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An escape

Posted February 11, 2015 in Community Featured, West Des Moines

No matter how old he is or where he lives, Sean Moore says he will always have a motorcycle in his garage.

Sean Moore and his girlfriend enjoy getting away on Moore’s Harley Davidson Street Glide.

Sean Moore and his girlfriend enjoy getting away on Moore’s Harley Davidson Street Glide.

“I’ve always had bikes, since I was little,” Moore said. “It’s what I’ve known all my life.”

Starting with dirt bikes, Sean learned how to ride at the early age of 10. When he was old enough to try a motorcycle, driving it came naturally to him. His most prized bike now parked in his garage was a college graduation gift to himself—a 2013 Harley Davidson Street Glide.

Moore spent a year picking out the right bike. When he saw it, he knew it was the one he wanted. Moore describes the bike as a sleek, black pearl with an endless amount of customization.

“It was perfect for what I wanted to do and comfortable for my girlfriend and I to ride together,” Moore said.

Moore has adapted the bike to “meet his personality,” adding a different exhaust and performance parts to make it faster, and changing the handlebars and speakers.

To the 25-year-old engineer, a motorcycle is more than what meets the eye. Motorcycles have been a bonding point for many of his relationships, especially between he and his father.

“I spend a lot of time making short trips to see my dad,” Moore said. “When it’s nice, on Sundays we’ll meet in Marshalltown for breakfast.” He also makes trips down to Kansas City to visit his grandparents.

Not only does Moore’s motorcycle hobby bring him closer to his family, it is also a way for him to bond with friends. Almost every Thursday, Moore and his buddies travel to the different bike night events hosted in Slater, Indianola, and other cities around central Iowa. He is also glad his girlfriend, Megan, enjoys riding bikes.

What Moore claims to love most about this graduation gift is the escape it provides from everyday life.

“Nobody can bother you when you’re out for a ride,” Moore said. “You can’t just pick up your cell phone when somebody calls.”

If it’s nice out, Moore and Megan are out on the motorcycle with the music blaring.

“It’s like yoga for the tough guy.”

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