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A prime spot

Posted August 26, 2015 in Community Featured, Email blast, Waukee

It’s a warm Friday night and jazz music floats softly through the speakers of John and Nick’s Steak and Prime Rib. Chandeliers on the ceiling provide dim, atmospheric light; wine bottles and pictures of Paris decorate the walls. We slip into a cozy booth with marbled, granite tabletops and observe the scene. All around us, similarly seated guests enjoy lively conversation over rich meals. I try not to be too obvious as I lean and peer at my neighbor’s plate. I’m attempting to decipher her order, because I’ll have whatever she’s having.

Crab-stuffed shrimp and top sirloin at John and Nick’s Steak and Prime Rib. Photo by Kate Berger.

Crab-stuffed shrimp and top sirloin at John and Nick’s Steak and Prime Rib.
Photo by Kate Berger.

As the name implies, John and Nick’s devotes a large portion of their menu to steak and prime rib. The menu is substantial, but not overwhelming. Each menu item seems to have been selected with care; a meal that perhaps John and Nick themselves would be dying to eat. Non-red meat eaters need not beware, for chicken, seafood, pork and pasta dishes also adorn the menu. Each entrée comes with a mini loaf of bread, a side dish of potatoes or spaghetti and unlimited access to John and Nick’s salad bar. Voted the best in the Des Moines area by Cityview in 2014, the salad bar alone is a draw for some customers. A wide variety of individual ingredients begin the bar, transitioning into prepared foods, such as pasta salad, further down the line. The farthest row of the salad bar is reserved for desserts. Though, I challenge you not to go up for a salad and come back with pudding.

I enjoyed the Steak De Burgo and my husband selected the crab-stuffed Shrimp and Top Sirloin. The crab-stuffed shrimp and the herb, white wine sauce atop my steak were the highlights of our meal. While most entrée items fall in the over $20 range, the dishes were well worth the cost and truly, an excellent value when you consider the endless trips to the salad bar.JohnNicks1

Looking for meal guaranteed to please? Look no further. Are you celebrating a big event or catching up with out of town relatives? Allow John and Nick to do the cooking that night. Having a romantic evening or just looking for a place where the kids can practice those table manners? John and Nick have you covered.



John and Nick’s Steak and Prime Rib
15970 Hickman Road
Hours: Saturday: 4-10 p.m.
Mon. – Thur.: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Friday: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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