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Reasons to use a Realtor

Posted February 04, 2015 in Advice Column, Perry

Here are eight reasons to work with a realtor:

Language, We will be dealing with things anywhere from a CMA or market analysis to a HUD and a Realtor deals with these on a daily basis.

Emotion ,Buying a home often turns to an emotional experience. It’s more than just 4 walls and heat. For most it will be the largest purchase they will ever make. Having a concerned, but objective 3rd party helps you stay focused on important financial issues.

Marketing Power, A Realtor will get you home on all the largest and most popular web sites.They will also expose your home to the multiple listing service, this will show your home to lots of other Realtors. They may even sell your home just talking to friends on a trip to the store.

Best Home, sometimes the home you’re looking for may not be on the market. It could be a pocket listing. If you let your Realtor know what your looking for when that property comes up they can make sure you get a shot at it.

Experience, There are many negotiating factors, here are a few. Price, financing, terms, possession date, repairs furnishings. It should also include time to complete inspections, a termite and most likely a whole home inspection. Country homes might need  a septic or well inspection.

Expert, The Realtor should be the expert to guide you through the process whether buying or selling. Most buyers only do this a few times in their lifetime but an experienced Realtor has done it 100’s.Throughout the process you will deal with disclosure forms, purchase agreements, property inspections, mortgage docs, Deed, abstract, multi page settlement papers.

Information, A Realtor will be a great source of information, taxes utilities, going interest rates, zoning, How will my home compete when it’s time for resale.

Ethical treatment, every member of th National association of Realtors makes a commitment to adhere to a strict code of ethics. As a customer of a Realtor you can expect honest and professional treatment. I closing one of the best choices you can make is to involve a professional local Realtor In either the sale or purchase of your home.

Closing. One of the best choices you can make is to involve a professional, local realtor in either the sale or purchase of your home.

Information provided by Larry Saemisch, Agent, RE/MAX Pros on Main, 1207 Second, Perry, 515-465-5000.

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