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Earth-friendly home

Posted April 22, 2015 in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill

Having lived in Des Moines, Altoona and Ankeny, this well-traveled couple has found their favorite home. Their 2,580 square foot home with finished basement has all their needs and more. Here since 2004, homeowners Ric and Karen Powell couldn’t be happier with a ranch-style home on the outskirts of Pleasant Hill.

Karen and Ric Powell are protected from bad weather by their home’s insulated concrete exterior walls. Photos by Rainey Cook.

Karen and Ric Powell are protected from bad
weather by their home’s insulated concrete exterior
walls. Photos by Rainey Cook.

“We really have the best of both worlds,” Karen says. “We have great neighbors on one side and cornfields on the other.”

Their son and his family and Ric’s niece are a stone’s throw away. One of the many joys of their location is being to walk to either home for a quick visit. Now that spring is here, warmer weather brings out close neighbors and lawn chairs with children running a-muck in everyone’s front yard.

Not only does this home sport location, family and friendly neighbors, there is a bit of interesting knowledge worth noting. This home’s exterior walls are made of insulated concrete with stucco and steal siding. The interior walls are framed with steel studs. The only lumber is the truces in the ceilings.

“It’s basically like living in a cave,” Ric says. “We can’t even hear winter or spring storms. We feel extremely safe in this house.”001

The back of the home has a new slab and hot tub plus three new trees for privacy. The new river rock landscaping is a creative eye-catching way to force rain where it belongs, away from their home. It also backs to other open yards which are beautifully fence-free.

When not socializing with their neighbors you might catch this movie-buff couple at the Pleasant Hill movie theater, one of their favorite pass times. On errand day they stop in their local dry cleaning store and talk with Dave the dry cleaner.

“He really is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet,” Ric says. He makes you feel like you live in Mayberry.”

Although the options will be there to socialize and run errands in April for this couple, they will be close to home preparing to attend their first grandchild’s birthday and the arrival of their second grandchild.

“We are so grateful to be grandparents,” Karen says. “And we are so blessed to live only blocks from our son and his growing little family.”

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