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Posted April 20, 2015 in Web Exclusives

Kate Sebeny’s novella addresses the legal and moral complications faced by those denied the option of meeting death on their own terms. When an elderly woman kills a terminally ill man, is the act murder in the eyes of the law, assisted suicide or something in between?

Des Moines, Iowa – April 17, 2015 –Sebeny’s book The Last Best Thing is now available to the public in both print and digital editions. Presented by Kellan Publishing, the book’s release is accompanied by an online announcement party April 23-30. Help Sebeny celebrate her book’s publication by going to for a sneak peek at the story. While there, subscribe to receive a 20% discount on your purchase of the book, and to win signed print copies, e-books and other book-related prizes.

Variously described by readers as “powerful,” “simply brilliant” and “the great American novella,” Sebeny’s book is timely in its subject matter—assisted suicide and medicinal marijuana—and timeless in its theme: How far do friends go to help each other and what does loyalty really mean when push comes to shove?

Set in rural Iowa, America’s heartland, this compelling story will take you for an irresistible literary ride. If you get any sleep the night you pick it up, you’ll be the first one. “I’m really envious of my readership,” said Sebeny. “I wish I could read this book for the first time. But, having written it (and rewritten it and rewritten it and rewritten it), that’s impossible.”

About Kate Sebeny: A lifelong Iowan, Sebeny is the recipient of several artist grants and writing awards. She’s also a former editor (Workbench Magazine and The Winterset Madisonian, amongst other titles), and instructor of English and writing (Grand View University and Iowa State University). Sebeny is currently working on other literary projects and writing copy for museum exhibitions.

For more information about The Last Best Thing, please visit or contact Kellan Publishing at

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