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Stilwell students share Pursuit of Dreams essays

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Classes work with Iowa Living magazines to get published

By Tammy Pearson

Area schools are increasingly partnering with the private sector to anchor assignments in real-world outcomes. A recent partnership between the West Des Moines schools and Iowa Living magazines resulted in students writing and presenting essays for possible publication. The topic was the Pursuit of Dreams.

Students in the eighth grade humanities classes of teachers Precious Carber and Andrew Sorge at Stilwell Junior High worked in teams to complete a set of essays including one on an historic figure, one on a contemporary figure and one on a local person and how each worked toward their own dream. Students were challenged to find a theme that tied the group of essays together.

Iowa Living writers visited with students on three occasions during the course of the project to provide guidelines and feedback and to hear a final oral presentation about the projects.

The top essays are being posted online. The “winning” project is printed first, with the second place printed second. The others are printed in no particular order.

Challenges of the right dreams

Any dream can change by any one tiny experience. But any dream won’t come true unless you work to achieve it. It might take quite a while to achieve your dream but, it’s worth it. The more you work on your dream the closer you’ll get to achieving that dream. When achieving a dream there is going to be some obstacles in your way but as long as you don’t give up and try harder you will achieve that dream.

The Gold Rush of 1849                                                                                                                                 By Anika Jain

Gold has just been found in Coloma, California by James W. Marshall on the property of John Sutter. The two agreed to keep this a secret and became partners(California Gold Rush). However, the news spread quickly to the east. This, was the start of the California Gold Rush. The news of gold being found brought many people to California, and from 1848-1855, California was the place to be. With 300,000 people making the journey to California, this was the start of the biggest mass migration in the United States (HistoryNet).

In the east, it was getting very crowded and very hard to find good jobs that paid enough money to support their typically larger families. Because of this, the idea of going west and striking it rich was very appealing to them and pulled them to go west. So within the first year, 80,000  “forty-niners” made the 2,000-mile(3220-km) in hopes of striking it rich.

Their dream was to strike it rich and be able to go back to back to their family. The first thing that they had to do before they could even mine, was to be able to get to California. Whether that was from the East, or from overseas it was a very treacherous journey. They didn’t have very good means of transportation and they would need to pack enough food for their journey.

It was estimated that there were about 2 billion dollars in gold at the time of the Gold Rush, but very few really struck it rich. Even if they did find a piece of gold, it didn’t do much but cover the costs of living, eating, and getting back home. After getting to California, life got even worse for the miners. Mining for gold was hard work, and you didn’t usually get much out of it.The people who really struck it rich were the women and families that took care of the miners. Housing and food were double and sometimes triple what it was in the east. Whenever miners would break their tools than they would go to blacksmiths and get them fixed or buy new ones.

The California Gold Rush lasted seven years and was the biggest mass migration in the United States. This brought almost 300,000 people from the east and overseas and the people who struck it rich weren’t who you would think.

A life long dream

By: Kendric Santos-Briggs

Brian Christian is a man of many dreams. Him and his brother, Dick were “into” photography when they were kids. Their dad was a photographer. Brian liked photography and Dick liked business. While in college the brothers had a great idea. A Photography Store. This meets both brothers dreams.

After college, they were looking for people they could trust to work at their store. Once they found a couple of friends and relatives they were full speed ahead. Now they look for somewhere to start. For them, this was easy to decide, Urbandale. What is said to be one of the best places to start a business which makes this a great decision. Now a name. Dick and Brian Christian photo, but everyone says Christian Photo. At first, business was slow and they didn’t know if they would make it. Then they got robbed and lost almost everything. Dicks son Grant started working at the shop. Then several big Photographers started buying gear at Christian photo including Vorland Photography. They then got a huge sponsor, Tamron. Tamron started selling lenses there which was the first time they had any lenses made by a camera company.

Then Living History farms called. They said they wanted to start a photography day event. This has been one of Christian photos biggest fundraisers. Now Christian Photo is one of the biggest photo stores in Iowa. They now host many Photography classes.

Christian photo is the biggest photography store in the Des Moines Metro. They now have more sponsors including Canon, Sigma, and Sony. They also sell accessories for photographers. Brian and Dick are definitely following his dreams by starting a business and helping others follow their dream.

How a normal teen made Apple more diverse

By: Colby Robbins

The iPhone has many different emojis like the vampire emoji, the detective emoji, the astronaut emoji and much more. But a few years back they didn’t have an emoji for Muslims until one girl came through and got Apple to make one. Rayouf Alhumedhi, She is a 16-year-old girl who found out about the missing emoji with her friends(Hijab Emoji).

One day she was chatting with her friends and making a group chat with all of them.What they would do is add emojis for the title to represent each person in the group chat, but Rayfouf had a Problem. There was no emoji that looked like her because she was Muslim and wears a hijab. Note that millions of women in the world wear a headscarf everyday (hijab emoji).

Rayouf set out to fix that problem by emailing Apple about that issue however they didn’t email her back. A few months later in August of 2016, she saw someone named Mashable’s Snapchat on how to create an emoji proposal to Unicode which is a computing industry for encoding. She spent 2 days typing up a proposal using the dumpling and the female runner emoji as models which tells you that she put a lot of hard work into that proposal. After she sent it in she heard back from a member of Unicode named Jennifer 8.Lee who thinking about a hijab emoji (emoji project).

They both started to improve the proposal to make sure it is spot on perfect, which is pretty difficult to do. However, every proposal should have a emoji and a designer named Aphee Messer made one. Jenny showed it to her friend who is a co-founder of Reddit and asked some people about it. Right now the hijab emoji is out on the iPhone(emoji project).

She told CNN that “The fact that there wasn’t an emoji to represent me and the millions of other hijabi women across the world was baffling to me and I just wanted an emoji of me” (Bronwyn). Rauof was pulled to accomplish this because she didn’t find the emoji that looked like her. She was pushed to accomplish the dream because she saw a snapchat story that helped her in that dream.


Dreams, everyone has one, everyone wants to achieve them. To achieve these dreams you have to work for them. Dreams are goals that you want to reach and just like anything you need to work towards it. Some steps to help with that are to:

Make a plan – Know your end goal(your dream). Make sure you are ready to work that and it is something that you really want to do. Keep

Start to take little actions towards your goal – Take your plan and start to work towards it

            Make yourself accountable for those steps – Don’t procrastinate. Something that can help is if you have a time where you reflect every week or month on how much closer you got to your goal. At first it will be hard and you will have to work a little harder. But if you persevere then it will get easier and better in the long run.

With these steps you will be able to achieve your goals in a fast and fun way.

