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Seeds of Faith

Posted August 12, 2015 in Community Featured, Email blast, Clive

Andrea Stone and her family were fairly new to Clive when they had joined Faith Lutheran Church. She and her husband were looking for a faith-based preschool to send their two children. They were relieved to find they didn’t have to look any further than their new church.

Sara Hillis and teaching staff at Seeds of Faith teach children through intentional play.

Sara Hillis and teaching staff at Seeds of Faith teach children through intentional play.

“We love (Seeds of Faith),” Stone said. “We’re so proud of it.”

Seeds of Faith Early Learning Center serves about 100 students, offering eight classes for children ages 2-5.

Stone says her children benefited from project-based learning.

“You don’t see the kids sitting around doing flashcards. They’re learning through play. Kids explore and investigate what they’re interested in, and I see how happy it makes them.”

Seeds of Faith Director Heidi LaBounty agrees that the teaching staff sets the preschool apart from others. Teaching through forms of intentional play and hands-on experiences, the staff provides an environment catered to the children’s developmental needs. Teachers are trained on Iowa’s early learning standards and have a strong emphasis on preparing kids for kindergarten and beyond.

“The teachers love what they’re doing,” LaBounty said. “They’re truly engaged with the students and down on the floor playing with them.”

Seeds of Faith is also unique for its faith-based environment. Children learn about faith and church by praying before snack time, practicing daily devotions and visiting the chapel monthly with Pastor Randy Olson and Pastor Sarah Trone-Garriott.

The connection made between families and the school is another part of what makes Seeds of Faith so special, according to both LaBounty and Stone.

“Our environment creates a community for kids, families and teachers. We have strong partnerships with the parents,” LaBounty said.

For Stone, the families she met while her kids have been at Seeds of Faith are families she knows she will be friends with forever, even as their kids go on to separate schools.

Seeds of Faith welcomes both members and nonmembers of Faith Lutheran Church. Only about 25 percent of students are members of the church. Parents are encouraged to contact Heidi LaBounty at Seeds of Faith by August for the upcoming school year. LaBounty says as long as there are openings, they are happy to take a new student in.

Contact Heidi LaBounty at 515-689-8334 or to set up a visit.

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