Theatre Department to

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Where everybody knows your name

Barbershops. There is nothing else like one — for a shave, a haircut or a hot towel wrapped around your face — it was the original “man-cave” of a small town. The unique attraction of a barbershop brought the men in town to a place they considered their own. It

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So we kneel

Did you know women created Memorial Day? It makes sense, really. The holiday was recognized as a day for remembering and appreciating those who died in the armed forces. Who better to act as custodian of those memories than widows of war? Many stories circulate about how the holiday came

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Caring for others

An idea that developed through an inspirational Facebook page created by the Rev. Ken Bose, minister at Trinity Lutheran Church, has resulted in a fundraising effort to erect wheelchair-accessible swings at Pattee Park. Operation We Care had raised about $3,500 by mid-March. The initial goal is $15,000. With little fanfare,

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Building a parish

Following the vote to build a new church, a building committee (of St Patrick’s Church) let a contract for $15,356. The stone for the new building was shipped to Perry in huge cakes via the C. M. & St. Paul Railroad.  It is said that a spur of the railroad

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