Never let circumstances hold you back

Many people have dreams, but either their excuses or current circumstances (economical or otherwise) hold them back from achieving them.  These people have proven that whether it’s in the past or the future, you can accomplish your dreams if you work hard for them.  Our articles recite stories of Native Americans in the 1800’s, Rapper Aubrey Drake Graham, and a restaurant owner here, in West Des Moines. These articles identify what led them to these dreams and why they chose to follow through with them.

The westward expansion of pioneers/farmers

By: Mary Mettle

In 1803 President Thomas Jefferson purchased the territory of Louisiana which stretched from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains and from Canada to New Orleans.  He believed this would benefit the health of the United States and that pulled him to start the westward expansion through the U.S.  Also, since the East coast was getting overpopulated so they needed a new place for people to move. In 1840, about 7 million Americans had moved west of the Appalachians.  Pioneers left their homes in the East to find economic support, land ownership or more farming freedom because as Jefferson once wrote, “Those who labor in the earth are the chosen people of God.”  Pioneers felt that they would have a better opportunity of buying cheaper land out West.  But, mainly, they were pulled west in hope of making a better living for them and their family

Farming in the East was very difficult and that influenced them to make a change and move west. Most of the soil was very rocky and dry. This gave farmers a hard time planting crops and they couldn’t harvest enough food to make money or to feed their families.  Also, due to Eli Whitney’s invention of the cotton gin many farmers were convinced to move the West to claim lands in order to make more money from cotton growing.  Many farmers weren’t actually aware of what the West actually looked like but they used what they had heard from family or friends to influence their decision whether or not to move. The westward expansion of the pioneers/farmers was very beneficial for most of them because it gave them a chance to start over and achieve their dreams.

Native Americans dreams slaughtered

By: Eli Munch

When most people think of Native Americans, they don’t think of the horrible past that colonists brought to them. In the 1830s, the five civilized Native American tribes (Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, Creek and the Cherokee) were viewed as a problem to white men at the time. The problem was that people wanted the land  in the states Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida and Tennessee, so the Native Americans who settled their became a problem. The dreams of the tribes were to keep their land and be in peace. However, that is not what happened.

To defend their land, Native Americans were split to leave or they were pulled to fight for their dream to keep their land. In 1830, president Andrew Jackson had a despicable dream of removing the Native Americans by slaughtering and forcing them off their land with the Indian Removal Act.

Native Americans were pulled to believe that things would be better in the new land they were forced onto; which is now known as Oklahoma. They were forced to move there on foot.             By 1840, tens of thousands of Native Americans have been moved. On the trail many diseases such as Whooping cough, Typhus, Dysentery and Cholera were shared. Not packing enough food or not having enough for the trail was another problem. On the trail, estimated about 5,000 people died due to disease or hunger.

Later, their territory became smaller and smaller; pushing away their dream for a peaceful home. In 1907, their dream of having land was slaughtered because Oklahoma became a state and all Indian territory was taken away from them.

The dreams of a business owner

By Jaden Burke

Wendy Wei is the owner of a Chinese restaurant in Valley Junction name Heavenly Asian Cuisine. The restaurant opened this past year on September 23, 2017. She and her husband Lan Li have put a lot of effort and money into the business. They have worked many hours to try and achieve their dream of opening a restaurant, and it has pulled off.

Wendy has a factory in China that produces a medical product, and she used to bring potential investors to China to view it. She noticed that the Americans seemed to like the food very much and tried to replicate it, but had no idea how. Wendy held on to this idea, but did not start to act on it until after she retired. After her retirement, Wendy started doing research and held a couple of demonstrations with members of a cuisine association present.  Many of these members, as well as other people invited, expressed the feeling that the food was very good and that Wendy and Lan should open a restaurant. Wendy continued doing research until last year when she started to look for a potential location. She wanted to open the restaurant not only to make money, but also to introduce some of  the Chinese culture into the community.

However, they ran into some trouble with the running of the business. They thought it would be fairly straightforward and easy, but they were sorely mistaken. They hired a managing team, however due to difference in opinion, they parted ways. Another problem was that they purchased bad used equipment and were forced to replace it. Many of their hired employees didn’t stay for very long and left after a couple days of working. For the first few months, they had difficulty budgeting and this caused them to lose track of a lot of money. However, she has commented that “You shouldn’t give up after you have overcome hardships”.

Now, Wendy and Lan are starting to stabilize the business. They are starting to gain experience with running a restaurant and are becoming better at budgeting. They are starting to make their investment money back and are hoping that they continue to have steady business.

Drake dreams of giving back to poor communities

By: Mary Ann Wilkerson

Often mistaken for having a wealthy upbringing, Rap Artist Aubrey Drake Graham (aka Drake) dreams of using his wealth and fame to give back to impoverished communities because, “… it may seem that I was raised of riches, but …I grew up with a mom who was deep in debt because she wanted the best for her family.” Drake explains that he lived in a high income neighborhood, but it was all a ploy because they were so far in debt that they rented and lived in the basement and first floor of the house (Roberts). In multiple interviews, Drake reveals his dreams of giving back to impoverished communities (and people), but he demonstrates his dreams in action the most in his newest song, ‘God’s Plan’ (DrakeVEVO) (Qtv).

At the beginning of Drake’s new video “God’s Plan”, he explains that they had a budget of almost a million dollars to produce the video, but he was pulled to give it all away. Throughout the video, they show clips of Drake giving away the money as tuition and gifts for low income families, single mothers and children with disabilities, and he even offers to pay for the groceries of an entire store of people (DrakeVEVO). In the lyrics of “God’s Plan”, Drake says, “Hope I got some brother’s that outlive me, they gone tell the story, s*** was different with me”; Drake is referring to all of his friends/partners that have been murdered or imprisoned because of all the crime and gang violence in impoverished communities. This pulled him to give back and start helping give poor kids a head start for their future through scholarships and financial aid. Drake also says, “I make sure that north side eat” in his “God’s Plan” song which is a reference, again, to poor communities that he donates money to so they can buy food and necessities (Genius) (DrakeVEVO).

Drake is far on his way to accomplishing his dream. Through pushing himself to succeed so he could provide a better life for himself and being pulled to give back to give back to communities that need it because of his childhood experiences, Drake has created a path to success.

How can you accomplish your dreams?

In conclusion, whether yours dreams are professional or personal, if you push yourself hard enough, you will accomplish those dreams.  When you use the resources and experiences provided to you, accomplishing your dreams will become simpler. Since pioneers and farmers relied on their resources and terrain, and they had dreams of having a steady paycheck and a warm place to lay their head, they were pushed to move west and were able to accomplish these dreams. Aubrey Drake Graham used his poor childhood experiences as a push to accomplish his dreams and that gave him an opportunity to give back.

