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Q: Is Teeth Whitening a Good Idea?

Posted February 04, 2015 in Advice Column, Ames

A: Have you ever considered having your teeth professionally whitened? Hesitant? Here are 5 great reasons it is a fantastic decision!

It improves confidence

Having stained teeth often results in loss of confidence. People with stained teeth are more reluctant to smile and less happy with their appearance.

It removes nearly all stains

The process of teeth whitening removes almost all types of stains – such as those that come from smoking, coffee or red wine.

You will look much younger

Discolored teeth are associated with older people. Having your teeth whitened will help you look younger, which is never a bad thing.

Better dental hygiene

Most people who have their teeth whitened tend to take better care of their teeth in general. It is desirable to keep them looking good, so brushing, flossing and getting regular care at the dental office is important.

It’s not that expensive

Teeth whitening is fairly inexpensive and easy to do. While the initial expense of professional dental in- office whitening may be a bit more costly, it is quick, safe and very effective. Maintenance is a matter of taking time to use at-home products. For the price you pay, the results are outstanding!!

Information provided by Dr. Amie Rockow-Nelson, Ames Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, 415 S. Duff, Suite D, Ames, 515-956-3700.

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