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Q: Do you VO2?

Posted August 05, 2015 in Advice Column, Johnston

A: We have all heard the old adage that knowledge is power. When it comes to nutrition and fitness there are far too many things to learn and the process can become overwhelming. If you are new to fitness and nutrition or have just hit the ever common plateau don’t worry there is still hope. When getting started on new lifestyle changes or really trying to improve performance, spending the time and dollars up front to figure out your actual starting point is very valuable. The most cost effective and detailed approach to finding your starting point or your point “A” is to gather data on your metabolism and appropriate training intensity.

Start by learning your body’s Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). This gives you the exact number of calories your body consumes at rest. Next, assess your VO2. This is your body’s ability to transfer oxygen directly to your muscles. Using these specific intensity levels during exercise allows you to target exactly what type of calories your body burns and prevents you from excessive soreness. These two assessments give you a framework for caloric intake and exercise intensity.

The best way to collect this data is to undergo a simple metabolic test. These test are typically performed by analyzing normal rested breathing and breathing during exercise like riding a bike or running on a treadmill. This information can set you up for a lifetime of success in the gym, at the dinner table, or just for overall health.

Information provided by Gary Bowman D.C. Cert. MDT, Active Wellness, 8711 Windsor Parkway, Suite 7, Johnston, (515) 867-2900.

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