Finally, local restaurant owner, Wendy Wei, proved that through trial and error and push from friends and family surrounding her, she was able to accomplish her dream and open her restaurant.

When you are ready to begin your dreams, we have created a list of things to do to help start you on your way:

Set goals (short term and long term) before jumping right into your dream. If you jump right into it, you will get stressed and might quit.

Build a support team (whether they are friends and/or family) that will have your back.

Determine the cost and steps you need to take and then begin pursuing and achieving!

Passing through dreams: How people in the past and present have achieved their dreams

Every single person in the world has a dream. Throughout the past, present, and future, people set goals to achieve their constantly changing dreams. They vary from person to person, changing as people go along in life. There are many struggles along the way, and everyone pursues them differently. How these struggles are pushed through is what matters most. American outlaw Clay Allison took the easy way out of his dream. He was a very dangerous man, and wanted power, so instead of taking the hard way towards accomplishing his dream and doing it legally, he took the easy way out and cheated his way to power. When someone achieves their dream the right way, they will be able to appreciate the fact that they worked so hard to achieve it. Our articles show that people achieve their dreams both the easy way and the hard way, but people who work hard end up better off.

The Law Of The West

By Jalen Lavelle Wynter

Wyatt Earp was the law of the West, and a dreamer. Today, lawmen are just classic cops, but back then your law enforcement were wicked, gunslinging sheriffs. In the late 1800’s the Gold Rush had just ended, and people were starting to give up on their dreams on searches for the gold in the West. All of the people who had been in California, Arizona and Nevada started to live there, so a new era was born. The ‘Old West’ was famous for some of the best cowboys, Native Americans, lawmen, gunslingers, pioneers, prospectors, gamblers, scouts, outlaws, gangs, and gunfighters.

Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp was born the March 19, 1848 in Monmouth, IL. When Civil War broke out, Wyatt’s brothers were pulled to join the Union army. Wyatt’s dream was wanting to be in a part of law or position of power. He wanted to be like his older brothers and be in the army, but he couldn’t because he was too young. Wyatt’s family decided to follow their dream and move West.

May 12, 1864, Nicholas Earp “Wyatt’s father” organized a wagon train and headed to San Bernardino, California, arriving in December 1864. Virgil Wyatt’s brother found work as a driver for Phineas Banning’s Stagecoach Line, and 16-year-old Wyatt assisted. Wyatt became a teamster, and for two years, he drove cargo over the 720-mile wagon road from Wilmington, San Bernardino, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. This is how his name got around and why people started talking about Wyatt. He never cut corners and succeeded in his dream truthfully. Wyatt always wanted to be in some sort of law or power, so when he got the chance, he found himself working as a deputy sheriff in Pima County and then ended up as a deputy town marshal in Tombstone, Arizona Territory.

Wyatt Earp was one of many lawmen in the West, Wyatt Earp a wicked gunslinging sheriff, but he and all of the other lawmen had a dream. It was to enforce the law of those that pose against it. Outlaws and Cowboys had their own dream, and they became wanted men and women who felt the suffering pain of defeat of cheating around the law because of Wyatt Earp. They all were dreamers, and that’s what makes them Americans. Wyatt Earp, and other lawmen, were the law of the West.

Dreams in the Wild West

By: Drew Hedrick

When the words “Wild West” come to mind, the first thoughts usually consist of cowboys and outlaws, and for good reason. Back in the mid 1800s, cowboys and outlaws ruled the Western United States. A lot of times, the cowboys were considered to be the good guys and the outlaws were considered to be the bad guys. Both did bad things, but the outlaws were definitely worse. One of these terrible outlaws was the gunman Clay Allison. He joined the Confederate Army when the Civil War broke out, where he started to dream of becoming a powerful man.

Later, Allison traveled to New Mexico, where he became known as dangerous. Then, he was pulled to become friends with a man named Mace Bowman because he would help improve Allison’s gun drawing skills. After that, Allison was pushed to shoot a man named Chunk Colbert after Colbert tried to shoot Allison, but his barrel hit the table they were sitting at. These first couple fights started to give him power because people became scared of him. Shortly after, Allison encouraged a mob to capture and hang Cruz Vega, who was suspected of killing a Methodist circuit rider. This led to Allison and Vega’s uncle getting into an argument, and then Allison shot Vega’s uncle, but no charges were ever given because the shooting was ruled justifiable. These events made it clear that Allison shouldn’t be messed with, helping fulfill his dream of becoming powerful.

After a few more incidents, Allison finally was killed, and not in the way that would be expected. When Allison was moving supplies by wagon, some supplies fell off, and he tried to catch them. Allison fell off the wagon and was run over by one of the wheels, breaking his neck. The life and dreams of Clay Allison are only one of many, and is similar to many of the other lives of gunmen and outlaws. As the West became more populated, and with less open space, outlaws like him became less common. Nowadays, outlaws and gunmen similar to him don’t exist in the United States. But his story, and others’ stories, will always be remembered as the stories of outlaws in the Wild West.

Dreams of a rugby coach

By: Karina  Suarez

One of the lesser known sports that has been on the rise recently is rugby. Matthew Wilson, a rugby coach at Valley High School, had a dream. He has always been passionate about rugby and wanted to share it with others. He said, “I was lucky enough to be asked to take over by the previous coach and it had been supremely rewarding.”  Rugby hasn’t always been a popular sport, but it has risen over the years. He added, “When I was playing you could hardly find rugby on TV.  Now it’s all over TV and in the Olympics.”  Matthew Wilson played rugby in college, and worked very hard to be able to play rugby. He had a very good experience, and now he’s sharing that experience with others by coaching the boys and girls rugby club.

Matthew Wilson was pulled into being a coach because he wanted to share his passion for rugby with others. When I asked Coach Wilson if economics played a role in having rugby as another sport at Valley, he said “I don’t think money or economics played a role.” He was pulled into being a coach because he got other benefits from it. He told me, “Learning to be a good coach has helped me be a better doctor and parent.”  He was pushed into being a coach for Valley because he had played rugby at the University of Iowa, and had the opportunity to take over for the previous coach.  Coach Wilson was pulled into being a coach because he saw “kids gain confidence and have a great time playing rugby.” He was pulled into his dream because, as he said, “Valley High School has been great and we are so lucky that they are such a supportive administration for the boys and girls rugby teams.”

There are many people who accomplish their dreams, like Matthew Wilson. There are many factors that lead people to their dreams. Sometimes there are economical issues, but being a coach for rugby wasn’t a problem. Coach Wilson followed his dream, and now his students are too.  He said, “Iowa has one of the best HAS leagues and we have sent kids to the Eagles (national teams) and to college on rugby scholarships, which makes me feel great.” There are a lot of people who will join rugby and will accomplish their dreams by doing so.

