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A new adventure

Posted April 22, 2015 in Community Featured, Waukee

Retired, with a healthy side of foot loose and fancy free…that is how you will find Gene and Della Mohr of Waukee this summer. The couple is living the crazy life this year by taking on a brand new activity.

Gene and Della Mohr are ready to hit the road in their 31-foot Coachman Freelander. Photo by Lisa Verhey-Budding.

Gene and Della Mohr are ready to hit the road in their 31-foot Coachman Freelander.
Photo by Lisa Verhey-Budding.

Camping is the name, and traveling is the game. They call it crazy because camping is a new venture for them. The Mohr’s never camped before buying a 31 foot recreational vehicle with all the extras. They are now the proud owners of a 2014 Coachman Freelander.

“I tented many, many years ago when I was in the boy scouts, but never even tried anything like this before,” 68-year-old Gene said. “We got tired of unpacking in motels all the time and decided to try this.”

As Della, 64, sweeps out their home on wheels, after returning from a maiden voyage to Texas, she talks about one of the campgrounds they stayed in.

“Gene, my son, and I were minding our own business one night enjoying a nice fire, good supper, and being quiet as could be. We didn’t have any loud music going or anything. We were just relaxing in nature. We weren’t aware that we were bothering anyone until the next morning, when we found a nasty note tacked onto the windshield of the RV. Along with a few choice curse words on the note, we were accused of ruining the other camper’s stay, and were called “bleeping” Yankees.” She laughed at the thought of not receiving a good old fashioned Texas welcome on their first visit.

The wacky campground incident didn’t sway the Mohr’s opinion of camping one bit. “It was great to get away, and we didn’t want to come home,” Della said. “The camping idea is a good one, I’m glad we went for it.”

Future plans for travel in the big rig include Niagara Falls this spring, and Oregon next winter. Some of most exciting trips the Mohr’s look forward to will happen right here in Iowa. “We will do a lot of weekend camping close by, and in Northern Iowa to visit our kids. I look forward to those trips most of all,” Della said.

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