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Enjoying then and now

Posted August 26, 2015 in Altoona, Community Featured

Much has changed since the early 1970s. This Altoona couple reminisces about buying the model home on the bare block and many other differences they’ve become accustomed to.

Coy and Billy Davis still enjoy their early-1970s Altoona home. Photos by Rainey Cook.

Coy and Billy Davis still enjoy their early-1970s Altoona home. Photos by Rainey Cook.

Homeowners Billy and Coy Davis moved into their home in June 1972. Both from small towns, they agreed they wanted their own two children to grow up in a small community and school district.

“We’ve always enjoyed living here,” Billy says.

They both recall when they moved in the new neighborhood there weren’t many homes around them. They also remember the corn field where the Catholic Church now stands.

Altoona is not all that has changed for the Davis’. Since they’ve been in their home, they’ve added a two-car garage and updated the kitchen with newer cabinets and tile.

Nicely adorned with family treasures, their home is quiet with antiques and family photos. Bill’s mother used to crochet. Now, they enjoy small doilies to remember her by. They also have an antique cast iron bull dog that used to be his mother’s.IMG_0056

Throughout the past forty years, the couple has loved and cared for six different dachshund dogs. With some of them living to be fifteen years old, the last one died several years ago. Now, to remember their beloved pets, Billy and Coy have numerous sets of ceramic dachshund dog sets.

As much has changed inside their home, much has also changed in Altoona.

“I can’t believe how much Altoona has changed since we bought our house,” Coy says.

There are now restaurants to choose from, a Wal-mart and Target, too. Many other retailers have moved in making Altoona an easy one-stop-shopping experience for many who live there.IMG_0057

“With our doctors local, we really don’t have to leave town for anything anymore,” Coy says.

Entertaining that was once heavier is now mostly family. With the S.E. Polk high school homecoming just around the corner, the Davis’ provide their front yard to family and friends to watch the parade that typically lasts two hours long.

“It really is a nice parade that includes other communities,” Coy continues. “We all have ring-side seats.”

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