Buying a house

By: Hailey Saltzman

“My dream was to purchase a house for my family,” Mr. Chisholm said. There were some reasons that pushed them to move into a new house. “The rent was getting too high, because every year it would go up,” Mr. Chisholm said. There were also things that pulled them into moving. “The house we bought was in a friendly and safe neighborhood,” Mr. Chisholm said. It was hard for Mr. Chisholm and his family to buy the house of their dreams because of the seller. “The seller of the house kept going back and forth about whether he wanted to sell the house or not.  He also wouldn’t sign papers that he needed to, making it hard for us to buy the house,” said Mr. Chisholm.

There was a lot of unexpected things that happened throughout this process, both while they were moving in and after they had. “Before we moved into the house I had to stay in a hotel because we had to leave our apartments; our landlord already had people that wanted to move in and the seller was not ready to let us live in the house,” Mr. Chisholm said. After they moved in, they still had problems with the house. “After we moved in, while my daughter was walking up the stairs and holding on to the railing, it came straight off the wall! We also started having trouble with our heater not wanting to work; this happened a couple times.”

Even though many events had happened to get them to where they are now, Mr. Chisholm could not be any happier. There were also a lot of benefits. “One of the benefits to buying the house was that we had more room to deal with. We also got to have a yard where we could start a garden. There were a lot more benefits as well,” Mr. Chisholm will never regret buying the house because he believes it was all worth it.

Life on Life Jacket

By: Tatum McTavish

Not too long ago, Rustin Parsons was just learning to sail on a sailboat. It had always been a dream of his and the rest of his family for every generation to see the world. Now, he and his family are traveling to locations all over the world on their Leopard 46 catamaran sailboat, which his children have named Life Jacket. Leaving the States on February 1, 2017, they traveled down the eastern side of Florida and down to the Castries, the capitol island of St. Lucia. They returned to Georgia, eventually taking off again from Savannah on June 2, 2017. They began their journey sailing across the Atlantic, the voyage across taking until July 13 when they arrived in Lisbon, Portugal. So far, they have stopped in various places along the Spanish, French, and Italian coasts. Eventually, they arrived in Morocco, and are currently on an island called Lanzarote near the horn of Africa. Their entire trip is listed on their family blog, Life on Life Jacket.

Rustin was first pulled into his dream of traveling the world by sea on his 6th anniversary while discussing hopes and dreams for the future. He and his wife, Paige, knew nothing about sailing, so he started research on cruising a sailboat. They decided a catamaran would be the boat for them, so they rented one in June of 2008 for sailing practice. “Paige grabbed hold of the dream and deciding that she wanted some knowledge of sailing before our trip to the BVI found a sailing school on Lake Lanier, GA and we spent four frigid Saturdays in February learning about points of sail, tacking, and other general sailing knowledge while sailing on a Catalina 22 during an ASA 101 course.” Rustin writes in his family blog while describing how his dream began (Parsons). Sometimes it was tough, but it got easier to sail over time. Eventually, they paid for the more expensive instructional skipper, who taught Rustin and Paige how to sail.

How Rustin is able to afford the boat, and sailing around the world is due to his partnership as vice president of Young Consulting Inc. Because of this, he is able to sail around considered a “gentleman pirate” as said on his LinkedIn profile. He got his education at the U.S. Air Force Academy, later attending Georgia Tech. Currently, Rustin Parsons is enjoying his trip around the world with his wife and three children on his catamaran sailboat, Life Jacket.


Every person in the world has dreams, but everyone has different ways to achieve those dreams. People back in history, as explained in the articles about outlaws and lawmen, had dreams they wanted to accomplish during their life. For example, Clay Allison and Wyatt Earp had dreams to become powerful men in their own way. Here in town, Eli Chisholm had a dream of buying a house for his family. Matthew Wilson, a chiropractor, had a dream of being a rugby coach, and wished to share that dream with others. Elsewhere, starting in Georgia, Rustin Parsons and his family have been sailing around the world, after fighting through the struggles in order to get there. Currently, some people have different dreams. It can all end with an achieved dream, but it’s not the dream that matters as much as how that person got to their dream.

From dreams to reality

Assorted articles from local Stilwell students

Dreams take a lot, you can only achieve them if you are willing to take the time and put in the work. Throughout the past and present, dreamers of all kinds have worked hard to reach their goals and make the world a better place. As a group we have written four articles; historical, contemporary, and local, to show examples of these people, living all across the country. From the 1800’s lumberjacks to modern day celebrities and small businesses changing the world, their dreams are the oil to the well-rusted machine of humanity and are what keeps our society moving forward and advancing into new technology. These following articles are only four examples of the millions of dreams people have and will have accomplished.

An 1800’s Lumberyard

By: Ella Janssen

If you were a lumberjack of the 1800’s, you were a hard worker and dedicated to your work. You woke up before dawn, ate breakfast, and went to work. These lumberjacks would work as many as fourteen hours daily, cutting down trees in the freezing cold or even the blazing heat. They would risk their lives every day from falling branches and other things. As a lumberjack, you would work, eat a little, sleep and repeat. Lumber camps, where they would stay, were nothing special at all; pieces of wood laid together to create a space for sleeping. Not to mention, these camps were dirty and in the middle of the woods with crowded beds and bugs. Lumberjacks would spend all day cutting down trees and then come back with no way to shower or have clean clothes.

Although this life sounds miserable, it wasn’t always their choice. This lonely life was something the men in the house would do for an income. Their dream was to make sure their family was safe and had what they needed. Lumberjacks of the 1800’s would sacrifice being with their family in order to insure their family will be same and there is money for food and other necessities. These hard working men were taken by different lumber companies. These companies didn’t have any concern for them while they slowly drained their wages until the men were fired and replaced with new men. Still, they continued to work and sacrifice for the goodness and health of their families. They were pushed harder and harder each day to work under horrific conditions for little pay to provide for their family.

In present day, there are new things being created constantly and sometimes these things take away from the people most important in our life. But I know if we could make time for our family then, we can also do it now.

KCL staff in their newly bought office space in 2017

By: Abby Deeds

Everything starts with a dream, specifically the dreams for KCL Mechanical engineering, in eight short years the company has gone from a hand full of people to a new team of over thirty. “We started in 2010 with only a hand full of people, everyone had to do everything.” Says James Deeds, Managing Principal and Senior Electrical Engineer at KCL, “We wanted to work on things we wanted/liked to do and thought we could do it better [than other companies].” They worked in a small office in the Des Moines area, working on schools and sports fields around Iowa. “We had to wait for right timing [to launch KCL] to make sure we had enough money to support our families and keep our business running smoothly.” Not exactly having a backup plan, it was a risky start. Over the years the business grew, and KCL moved out into bigger a second-floor office in Valley Junction. Although it was home for many years, the business was growing nonstop, and KCL moved, yet again, into 300 4th Street and their new World Headquarters just this past month, their open house successfully hosted March 1st. “The next office we have we’re currently planning on putting in Phoenix, Arizona within the next five years or so.” Deeds says, “We want to eventually have sites all around the country.”

