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Fast, happy pace

Posted September 02, 2015 in Community Featured, Urbandale

Quite possibly the most preferred room in her home is her kitchen. Having a flair for cooking and entertaining, homeowner Ebiweni Anyiko is no stranger to having friends and family over quite frequently.

Ebiweni Anyiko with her 3-year-old nephew, Joshua, who is visiting from Nigeria. Photos by Rainey Cook.

Ebiweni Anyiko with her 3-year-old nephew,
Joshua, who is visiting from Nigeria.
Photos by Rainey Cook.

“My kitchen is spacious enough for me to cook,” Anyiko says. “We entertain for birthday parties, church groups and lots of friends and family.”

The next gathering Anyiko is planning is the October 1st Nigerian Day, her country’s Independence Day. Although she’s known to do most of the cooking, guests may bring snacks or drinks.

Adorned with African art, the living room is an entertaining size with a dark leather sectional couch, a fun cheetah print chair and big screen TV.

She and her husband and their four children have lived at 8517 Airline Avenue since 2004. The couple has done numerous upgrades to their home. Since they moved in, they’ve painted inside and out. They’ve added a wood patio in the back yard, changed all the carpet and completely refinished the basement bathroom.

“Although the previous owner was interested in antiques and lots of exposed hardwood floors, we chose to cover the hardwood when we moved in,” Anyiko says.

With the decorating she’s done, she does appreciate what hardwood floors are left uncovered, however.

This busy couple keeps the pace high. Their latest home improvement project was started just days ago. The upstairs bathroom gets its newest touches having everything remodeled.IMG_0076

Location is another bonus for the Anyiko family. She is very pleased with the Urbandale Public School District. Her children are in seventh-, sixth-, fifth-, and third-grades.

“I like the Urbandale school district because they give you an option to say what you feel is best for your own children,” Anyiko says.

It doesn’t hurt busy nights any to be literally right across the street from Urbandale’s newest Hy-Vee. I can run right over there if I need to she laughs.

With family in town from Nigeria for a few weeks, her mother helping out when possible, school recently starting and just one more home improvement project underway, Anyiko is one busy Urbandale homeowner. The fast and happy pace for this family doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon!


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  1. Unhappy Sorry to hear that the flooring is cupping, Anytime the edges of hardwood flooring cup there is or was a presence of excessive moisture within the environment. Did the installer let the flooring acclimate? What did they use for a moisture retarder underlayment paper? What is the home’s Relative humidity. If the inspection was done weeks or months after noticing the problem, the RL or excessive moisture could have dissipated. You might want to run an air conditioner or dehumidifier for several weeks which may pull out the remaining excess moisture out of the wood and the flooring may return to normal. Cupping is not covered in manufacturers warranties. Normal moisture content in Hardwood flooring should be between 6-12 % which equals 40-55% Relative humidity, if the relative humidity level in the home rises for an extended period of time the flooring absorbs this moisture and the edges of the flooring cup upward. The same thing can happen in reverse: if the wood dries out too much it will leave gaps between the floor boards.

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