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Putting down roots

Posted April 15, 2015 in Community Featured, Grimes

“Let’s see, if it’s March, 2015, we live in Grimes, Iowa,” says David Juelsgaaard, David and Jane Jueslgaarad have moved 10 times in their 28 year marriage.

The Juelsgaarads began their married lives together in Denver, Colorado where they both had jobs. They later moved to Elk Horn, Iowa where they bought an uncle’s farm and lived on the farm.IMG_0521

Following their time on the farm in Iowa, they headed to Lyons, Nebraska, where David ran a feed and seed store. They bought their own home there. It wasn’t long before they moved to Lenox, Iowa, to be near a job he had In Creston, Iowa. They had relatives in Lenox, so they moved in with them until they found a home to purchase in Creston.

From Creston, they moved back to Windsor, Colorado where they stayed for two years. Next found them living in Sanborn, Iowa. They relocated again in Sheldon, Iowa. When David got transferred from Sheldon to an ethanol plant in Menlo, Iowa, they began looking for a place to make their new (and perhaps final home) close to his work.

“As we moved from place to place I found several things that were important to me in looking for a house,” Jane says. ”One was air conditioning, another was an attached garage. And the kind of yard was important to David.”

After moving 10 times in 28 years, Jane and David Juelsgaard are glad to settle down in Grimes.

After moving 10 times in 28 years, Jane and David
Juelsgaard are glad to settle down in Grimes.

“When we began looking for something in or around Menlo, we thought we might explore the Des Moines Metro area,” David says, “Other items that were important to us were: good schools, near our church and quiet neighborhoods.”

One of their sons, Tyler, is a senior at Dallas Center-Grimes High School. When they were threatened with another move when he was in 8th grade, “He said ‘I don’t want to move again, I like it here at DC-G,’ we recognized that moving during high school years were difficult,” Jane said. Their three other family members are living in the area now so they are a closer family. (Their four children were born in three states – in four separate hospitals).

“When we found this house we were impressed with the quiet neighborhood, and even more, the mature trees lining the block and the yard where David could enjoy his hobbies.” Jane said. One unique feature of this house that intrigued them was the open, raised kitchen. When you walk into the entry way, the stairs leading up to the kitchen are open and with a railing around the open area where one can see the entire kitchen from below. “We are really happy here now with such good eighbors,” David says.

“The commute to work, about 25-30 minutes is not bad,” David says, “ It gives me time to prepare for the work day, and time to jettison the baggage of the day on my way home.”

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