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Boone County Landfill celebrates 45 years

Posted April 22, 2015 in Community Featured, Boone

In 1968 Boone Countians began discussing developing a sanitary landfill as an alternative to all the open dumps in the County. By 1969 the Boone County Landfill Commission selected the present landfill site due to the outstanding soil characteristics. The site was leased and design work began. The landfill would use a ravine fill design. Tom Walters Company was contracted to operate the landfill for the Commission. (The site was later purchased by the commission in 1985.)

The Boone County Landfill opened May 1, 1970.

The State of Iowa started issuing landfill operating permits in 1975. The Boone County Landfill received a permit the first day that the state started issuing them. Open dumps were banned in Iowa in 1980.

The Landfill Commission dissolved in 1990 and turned over responsibility to the Boone County Board of Supervisors. The Supervisors “bought out” Tom Walters Company landfill operations and transferred its employees to the County payroll. The Supervisors then hired the first landfill administrator/recycling coordinator. A Landfill scale was installed and the initial tipping fee was set at $25.00 per ton.

Boone County established a Landfill trust for closure/post-closure needs of the landfill in 1993 and continues its annual funding. The State did not require such a system until 1997. The Landfill purchased a new expansion area in 1997 and a year later the Supervisors hired a second landfill administrator/recycling coordinator.

The Planning area exceeded the State of Iowa Year 2000 landfill diversion goal of 50% already in 1998. Only three planning areas achieved the accomplishments. At its latest Comp Plan approval in 2014, the area diversion rate was 59.66%.

The landfill constructed new cells in 2001 and 2003. The next cell will be constructed in 2015.

2001 found the landfill with its first hazardous waste collection building. The Administrator and Assistant became certified for taking hazardous waste. Since that time, all full time landfill personnel have received their certifications for collecting hazardous wastes.

Over the years many improvements and additions have been made at the landfill site. A new customer friendly yard waste processing area was developed. Keep Boone County Beautiful was formed in 2001 and received affiliate status from Keep Iowa Beautiful in 2002. The first annual Dragoon River Romp was held in 2006. A new shingle recycling area was developed and began operations in July of 2014. Many other recycling opportunities also exist at the landfill.

The Landfill assumed responsibility for the Boone County Recycling center and hired Genesis Development to operate the processing facility and workplace collection program in 2008.

Landfill staff continue to be proud of their efforts in making the Boone County Landfill the best in the state.

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