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Meet Kristy Ridgway

Posted January 21, 2015 in Altoona, Community Featured

Originally from Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Kristy Ridgway played softball at Iowa State University.  After graduating with a degree in math and education, she then went on to teach 6th grade math at the Southeast Polk School District.

Kristy Ridgway

Kristy Ridgway

“Through softball, I would always help host camps for kids.  I loved working with kids.  And, since math is my favorite subject, I wanted to help kids in that area as well,” Ridgway stated.

Since starting with the school district six years ago, Ridgway has always taught Junior High Math.  However, recently, she has also begun co-teaching with the special ed teacher in addition to teaching general ed math.

“When I applied to Southeast Polk, I really liked the setup of the school,” Ridgway stated, “When I came here it seemed like a really small family.”

Along with teaching, Ridgway also helped the Junior High School start a local chapter for Stand for the Silent, a national organization that helps raise awareness for bullying.  This organization not only raises awareness on what bullying looks like but also provides resources on what you can do if you are a victim of bullying and how to find support.   Last year, Ridgway’s students helped rewrite the procedures for anti-bullying.  This year, her students are going to elementary schools in order to speak with younger kids regarding anti-bullying.

Ridgway also helps with the after school math support group, where kids can come in anytime to receive help with math.

In her free time, Ridgway loves to golf and bike with her husband.  In the summer, she also loves to volunteer at the Wildwood Hills Ranch Camp in Saint Charles, Iowa.  This Ranch houses a Horse Therapy Program for kids with special needs, programs for kids from the boys and girls club and a military vet program for veterans with PTSD.

“Nevada is a large rural state, and I grew up around horses,” Ridgway stated.

But most excitingly, coming this March, Ridgway and her husband will be expecting their first child.

What do you like best about your teacher?


Chloe Nilletto and Brianna Vasey

Chloe Nilletto and Brianna Vasey

“She’s strict but she knows what she’s doing.  She makes math fun, and she teaches us well.”  –Chloe Nilletto and Brionna Vasey






Caleb Varisco

Caleb Varisco

“She makes math very interesting.  She cares about us not just on an educational standpoint but on a personal level as well.” – Caleb Varisco





MJ Dougherty

MJ Dougherty

“She’s always there when you need her.  She is a fun teacher.”  — MJ Dougherty


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