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What is pain management?

Posted August 19, 2015 in Advice Column, Downtown

Pain Management is a nebulous term that has a variety of meanings. Some people associate pain management with medications and the negative aspects associated with the use of opioid or narcotic medications. Others view pain management with injections into the spine for pain control. Both of these descriptions are too simplistic and do not adequately describe a comprehensive approach to Pain Medicine.

A comprehensive pain management program looks at the patient from a variety of viewpoints that starts with the specific pain issue(s) and encompasses other physical problems as well as the psychological issues that may be present.

A comprehensive approach utilizes a variety of techniques that can include non-narcotic medications. Opioid or narcotic medications are utilized in select conditions. Other conservative treatments include physical therapy, weight loss and counseling.

The Broadlawns Interventional Pain Center minimizes the use of medications by using injection therapies to control acute and chronic pain conditions. Medications with low risk profiles are used as well. There is a definite minimizing of narcotic or opioid medications. These injections are performed by Fellowship trained physicians, usually under fluoroscopic or ultrasound guidance..


Please make an appointment for evaluation at the Broadlawns Interventional Pain Center by calling (515) 282-8270.

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