KCL already many projects around the country including Yankee Stadium in Bronx, NY,  The Monster roller coaster in Adventureland, Altoona, IA, and 909 Kapiolani Residential Tower all the way in Honolulu, HI. “I don’t think we will have offices worldwide, but I know we will have more future projects around the world.” Deeds says, “Right now our focus is to stabilize and prepare KCL for near future growth.” KCL is now focusing more on agricultural aspects of the engineering business, more energy saving, and cleaner energy projects. “I became an engineer because I always liked making things and solving problems. Coming up with creative solutions to save energy is a big step we aspire work on.”

“We strive to run a company that solves customers problems efficiently, as well as create a work environment that people want to work in.” Deeds says about KCL’s service. The Workplace is truly unique, just like the people who did, do, and will, work at KCL, the amazing company that really is, the lightning and thunder of modern engineering.


By: Christina Arbs

Mykie is 29-year-old self-taught makeup artist from Philadelphia. She has a YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers.  She is a glam makeup artist that also does FX style makeup. Prosthetic makeup (also called Special make-up effects and FX prosthesis) is the process of using prosthetic sculpting, molding and casting techniques to create advanced cosmetic effects. She has uploaded 170 videos. The real question is, what’s her dream?

Well, her dream is to become an amazing makeup artist. “Well, I suppose technically I got started in Philadelphia when I was 8 years old. I had to learn how to do beauty makeup for the dance competitions I was competing in.” Mykie said in an interview (Kelly). She became fascinated with gore special effect makeup for the horror movies that she would watch. In college she chose a major that allowed her to hone her makeup skills. During college she got her first job with the famous cosmetic company MAC. She soon quit that job and explored the more FX side of things by working at Terror Behind the Walls. She taught herself how to apply and create FX prosthetics.

Makeup wasn’t always her dream though. She said that she probably would’ve been a cinematographer.  She went to school for film and it was one of her greater passions. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue either a career in makeup or cinematography. So far though she has been focusing on the makeup portion. “But makeup has taken precedence so far. Beautiful imagery is what I love so I fully plan on following that, both in cosmetics and in making films. (Kelly). ”

Mykie has social media to thank for the amazing opportunities and her social status. “I would have less opportunities to speak with brands I admire. It’s a surreal feeling to be contacted by makeup companies you’ve been wearing since you were a teenager, asking if you would want to promote their products.” she said during an interview when the question; ‘How different do you think your career might be if it wasn’t for social media?’ (Kelly). Mykie is an amazing artist who continues to grow and learn new skills to achieve her dream.

Medical tools

By: Libby Anderson

Currently, Molly Anderson attends the University of Iowa College in the nursing program. Molly knew she wanted to be a nurse at a very young age. Most kids her age wanted to be a princess or be famous, but her dream was always to do something bigger than herself and to attend the University of Iowa. Molly’s freshman year of college she was accepted to be in the Nursing program. They only take 72 students for this position as a freshman.

Molly grew up with her family and moved several times as a kid. Sometimes though she didn’t feel motivated to follow her dreams, but Molly knew she always had help from her family when things didn’t work out for her. Molly chose this to be her lifetime career because she wants to have a family and this job allows her to follow that dream and someday raise kids of her own. Molly has always had a special place in her heart for hospitals as well as she always looks for hospitals wherever she goes and makes sure there is one close enough to her incase anything happens.

Molly’s always wanted to have a job that helps people and makes her feel good and when she leaves work she feels like she is doing what she loves and makes sure she is helping people along with that. Molly is always doing everything she can to help someone in need and makes sure she’s thinking about more than herself.

In conclusion she followed her dream to be a nurse and she still has a long way to go in that journey but she is on a good track to making that happen.


In conclusion, all dreams, no matter the size, are important and could change the world in many ways. These people are only but a few select dreamers out of millions even today, and the number continues to rise. Dreams can also be tricky to follow, here are some steps on how to keep pursuing your dreams:

Identify your dream: If you are not willing to sacrifice the time and put in as much work as needed, it’s not a dream you really want to accomplish and not worth it to follow

Look for major steps along the pathway of achievement: make a goal for were you want to be in the next week, month, or year, and make sure you’re being realistic with yourself and these smaller goals inside the big dream, don’t make yourself stress about it.

Keep moving forward: Live everyday like it’s your last chance to do something great, and if people tell you to stop and knock you down, ignore them and keep going on without them.

From opening a small shop to being a movie star, each dream is unique in one way or another just like the people that dream them, and every dream matters.

Never give up

Dreams are what many people use as their life goals. Our articles are about how Belle Starr, Bill Gates, Olivera Akrapovic, and Anthony Rizzo  never gave up on their dreams. Like how even though Belle was sent to a finishing school to become a lady but wanted to be like her brother. Like how Bill stepped down from Microsoft to help young children get a great education. Like how Olivera wanted to help people and became a nurse. Or like how Anthony never gave up on playing baseball even though he had cancer. We made our theme “Never give up on your dreams otherwise your dreams won’t come true.”

Outlaw Belle Starr

By: Audrey Johnson

Myra Maybelle Shirley, Belle Starr or the Bandit Queen, was a legend and one of the worst female criminals in the Wild West. Belle was not involved in any gunfights, but she did seem fond of carrying a six-shooter (a gun). Myra was born on February 5, 1848, in Missouri. Missouri at this time was considered a southern state and was allowing slaves. Her parents wanted her to be a proper southern belle (lady) but she didn’t want to be a proper lady. Her parents were being a barrier to what she actually wanted to be. Though Belle received her education in an academy for girls, her brothers taught her how to use guns. She wanted to be more like her brothers. Her oldest brother John Addison, called Bud, influenced her the most.

Belle Starr was known as an infamous outlaw in the Wild West. She was married twice. The first man she married was Jim Reed. Throughout her adult life, Belle regularly associated with criminals. Reed and his family fled from the law numerous times before he was killed in 1874. Belle joined Reed’s criminal activities, but there is little evidence to show what she actually did. Recent data shows that she committed far fewer criminal activities than what we believed before. Before Reed’s death, Belle had gone back to her parents ending the marriage.

