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Dirt bike boy and the sassy daredevil

Posted August 26, 2015 in Altoona, Community Featured

He’s a natural-born dirt bike boy, and she is a “sassy little dare-devil,” according to mom, that is.

Meet Aiden and Ellie Morgan: Mom Alexis’ ultimate dynamic duo:

Ellie and Aiden Morgan getting ready to tear it up in the dune buggy. Photo by Lisa Verhey-Budding.

Ellie and Aiden Morgan getting ready to tear it up in the dune buggy. Photo by Lisa Verhey-Budding.

Alexis Kaye Ficek, 24, is one proud mama when it comes to her four-year-old son, Aiden, and her two-year old daughter, Ellie. A single mother, working full-time, Ficek always finds time to play, and have fun with her kids. A garage full of outdoor, motorized toys helps greatly with keeping them entertained.

“They have too many toys, I forget what all they have! They love riding toys, bikes and scooters. They own a battery powered dune buggy, a battery powered four wheeler, and my son has a real dirt bike. Really, anything motorized they are on it,” she said.

According to Ficek, her son Aiden is mostly obsessed with riding toys, motorized vehicles, and motorcycles, because his dad grew up racing dirt bikes.

Look out Altoona, in 10 to 12 years, this little dirt-bike boy will be grown up enough to ride big boy bikes all over the place, not just his own yard. However, he should be quite skilled in motorcycle riding by that time, as his dad is teaching him the right way to operate a bike at an early age.20150809_130753

Dirt bikes, especially, have always been a big part of Aiden’s life. He isn’t really old enough to be racing a dirt bike yet, but he is already learning to ride them,”she said.

Ficek says that her daughter, Ellie, is a “pretty princess,” so her toys are the normal-like girl toys such as babies, cooking toys, purses, shoes, and anything else “girly.”

“Her toys are a little less crazy then my rowdy little boy! However, she does like to be drove around in the dune buggy, and she lets her brother know it!” she said. “Ellie loves being a pretty little diva, but she doesn’t miss a beat when playing with the boys! She loves to be outside and running with the big kids! She’s my little sassy daredevil!” Ficek said.

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