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Library Musings: Blind Date with a Book – Get Out of That Comfort Zone!

Posted February 03, 2015 in Community Blogs, Bondurant

Sometimes it’s fun to “mix it up” and do something different.  At work you may decide to pin up a new family photo, or a poster of a giant angry cat (a/k/a Grumpy Cat) next to your computer screen.  Maybe you try a new way of doing something – taking a different route to work, re-arranging living room furniture or trying one of those “pomelos” in the produce section at the grocery store because you just have to find out what the heck it tastes like.  Live a little!  FYI pomelos are awesome.

We decided to do something fun at BCL and try to persuade our patrons to try a blind date!  With a book, that is.  People get in a rut in all aspects of life, including with their reading habits.  We figured since we’re a library we could very easily help to rock your world with some saucy and mildly flirtatious books!


Shake things up.  Live a little dangerously.  Love Amish fiction?  Try a little Fifty Shades!  You’re shaking your head.  Too intense?  Then bring it down a notch with a little Janet Evanovich and her shenanigans.  Perhaps Louis L’Amour is tried and true, and will never get old to some, but stretching an old horse-worn habit to something a bit more current like the Longmire series might just be the kick in the old breeches you need.


Change is scary.  Change is good.  Change is constant, if you think about it.  Reading books by the same author may be comforting — like an old friend, a blankey from your childhood or a favorite recliner, but you might not know what you’re missing if you don’t get your hiney out of that recliner and open the pages of a good Clive Cussler thriller.  Maybe Danielle Steele has become your “tried and true genre.”  You could still mix it up a little if you check out similar authors like Barbara Delinsky or Sherryl Woods – at least you can say you tried something a little different.  Is James Patterson your go-to author and you’re not willing to budge?  Did you know that some of his books are contributed to by ghost writers?   Ah-ha!  So you’re reading different authors without even knowing it.  (I just wanted to point that out.)  However, if you love James Patterson books, there are similar authors like Michael Connelly and Robert Crais to consider.

We get that some of you are loyal to your favorite authors and read them religiously.  That’s awesome!  On that inevitable day when you walk into the library all dejected, saying “I’ve read all of his books.  Now what do I do?!”  Do not fear.  We can always set you up on a blind date with a book.  You two might hit it off, or you may never want to see each other again.   Take a chance.  You know you want to.


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