The second man she married was Sam Starr, who was a part of the Starr gang. Together, they lived on Cherokee land, hiding criminals like Frank and Jesse James at their home. In 1883, Belle and Sam were accused of stealing horses.  Each spent nine months in jail in Detroit, then returned to Indian Territory. By this time, Belle was known as a criminal (or felon), with her popularity growing over suspicions of later crimes. She carried one or two pistols and wore gold earrings and a man’s hat with feathers, though some have argued that she lived more of a home-based life while Sam engaged in forbidden activities. Belle’s journey of finding who she could be was full of barriers but she stayed true to herself. Belle, unfortunately, died on February 3, 1889.

Olivera Akrapovic and her dreams

By: Mia Basic

Olivera Akrapovic is my mother and a local dreamer, whose dream was to help people. The best way for her to fulfill that dream was to become a nurse. Immigrating from her home country, Bosnia to escape the war, she decided that she wanted to help people. She studied hard and earned her degree in nursing. “It was hard, but it was worth it,” she said during our interview.

Some of the struggles she faced were interrupted schooling, missing family, learning a new language and more. These obstacles showed how much struggle she had been through. Her dream impacted her by helping the people who need it, elders who have mental or a physical sickness.

I asked her if it was hard achieving this dream her response “It was hard to study, have a child, have a fulltime job, and support my family.” She was two years into college when she had her child and she recently finished her two last years and got her full degree. I asked what were some unexpected hurdles while achieving her dream and she said “Giving birth to you.” I asked what were some benefits while achieving your dreams, her response “I was able to work a fulltime in the nursing field.”

What started on her journey, was she wanted to help her parents when they grew older and she wanted to help people who have mental or physical sickness. Olivera also wanted to make enough money to support her family that she has now. She was both pushed and pulled into her field, she studied in the geriatric field which focused on elders and their illnesses and has been working in that field since 2002. My mother works hard to help and support people and enjoys it. The disadvantages she went through made her stronger to achieve education and her dream.

Anthony Rizzo and his dream

By: Brody Lewis

Anthony Rizzo is a first baseman for the Chicago Cubs, he is very well known for his time with the Cubs winning a World Series and a gold glove award for the first baseman. When the Cubs won the World Series, he caught the final out of the Series and stuck the ball in his back pocket when he caught it. After recording the final out of the series as an ending, this is where his dream story all began.    Anthony Rizzo was drafted in 2007 by the Boston Red Sox. During Rizzo’s first full year with the Red Sox he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, in April of 2008. He battled cancer for over a year finally being announced Cancer free, in February of 2009. When Anthony was diagnosed, he did not want to be treated differently than anybody. “I didn’t want to be known as the ‘cancer patient’, I just wanted to be normal.” he said. Back in 2008 when Rizzo was still with the Red Sox, he had a visit with Jon Lester, another baseball player who had survived cancer a couple years earlier. Theo Epstein, then the Baseball Operations Manager of the Red Sox, asked this, “ Can you show Rizzo around and talk to him?” Anthony Rizzo was pushed because he wanted to get back out on the ball field. Rizzo was pulled because Jon Lester guided him at the start when he was diagnosed with cancer.

To this day Anthony and his family have a 5k run for cancer patients in Parkland, Florida. Before one of the runs, Rizzo was honored in his hometown for what  he has done with the run. He got his number retired by his high school Stoneman Douglas. He does this so he can raise money for all of the cancer patients to survive. For the efforts of the participants and the kids that are battling he has given  all of them tickets to watch him at Wrigley Field. Anthony did not let cancer stop him from achieving his dream.

Bill Gates and his world wide dream

By Minwoo Lee

Most of you probably have used electronic device today, such as a computer or a phone at your house. Did you know that Bill Gates was one of the reasons you have that computer on your desk? When Bill was two years into Harvard, he decided to drop out and made a small company named Microsoft. Not getting a degree from a college, and dropping out of Harvard was a huge disadvantage for Bill, but he didn’t mind. According to Gates, when he and Paul Allen started Microsoft in 1975, their dream was to compress the data from a room-sized computer to a computer that could be put on your desk and wanted to provide that personal computer to everyone(Beaumont).

Microsoft is now one of the top computer software companies in the world, and Bill has proven that his decision was correct. Thinking outside of the box can lead you to success, and could possibly lead you to be the richest man on Earth. His net worth is worth over 90 billion dollars, even though he has made donations worth over billions of dollars.

Bill has now stepped down from Microsoft, but he has another dream that he follows. He said that his dream was “making every child, no matter of their skin color, zip code, or their parent’s income, be able to get a great education”(NBCNews). The Gates Foundation was founded, for this reason, donating over billions of dollars. Both the Gates and the French family that raised Bill and Melinda instilled volunteerism. They believed that if life happens to give them blessings, they should use them wisely and as well as they can (Gates Foundation). This belief pulled Bill and Melinda Gates to start The Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates’ volunteerism saved many lives, and he also pursued his dream. His foundation has donated for not only academics but health, supplying the poor with food, basic items or households. The Gates Foundation’s target is the whole world, and it’s donations are being donated worldwide. In the end, he followed own beliefs and decisions, which lead him to be the philanthropist that his family valued.

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard, and after making Microsoft, he went back to Harvard to get his degree.


People like Bill Gates, Olivera Akrapovic, Anthony Rizzo, and Belle Starr, never gave up on their dreams. They all worked hard to achieve their dream. As they had obstacles in their way they pushed that away and kept on going.

What it takes to dream

There are so many stories about people achieving their dream. But what does it take to achieve your dream?  It takes hard work and perseverance. Sometimes, it needs heartbreaks and hard times. It helps when you have friends at your side and family that has your back. Of course, you need a goal to get started. A final image to help you know what your dreams are. These articles will talk about a person’s dream and what it took to achieve it.

Free Cherokee Indians

By: AJ Burrell

Many years before Christopher Columbus and the Europeans, Native Americans crossed a “land bridge” from Asia into the Americas. The Native Americans managed to established 562 tribes before Colonists started taking their land. The Colonists kept moving west saying they needed more land. The Cherokee suffered from diseases the colonists brought to America, sometimes the illnesses were spread through direct contact with the colonists. In order to survive they were pushed to adapt to environmental changes like living in deserts, forests, along the ocean, and in grassy prairies. Which they made seem easy.

