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One of a kind

Posted April 15, 2015 in Community Featured, Email blast, Windsor Heights

There was a time when 73rd Street was the last paved street in Windsor Heights. West of that was farm land and corn fields. This was about the same time that homeowners Dudley and Claudia Brollier had the opportunity to pick out the colors of their new shag carpet for their new home.

Dudley and Claudia Brollier and their 1971 home built by Jerry Grubb. Photos by Rainey Cook.

Dudley and Claudia Brollier and their 1971 home built by
Jerry Grubb. Photos by Rainey Cook.

“I got to pick out all those colors,” Claudia says. “We had orange, green and gold all through the house.”

With four young children the couple bought their new home before it was even built. Anxious to move out of their 700 square-feet bungalow, their new home was complete in 1971.

Although the rest of the neighborhood was touting a Colby brick or a Troutman built home, this particular Colonial-style home was a one of a kind and built by Jerry Grubb.

Claudia remembers moving in the neighborhood and being the only family with young children. Most of the other homeowners were many years older than we were at the time she continues.

And so life on Colby Avenue for the Brollier family started and played out all through their four children’s lives. The couple put in an above-ground swimming pool with wrap-around deck.009

“There were probably fifty children who learned how to swim in our pool,” Dudley says.

At that time Cowles was not a Montessori school, the middle school was Franklin and all four children went to Roosevelt High.

In 1990 the couple tore out the kitchen, repurposed the cupboards and moved the sink and refrigerator. The added laminate floors throughout the house. The moved the pool to their daughter’s home in Bondurant.

Spring is here and they await hastas, perennials, tulips and daffodils. Their knock-out roses are new last year. Now that the pool is gone in the back yard, there is more mowing.

“The neighborhood has turned over at least once in the past thirty-five years,” says Claudia. “Now we are watching young families with strollers move in.”

They like Windsor Heights for many reasons. It’s safe, quiet and comfortable. They appreciate cleans streets in the winter, the excellent police and speedy fire department. Like many Windsor Heights residence, they enjoy Colby Park.

They may not have shag carpet anymore, but this house on Colby Avenue is still one of a kind.

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