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A place to linger

Posted February 04, 2015 in Community Featured, Clear Lake

There is something about the ambience at Sip that suits me so well. It is one of my favorite places to come for a quiet dinner and relaxing conversation.

A cheeseburger and fries are a slice of paradise at Sips. Photo by Lori Berglund.

A cheeseburger and fries are a slice of paradise at Sips.
Photo by Lori Berglund.

My husband and I enjoyed an early Valentine’s style outing to Sips on a recent Saturday. He loved it as much as I did. We could have lingered for hours over the delicious meal; a few sips of our favorite beverages, and all the time in the world to just enjoy being together.

We visit our share of sports bars all around Iowa — and they can be a lot of fun — but as we left the door at Sips, we both remarked on the fantastic change of place at an establishment where the focus is on sharing a meal — and time — together. After all, when did every restaurant decide it has to have 17 million TV sets hanging from the ceiling?

Oh, there are a few TV sets available at Sips — just enough for one to keep in touch with things — but they don’t overwhelm a person. It’s also a smaller venue, which lends itself to an intimate setting. As my husband and I chatted, I looked around at our fellow diners. There was a father catching up with his college-age daughter at one table. A group of several friends seemed to be swapping stories and sipping brews at another. One diner was enjoying a meal alone, reading from a tablet and taking her time with her studies.

But, hey, let’s not forget about the food! I call it “Comfort Food with Flair.” It’s always good, hearty food, but it’s never boring or predictable. My husband, who I would never say is boring but can be predictable, ordered his all-time favorite cheeseburger. It gained high praise as one of the two best he has had, and we visit a lot of restaurants! The French Fries, of which I managed to steal just a few, were crisp and lightly seasoned to make me want even more!

Fresh taco salad is fresh and meaty at Sips.

Fresh taco salad is fresh and meaty at Sips.

For myself, as a fan of the soup and sandwiches at Sips, went another direction this time, ordering the taco salad. I was in the mood for a lot of greens and the salad delivered, coupled with plenty of taco meat, all in a delicious tortilla shell.

Food and atmosphere, always the best recipe!

444 North Shore Drive
(641) 358-1250
Open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily

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