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So you’re selling your house

Posted April 22, 2015 in Altoona, Advice Column

There are several things you can do that will help a buyer fall in love with your house. Start by de-cluttering. Remove family pictures, deep clean and take care of those maintenance items that you have been putting off. These simple low cost steps will help your house sale faster and closer to your asking price.

Does your house have curb appeal? Do you need some new flowers or wood chips? If you have rocks clean them up. Now take a look at the front door. Does it say welcome or does it need a fresh coat of paint. Do you need a new one altogether? Your front door may be the number one thing to address, as this is the buyer’s first impression.

Focus on the master bedroom, bathrooms and kitchen. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way and is by far the most economical update that you can do. Think neutral colors. Consider replacing your light fixtures and door knobs. Sorry, brass went out in the 80’s.

The master bedroom needs to be warm and inviting. That king-size bed may need to go; bring in a bed that fits the room, add a fresh coat of paint, some nice pillows and a bedspread.

The biggest return on your investment is the bathroom. Are the faucets old and crumbly? New faucets are affordable and usually an easy DIY project. Do the lights and mirrors scream “80s Vegas Style”? If you have shower doors you may think about replacing them with a nice shower rod and curtain. A new vanity top may be in order and you can simply paint or stain your vanity. You may need to go all out with a new vanity, counter tops, and floor.

Now the kitchen, clean out your drawers and cabinets; think minimalistic. Do the cabinets and drawers need attention? No one want drawers off the track or broken doors? How do the faucet and sink look? Do they need cleaned or replaced? Old cabinets can modernized fairly economically. Be careful here. Do your homework or have a professional help you. Is the countertop dated, stained or warn out? Does it need replaced? There is a wide array of options. Again, do your homework and seek professional help.

Make your house warm and inviting so a buyer falls in love and let them make your house their next home.

Information provided by Rob Julander, Snyder Landscaping & Lawn Care, P.O. Box 86, Altoona, 515-957-8140,,

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