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Superintendent Update

Posted August 28, 2015 in Web Exclusives, Norwalk

We are off and running! We just finished a great candidate’s forum sponsored by the Norwalk Professional Education Association. The event was led by Andy Mogle and Tracy Call. The session was informative and collegial.   As the superintendent, I feel blessed with four quality candidates for three openings. My thanks to all involved.


Academically, we just got the ACT results back! One hundred and thirty-two students took the ACT last year.


We will start with our 5-year trends:


Microsoft Word - Superintendent Update August[3].docx





*Indicates Norwalk’s highest score in history


  • More Norwalk students than ever before participated in the ACT in 2015
  • There is a general increase in all Norwalk scores over the last 5 years.
  • 2015 found the highest ever results ever in English, Reading, Science and Overall Composite.

2015 was the second highest in math (2014 was .3 higher)

  • Norwalk exceeds the state averages.



ACT has also established college readiness benchmarks for certain college courses. A benchmark score is the minimum score needed on an ACT test to indicate a 50% chance of attaining a B or higher, or a 75% chance of attaining a C or higher in corresponding college courses. Here are Norwalk’s results compared to Iowa:


English Composition College Algebra College Soc Science College Biology Meeting all 4
Norwalk 83 66 62 55 42
State Average 75 48 55 48 33


Norwalk students have a greater chance of success in college than the Iowa average. By a large margin!


The improvement in Norwalk achievement is significant. Education is impacted by three things:

1) Rigorous Content   2) A teacher using research-based strategies   3) Engaged students

When these three things are accomplished together, “good things happen”. We approach improvement by selecting and piloting the most rigorous and researched content we can find. We match the content with the most effective strategies available. We utilize technology and other engagement-enhancers to involve students in this rigorous content. It is elegantly simple, but hard to achieve. As you can see, we are on the right track.

But, we still have a long way to go to be among the international leaders in education. We will discuss this more as the year passes. Good luck and have a great start!

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