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Looking back

Posted May 06, 2015 in Adel, Community Featured

100 Years Ago: Local and Personal: Dog owners better begin to learn the requirements of the new dog law, requiring dogs to be registered and restrained at night. Wanted: Washings – Call Phone 207 R Adel; It is reported that measles in an epidemic form are prevailing at Dexter. The Dallas Center Times says that Chas Adrian recently sold a hog that brought in $114.80. The animal weighed 890 lbs.

Advertisement: The Quality Store: May Sale of Clothing: $35 suits worth up to $20.00 now $9.95; $1.00 Dress Shirts now 79 cents; $.75 Dress Caps now 59 cents; $1.25 Gloves now $1.00; $5.00 Boys Suits now $3.00; $5.00 Raincoats now $1.95. Cash Only!

75 Years Ago: Adel Garden Club Breakfast: The club held their annual May breakfast on Tuesday, May 28 in the garden at the home of Mrs. W. L. Van Meter. Mrs. Chas. F. Clarke, Mrs. Palmer Wilson and Mrs. I.U. Ikenberry were the assistant hostesses. Twenty – eight members and seven guests were present. The program consisted of a garden quiz and a talk by Mrs. Darwin Hubbard on the Topeka gardens and parks.

Advertisement: Harry’s Cash and Carry: Sun Red Catchup – lg. bottle – 15 cents; Folgers Coffee – 2 lb. for 45 cents; Salad Dressing Qt. Jar – 29 cents; Baking Powder – Reg. 25 cents now 19 cents; Wheaties – 10 cents; Coffee 3 lb. bag – 39 cents; Pork Loin Roast – 13 ½ cents a lb.; Lard – 3 lbs. – 25 cents.

50 Years Ago: Changes Announced At Russell Loan and Title: Cedric Glenn has been transferred to the Abstract Department and will work there and with real estate. Russell Glenn and Nancy Glenn will work in the insurance department as well as in real estate.

Advertisement: Rodgers Super Valu: 7 Years in Adel – Free Gifts: Register Each Time You Are In Our Store: 2 Lounge Chairs; 2 Lawn Chairs, 3 Picnic Chests; 2 Lawn Rockers; 1 Ice Bucket; 2 Bar-B-Q Grills: Ice Cream 1/2 gal. – 69 cents; Sugar – 10 lb. 99 cents; Hamburger Buns – 2 pkgs. – 39 cents; Coffee – 59 cents lb.

25 Years Ago: Caption: Lions Hand Out $2,000 in checks: Lions’ member Stan Norenberg presets a $500 check to Stanley Olson for the Sports Complex at Adel – De Soto High School and a $1,500 check to Norman Lamb for Iowa Lions Sight and Hearing Program.

Advertisement: 7th Annual Panther Creek Chapter of Ducks Unlimited Banquet, Monday, May 7, 1990 at 6 p.m. at the Hillcrest Golf & Country Club. Get your tickets from Tom Holcomb, John Reich or Ken Herring.

Some Interesting Facts About Adel: (Taken from “Past and Present of Dallas County”), 1907: Dallas County is well supplied with railroads, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul having two parallel lines east and west through the central and northern parts and a branch through Granger and Madrid on the northeast, the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific through the southern tier of townships.

Museum Moments: The museum will open from noon until 4:00 on Saturdays, May 2 through September 26. New (old) items have been donated to the museum.

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