Saturday, August 8, 2020

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Posted September 01, 2018in Recipes

Fried green tomatoes

By the end of the summer, you have surely eaten tomatoes prepared in almost every way possible. Perhaps you are a little bit weary of collecting them if you overplanted. The tomatoes that may otherwise go to waste can be used in this tasty way if you get them early.

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Posted July 30, 2018in Recipes

Fruit salsa

Wow! August can’t be here yet, can it? As a teacher, I look forward to summer as a time of rest, reading and relaxation. I can’t say that my summers are ever truly any of those things, but I sure do appreciate them. They just go far too quickly! This

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Posted June 29, 2018in Recipes

Green goddess quinoa salad

Summertime … grills, salads and all things cool! There are two things I can usually never get enough of: soup and salad. However, in the summer heat, soup just isn’t always quite as appealing. So, I turn to salad. Some salads I make as a meal, and some salads are

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Posted June 01, 2018in Recipes

Kielbasa and vegetables

It’s summertime! I absolutely love spring, summer and fall, and with those seasons come rare times of long-awaited camping. My husband and I have an RV, and as much as we love to visit other areas of the country, sometimes we just like to camp close to home, relax, and

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Posted April 30, 2018in Recipes

Unrolled egg rolls

Do you ever tire of the feeling that your meals consist of the same old thing? I know that I do. Therefore, I’m always on the lookout for something new and interesting that my husband and I would both like. Admittedly, I’m lucky in that department because my husband isn’t

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Posted March 30, 2018in Recipes

Chocolate cherry hand pies

These are a wonderful treat for picnics or brunch. The crust is my version of the family pie crust recipe. I streamlined it a little and made it easy to remember. The key is the order of the ingredients. Each one is half the amount of the previous. If you

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Posted February 23, 2018in Recipes

Swedish rye bread

Springtime is finally just around the corner! I believe that one of the many reasons the spring season is so wonderful is because of the anticipation of warmth and sunshine after the long, cold days of winter. In thinking about a recipe to contribute, I always think of my current

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Posted January 30, 2018in Recipes

Quick and easy white chili

Brrrrrr… Baby, it’s cold outside! And to me, cold weather equals soup weather. Although I could eat a different kind of soup every day during the winter and never tire of it, my husband is a bit more particular. He likes soup — but only certain soups. So, in looking for new recipes,

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Posted January 03, 2018in Recipes

Back to the basics

Lasagna recipe is a family favorite Everybody knows how to make lasagna, right? Or, if you’re like me, you think you do. Mine tastes OK, but it generally comes out soupy and just not quite the way I think it should. I was searching through my recipe files recently, found

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Posted December 01, 2017in Recipes

Sweet and Sour Hoppin’ John

Here is an updated and very lucky recipe for New Year’s Day. Traditionally, Hoppin’ John is eaten in the southern U.S. on New Year’s Day. The dish has rice, bacon and black-eyed peas. I have always felt that the dish is bland and unattractive, so I came up with this

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