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Planting the seeds for success

Posted April 22, 2015 in Community Featured, Beaverdale

It’s springtime on Des Moines West Side!

Who can fail to be excited about the arrival of Spring?

It doesn’t really make much difference what kind of winter we had. When the snow melts, the frost leaves the ground. We receive that first rain of the season. We wake up to birds singing in the trees, and robins chasing worms in the lawn. The grass greens up, and hope springs eternal.

Minds change from sloshing through the snow to getting out the bikes, the baseball gloves, the picnic baskets, and dusting off the lawn mower.

Of all these things that we do in our rituals to celebrate this most recent change of seasons, the one that probably has the biggest hold on me is all of the things that we do related to gardening. Whether it is the cleaning up of our garden tools, the checking out the seed catalogues, or the early visits to the nurseries or garden centers, it is all of these habits or exercises that I go through each spring that ends up preparing or helping me to plan, dig, prepare seed beds and /or plant those seeds or nursery stock that I expect will bring joy, and potentially a harvest, later in the summer or autumn.

Often my thoughts are about the beautifully colored and blooming Begonias that can bring a splash of color and delicacy to the shady areas of the lawn or entry way. Or maybe it is the secret tomato seed or plant that can result in that spectacular tomato harvest in July or August, and give me the joy of knowing that I participated in bringing at least part of the produce for the first (and many more) bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches . Yes, truly Hope Does Spring Eternal!

The other things though, that I am thinking about as I write this morning, are the many similarities between gardening and Chamber work. I’ve been asked many times what it is that we do to make a difference in the community. The obvious answer is that we do events like ribbon cuttings, showcasing new business starts or opportunities, or holding committee meetings to plan parades —or launch a leadership training or educational program.

I’ve come to realize that the better question is “why” in the Chamber we do what we do, because I realize that the activities we do —the committee meetings, the social events, even the educational events bring the opportunity for the participants to plant the seeds while dreaming a bit about the opportunity and promise of the later Harvest. Working together in collaboration we build the trust helps make a better more productive community.

We invite you to join us for some planting for the future.

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