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1968 VW Beetle

Posted February 04, 2015 in Community Featured, Clear Lake

Lavaun Wind knows exactly what it is about her husband Ken and the vintage yellow VW Beetle in their driveway.

“It’s an only daughter kind of thing,” she says with a grin.

Ken and Lavaun Wind with the family’s 1968 VW Beetle. Photo by Lori Berglund.

Ken and Lavaun Wind with the family’s 1968 VW Beetle. Photo by Lori Berglund.

Lucky daughter!

And the ‘Bug’ must approve, too. With the classic shape of its hood, the almost doe-eye like headlights, this car practically smiles at people as it glides down the road.

The Winds purchased the classic 1968 Volkswagen several years ago when their daughter Abby was in high school.

“She wanted something to drive to high school in Ventura, and I figured in three miles a VW wouldn’t get her in too much trouble,” Ken explains.

Abby wasn’t the only Wind sibling to wish for a VW, but Ken was a little concerned that his son might be logging greater distances around the state.

“Our older son wanted a VW, too, but I knew he was more trans-Iowa, and I really didn’t want something as much as go-kart like that to be his primary car,” he recalls.

But don’t mistake that as a slight against the VW.

“When she went off to college we got her something a little more road worthy and winter worthy,” Ken says. “It was a new VW Beatle!”

As for the earlier, vintage version, the family found it at an estate auction in Hampton and were pleasantly surprised to see that it was in pretty good condition.

“All we did was change it to her favorite color,” Ken says.

He also redid the upholstery and put a speaker tray in the back for better sound. After all, a teen has to have tunes.

The VW also put Abby ahead of her peers in one noteworthy category — the ability to drive a stick! Under age 40, shifting gears is a little-known skill, although the number of cars made with stick shifts has actually seen a slight uptick in the last few years, according to CarTalk.

Ken says the VW was an idea vehicle for learning how to work a manual transmission.

“That’s a very forgiving car,” he says. “It’s a great car to learn on.”

Abby is now grown with a young family of her own, but she still loves to come back and take a spin in her beloved VW.

“And her kids love getting in it, too!” Lavaun concludes.

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