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A ZIP code away

Posted April 22, 2015 in Community Featured, Beaverdale

Leaving home for the first time can be hard, intimidating and even scary.

“It’s kind of like leaving for your first day of school. You’re waiting for the bus, you’re worried that you don’t have everything you need in your backpack. You wonder, will anybody like me? Will I get lost? But when you move out, it’s like you’re leaving for a school day that never ends. It’s kind of scary..but good scary.”

Jesa Willert’s mother, Carly, helped Jesa decorate her new Beaverdale apartment recently. Photo by Chris Kelley.

Jesa Willert’s mother, Carly, helped Jesa decorate her new Beaverdale apartment recently. Photo by Chris Kelley.

Jesa Willert wasn’t the type to fly out of the nest at the speed of light. While that may not have been the case for her older siblings, Willert admits that it was a big chance moving from Beaverdale.

Sure, mom and pop are only a few miles away, tucked into the comforts of nearby Windsor Heights, but—“It’s really not the same. Change can be hard, but it can also be good.”

Spending nearly her entire life growing up in central Iowa, Jesa has found a certain comfort in familiarity. Her relationships, connections and knowledge have helped her find a job she loves and an affordable deal on her first place. And while she is still unfamiliar with the walls, windows and history behind her new apartment, she is excited to make her own memories within her new home.

Jesa and her mother, Carly, added the finishing touches to her single bedroom abode on Easter Sunday. “It was hard saying goodbye to my youngest. But as long as she’s not asking me to her do her laundry, she knows her family is just a phone call away.”BeaverdaleApril2

“Just a zip code away,” Jesa joked. All of her siblings, except her, lived in different time zones. Does that bother her? Jesa said that while she may be a homebody, she couldn’t be any less proud of how close she is with her family.

Her new Beaverdale apartment, albeit tiny, is packed full of character, color and photo collages of her family and close friends. It took the mother-daughter duo at least two hours to correctly drape, design and decorate Jesa’s new kicks.

“Some people can go far, far away from their family and be fine.,” said jesa as she placed photographs of her close friends and grandparents on a side table. “They spend their lives traveling, moving and trying to find that place.”

So why Beaverdale? Not only did the new move cut her morning commute in half, it’s granted her several new freedoms. She finally will be able to welcome a fluffy new canine friend to her family without having to worry about her father’s allergies. Even though she knows she will miss her family, Jesa says she will rest easy knowing that her parents are only three Google maps directions away.

“It’s awesome that my brother and sisters want to try out New York, Seattle and Houston. But, some of us found where we belong when we were young,” said Jesa on sticking close to home. “Some of us are happy just where we are.”

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