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The hope of spring

Posted May 06, 2015 in Community Featured, Perry

Spring is upon us, and the first thing I think of when spring comes around is planting.  That annual event of working the land, planting seed, and hoping everything will come together and something good will grow. It is something I am very familiar with growing up on the farm. Come every Spring I knew I would be outside enjoying the nice weather; lugging around heavy seed bags for my dad.  It was something I wasn’t always thrilled to do, but such is the life of a farm boy.  It wasn’t really that bad though.  Actually most of the time was spent waiting for the planter to get empty and needing to be refilled, which did give me plenty of time to enjoy the warm weather.  My brother and I would always have some sort of ball on hand which we could throw around as we waited.

But I also appreciate planting for another reason, as those long days of being out by the field gave me a real appreciation for just how awesome it is to bring new life into an empty plot of land.  I would look out over this expanse of black dirt and know that soon it would be green and full of life.  That is what really makes Spring so great.  Everybody loves the warm weather and the chance to get outside again but that is nothing compared to this abundance of new life coming up all around us.  New life which gives us hope.  New life which reminds us that no matter how dark and cold the winter months can get, things can always get better.  That there will always be that sudden burst of life come Spring.

That is the same hope we receive in Christ. For in Christ we too get to experience new life.  New life which gives us hope.  New life which reminds us that no matter how dark and cold life can get, things can always get better.  New life in which we are completely forgiven of our sins.  New life where we live as children of God.  New life where we live in joy and in peace.  New life where we experience the full embrace of God’s love.  New life where we love one another.  New life which is stronger than even death.  New life that can never end.  I hope you have experienced this new life, for it truly is yours to live.  Whoever you are. Whatever your life has been like to this point.  In Christ there truly is new life for you.  So start living it, for it is your life to live. Now that is even better than the nicest Spring day.

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