In the 1780’s U.S. officials urged the Cherokee to give up their traditional ways of life and learn how to live like a Christian American Yeomen, dreaming about being treated like an American.            Many Cherokees began to embrace this new way of life in order to be treated like a U.S. citizen. The Cherokee established their own republican government, and abandoning the law of blood revenge. A Cherokee man named Sequoyah then created the Cherokee Syllabary that allowed the Cherokee to read, write, and record their own laws and publish news papers in their own language. (New Georgia Encyclopedia)

The Cherokee were one of the most dominant Native American tribes which is why they were respected by the rest of the tribes. In 1838 and 1839 the U.S. Army was encouraged by the state of Georgia to remove the Cherokee Indians from Georgia and move them to an ‘Indian reservation’ Oklahoma. The Revolutionary War (1775-1783) the Cherokee tried so hard to get their land back from the Americans but the Cherokee didn’t have as advanced weapons as the Americans. The war took so long because the Cherokee fought differently than the Americans. They would surprise them and wait until the soldiers were sleeping to attack or they would hide in the trees. (

No matter how hard they tried it just “wasn’t good enough” for the people of Georgia and the other southern states so they refused to accept the Cherokee as social equals, and took more of their land. After the Louisiana purchase president Thomas Jefferson had the chance to use an idea he had been contemplating for many years, the relocation of tribes from the east to the west of the Mississippi River. Where Jefferson suggested that they take in a new culture at their own pace, retain their own self-government and live without American trespassers.

Marketing Mercy

By: Andrew Larson

LeAnn Larson grew up in Harlan, Iowa with a population of about 5,000. Her dream was to become a dancer or a marine biologist. As years past those dreams came closer to an end. When in college, the professors gave her inspiration to go into marketing by having her take a personality test which further persuaded her for an exhilarating passion for marketing. She studied hard and graduated, she got her first marketing job at Iowa Department Of Public Health where she helps people living below poverty and helps them recover from poverty and hopefully get them on their feet.

LeAnn decided to stay in the West Des Moines area because she wanted to be in a larger area than where she grew up in. She had a job right out of college to provide for her family. She wanted to stay with her loved one and together they thought the West Des Moines area would be a good place to raise her children. I asked how economics or money played a role in the ability to pursue her dreams and she responded, “The different types of target audiences because if one individual was in a more critical state then the payment may be more expensive.” “It also helps when Mercy is one of the two biggest  hospitals and they do benefit more because they are more centrally located

I asked her what her goals were for this month and how she sets them accordingly to Mercy’s marketing agent and she said, “ To get a certain amount of people I look back at historical and trend data and see what opportunity potential is for the and insurance they have.” I then asked what she does stay on top of all the other people who are wanting to become marketing agents. She replied, “I have to keep pushing myself and keep working hard and continue to educate myself because tactics and other methods are changing.”

After interviewing LeAnn I think she is a really intelligent person and has lots of passion for her job. Larson’s husband, says “She is a really hard worker.”

In conclusion you will need to work hard at everything that will push you to your dream, support others with positiveness as they support you and keep up with the new strategies to make you stand out by educating yourself.

She is Malala

By: Riley Baldus

Malala Yousafzai is the youngest Nobel Prize laureate and an inspiration  to all. Her father and mother, Ziauddin and Toor Pekai Yousafzai, have always wanted the best for their child. That means every opportunity a   boy might get, including an education. But in 2007 the Taliban, a terrorist group, took control of Swat and in 2008, they banned girls from going to school (Malala Fund). Malala writes about this in her blog for BBC under the name Gul Makai. In 2009 her family, along with one million other families, fled Swat as the Pakistani army tried to force the Taliban out. Finally, in 2011 the Taliban retreated and Ziauddin’s school is able to reopen. Because of her gaining popularity, she becomes a target to the Taliban. October 9, 2012, a gunman boarded Malala’s school bus and shot her in the head, neck, and shoulder. Luckily, she survived and in January 2013, she was released from the hospital (Malala Fund).

Her goal, ever since she was a kid, was to get herself and others a good education. “In Pakistan, when we were stopped from going to school, at that time, I realized that education is very important…” Malala commented in an interview with The Daily Show, telling us of when she truly realized what education means, a better future (The Daily Show). The threat of not going to school, she was pushed into action.  Although scared, Malala publicly campaigned for girls who can’t go to school. In the process of speaking out, she won Pakistan’s first National Youth Peace Prize (Malala Fund). She spoke up against the Taliban in any way she could. “I started thinking about that, and I used to think that the Taliban would come, and he would just kill me. But then I said, ‘if he comes, what would you do Malala?’ Then I would reply to myself that, ‘Malala just take a shoe and hit him,” She answered, after finding out about the Taliban threatened her (The Daily Show). Later she said that if you hit the Taliban, you are no better than him.

Malala is a remarkable person who has achieved a lot. She is continuing to inspire others and fighting for education. She is currently pursuing her own dreams and is enrolled at Oxford University. You can support her cause at and donate to girls education.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s motivation to dream

By: Kayla Moline

“Life shrinks and expands on the proportion of your willingness to take risks and try new things” –  Gary Vaynerchuk.

Today, Vaynerchuk is known for entrepreneuring, social media, investing and wine education, he is currently the CEO of his family’s retail wine business. “When I was five, I was doing lemonade stands, washing cars and shoveling snow.” Vaynerchuk told (Shopify) in an interview proving he worked hard at a very young age. His Dad had inspired him because not many people can come to America and be hired a manager in six months. He had dreams at a very young age, one of his dreams were to succeed in wine. He knew he was underage to drink, but he saw more to wine and read lots of books about it. What he did not know was he was going to be successful for many more things than just wine. Vaynerchuk graduated college with a bachelors degree from, Mount Ida College.

Vaynerchuk started to take control over his Dad’s discount wine store. He renamed it Wine Library, and grew the business to $3 million to $60 million in a year. Vaynerchuk is the “king of social media” according to people who are following him on twitter.

Vaynerchuk invested in social medias such as, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat before they went viral, somehow he knew they would get big. Vaynerchuk and his brother (AJ Vaynerchuk) created their own media platform called (VaynerMedia). VaynerMedia is a digital agency built for now. His dreams started to become real when he sold his first book called “Crush It”, he was offered $25,000 just to give speeches about the book.

Gary Vaynerchuk achieved most of his dreams, but there is still one that means the most to him at this time. Someday he wants to be an owner of the New York Jets, NFL team. He also says that if he doesn’t end up owning the team he won’t care, because he love’s the journey. “ I love the sweat, the long hours, the uncertainties, and the grind. Nothing in life comes easy,  and when we’re dealing with something as huge as a lifetime goal, it’s likely that things will change throughout that journey — but that’s okay. It’s part of the process. And the process is what I love so much” Vaynerchuk said on his blog.


Accomplishing your dreams like the professionals listed you will need to dedicate work hard, give it your all, and have faith in yourself and that will help you achieve them. When other people tell you that you don’t have the talent to achieve your dreams. That pushes you to work harder and harder until you’ve accomplished your dream. There is a certain amount of open jobs that everyone is going after and these professionals were the ones who prevailed by supporting others as they support them, educating themselves from others past experiences and working hard. Pushing towards that end goal of getting the job.

Steps to help accomplish your dreams:

Pick your dream based on what makes you happy.

