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Q: Can chiropractic help Sensory Processing Disorder?

Posted February 04, 2015 in Advice Column, Ames

A: Sensory Processing Disorder goes by many names, but no matter what you call it, the underlying causes of it does not change.  We strongly feel that sensory issues are one of the most commonly missed diagnoses, because all too often the child’s doctor dismisses it as “he’ll grow out of it” or “let’s wait and see what happens.”

What causes SPD?  If you find the answer, please let us know!  What we do know is that there are a variety of factors that we see in our office which contribute to SPD – traumatic birth (forceps, vacuum extraction, C-section) childhood falls, and improper development through excessive use of infant car carriers, walkers and jumpers.

The first few months and years of life are more important to our sensory programming and development than any other.  When faced with the challenges mentioned above, their neurosensory system develops improperly, leaving them either hyper (too much) or hypo (not enough) sensitive to their environment.

In most cases, when these sensory challenges are realized, therapy is the first option.  This care is usually done by specifically trained occupational and/or physical therapists in a gym setting.  While we support this form of therapy whole-heartedly, we feel like we can contribute more to helping these children.

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Information provided by Dr. Lindsey Bartholomew, DC, Bartholomew Chiropractic, 2721 Stange Road, Ames, 515-


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