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THANKS!!!! – National Courtesy Month

Posted August 31, 2015 in Adel, Altoona, Ames, Ankeny, Beaverdale, Community Blogs, Bondurant, Boone, Clear Lake, Clive, Des Moines West, Downtown, Greene County, Grimes, Johnston, North Polk, Norwalk, Perry, Pleasant Hill, Urbandale, Waukee, West Des Moines, Windsor Heights, Winterset

The concept of courtesy and respect for others is never more important. With the changes that are occurring in our nation, being considerate of others is an attribute that we need to be reminded of. Courtesy seems to be disappearing in our society.


Having or showing a behavior that is respectful and considerate of other people is becoming increasingly rare – words like “Thanks”, “You are welcome”, “Excuse me” , “Please”, “Thank You”, “May I”, “After You”, “Good Morning”, “Good Evening”, “How are you today”, etc. are fading from society.


Those words provide the foundation for another two words “Pride” and “Respect”. They provide the comfort in individuals that someone cares about them. The use of courtesies sets the tone for how we feel about others and the places where we live. Other physical gestures of courtesy are holding doors open, recognizing age, appreciating females with special courtesies, patience, tolerance, praise for good work and deeds to name a few.


The disappearance of courtesy also seems to be more prevalent on our roads and streets. Everyone seems to be in a hurry with little patience. You are on the interstate and someone is coming in from the entrance ramp on your right – there seems to be little consideration for anyone to ease their speed to let vehicle ease into the stream of traffic. Not only is it a lack of courtesy it is dangerous as traffic backs up on the entrance ramp.


You are at a four way stop and clearly you have the right of way but due to impatience, another driver cuts in front of you. The yellow light seems to be a sign to speed up rather than slow down to stop.


You are at a restaurant and the group at the table next to you becomes loud and boisterous, causing you an uncomfortable and unpleasant dinner. Maybe you are standing in line at the store with “under 12 items” in the appropriate line and the person ahead of you has a full cart well beyond the 12 item limit. These are but a few examples of the issue. I could go on with other examples but, you get the picture – “Courtesy Counts”.


Whether it is driving, being in a public place or as a pedestrian, please take the time to show simple courtesies to others and thank those that show you common courtesies. Your display of courtesy indicates that you care for others and have a sense of respect for them. A community / neighborhood whose residents display courtesy is a place that cares.

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