Decide what steps you will have to take to get to the top.

Work hard and keep pushing so nobody can take your spot.

Pursuing dreams

The California Gold Rush

By: Austin Smith

“Gold,Gold,Gold from the American River!”-Samuel Brannan, running through the streets of an Eastern settlement in 1848.

The discovery of gold nuggets in Sacramento Valley sparked “the California gold rush.” This event changed american history. Before the discovery of gold nuggets in Sacramento Valley there was an estimated 1,000 residents in the western parts of the United States (source 2). After the discovery of the gold nuggets, word spread to the Eastern part of the United States, residents from the East traveled by sea or land to get over to the West. When these gold miners, also named the forty-niners, arrived in the West, they clashed with the existing residents and the Native Americans because dozens of foreigners were coming in and eating their food.

Those that traveled by land used covered wagons and horses to travel. This journey was not easy due to the illnesses that struck the travelers and the lack of medication. This journey was also hard due to rivers and  mountains that they had to cross. The other option to get to the West was by boat. The Panama shortcut was one of the routes used by those dreaming of striking it big in california . This shortcut saved a few months of travel but many would die from diseases like malaria, yellow fever and cholera during the journey. The other route was around Cape Horn, a route that goes around South America. These travelers had the highest chance of survival but had to deal with monstrous waves, freezing temperatures and high gusts of wind. These travelers also had to deal with illnesses but barely any medication. These travelers had to pay one hundred to one thousand dollars and had small rooms for up to 8 months. The only way that these travelers got to California is by maintaining motivation, perseverance, and a little bit of luck.The California gold rush is an example of a pull factor for the forty-niners who wanted to strike it big and to be rich. Some of these gold miners didn’t even find any gold and lost a lot of money because they spent so much to get to California and didn’t even get a scrap of gold. Some of these gold miners left their families back in the East and said that they were going to hit it big,but most were too optimistic.

Bryce Stanley

By: Liam Sanderson

Bryce Stanley is a stand up comedian who lives in the Des Moines area and does shows all around the state. He has two kids and first worked as an accountant before pursuing a new career as a comedian. Being a stand up comedian was always in the back of his mind as a kid but never really thought about it too much until a few years ago when he started stand up comedy. When he started stand up comedy he wanted to start not popular and curse-free (like he is now) and build up to eventually do stand up comedy as a full time job. He started off doing stand up comedy wherever he could, if there was a bar with  open mic (Anybody can sign up to perform on the stage of a bar or club.)Having a job as an accountant did well in the business side of of things and helped push him to do stand up comedy because stand up is mostly business and some about being funny. He found out that stand up comedy is a hard business to be in due to intense competition and how picky some people could be. It’s not about making money and getting big but it’s about making people laugh and having a great time. When you get bigger the fun starts to end and it gets to business. Bryce Stanley never wants to make it so big that people follow him wherever he goes, he just wants to be good enough to make a living off of it. Don’t focus on the big picture, focus on the little things that bring you along.

Brandon Woelfel

By: Ava Basso

“If you truly love what you do, then achievements will follow. Working every day to realize that you can always improve will keep you ahead of the game” (Brandon Woelfel, Brandon Woelfel Is a photographer based in New York. He currently has a massive fan base of 1.9M on Instagram At the moment. He takes pictures of various people ranging from Instagram models to famous YouTubers and even friends, for his business on instagram. After high school he had a great love for art, so he decided he wanted to go to college for visual art. (Parish).

When Brandon was a sophomore in college he was studying computer art, during this Brandon would follow photographers on the social media, instagram. He says that he was inspired by the photographers, and at age 19 he bought his first DSLR camera. He constantly took photos with the new camera trying to get better. After he started editing his photo’s he developed a almost magical looking style to his photos that was very different and unique, It also took him a very long time to perfect it, because they were so hard to edit. He also sometimes uses the same shooting locations so he has to learn how to make then look different, and unique.After a while his instagram started picking up, he was creating a fan base off his instagram page because of his unique style and pure talent. Brandon later says that he always loved lights, When first started, he worked with lights for photo shoot but then continued to work with them because he loved the way they Looked (Parish). (Andreas ingeman).

Brandon had many pushes and pulls during his adventure in achieving his dreams, he was pushes to get better so he could make a living off of, and in college he was pulled In photography because he could express himself and what he loved. He is still working as a photographer in New York, his style has grown and improved He has done many shoots with multiple people. He now has a growing YouTube channel. He Has also inspired many people to start photography (Andreas ingeman). This shows if you work hard enough for something you can eventually achieve the thing you want, because you don’t get your dreams handed to you   He constantly tries improve his dream by working harder and pushing himself beyond his limits to continue to learn and improve even more.

Logan Paul

By: Norah Malfara

I’m sure you’ve heard of Logan Paul but if you haven’t he’s a social media star. Logan Paul is a 22-year-old adult living in California. Back in 2013, Logan started out on Vine with 9.4 million followers. Then vine Became less popular and he moved to Youtube making crazy videos and vlogging about his life. He posted his first video on Youtube on September 12, 2016, and since then he has grown. On Youtube, he has 16.8 million subscribers (followers). Logan Paul Vlogs is one of the fastest growing Youtube channels ever hitting 10 million subscribers in less than a year. On Youtube, he has 2.8 billion views across all of his videos. On Instagram, he has 16.1 million followers. Paul said ‘‘It’s not my dream to be the biggest actor in the world or even the biggest businessman I’m going to the be the biggest entertainer on the planet.’’ “I’m living the life of my dreams’’.(Logan Paul vlogs) Logan Paul loves making people laugh and creating solid, funny content. Logan started out on vine and one day he and his little brother Jake Paul were making a vine together. Logan had 200 followers at the time and Jake had 400 followers at the time.  Logan was trying to give Jake tips to make the vine. Jake said that he knew what he was doing since he had more followers and then a competition started between them. The next day Logan was making vines to produce out to his fans. Logan started gaining followers daily and got revived but one of the bigger viners.(Logan Paul Interview) Logan has to make everything perfect before he posts. He worked hard for  everything he has done and he’s very  proud of himself.


When you work hard enough, you can eventually achieve your dream. It doesn’t matter what your race, culture or religion is, everyones dreams can be achieved at some point in their life. There are many ways that your dreams could be achieved like…

Be confident in your dream and make sure you want to pursue it.

You have to keep moving forward, even when it gets hard.

If someone puts you down, “just keep swimming” forward and you will eventually achieve your dreams, if you work hard.

There is no way that your dreams will be handed to you, everyone has to work for them. If someone does get theirs handed to them, then it’s not a true dream because they didn’t work for it, and most people take great pride when they do something they are proud of and when  you accomplish your dream you will be more confident. ♦


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