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Man of Many Miles

Posted January 21, 2015 in Community Featured, Bondurant

Conrad “Sunny” Fenton, a California native, has been riding “cycles” for years. He purchased his first one when he was 16-years old.

Somewhere on Highway 212 in Montana. Sunny Fenton is on the left.

Somewhere on Highway 212 in Montana.
Sunny Fenton is on the left.

His garage is covered in Sturgis flags, pictures, bicycles, and a royal blue Harley Davidson Heritage Softail, which is his third one. He’s also owned Kawasaki’s, Yamaha’s and more. There is one thing that Sunny hasn’t owned, a car. “I’ve only owned cycles and trucks.”

“Harley Davidson used to mean ‘hundred-dollar,’ now it means ‘high dollar,’” says Fenton.

Sunny has ridden the “lower 48” of the country, and plans to ride in Alaska sometime in the near future. He also has traveled Mexico and Canada.

“You meet a lot of people on the road,” he said. “I have a lot of good friends all over the country; they call me ‘Pony Express.’”

He would ride 5500-6000 miles a year, but has slowed down since moving to Iowa. “The weather and animals have slowed me down.” Sunny and his wife Wendy, recently moved to Iowa for their two kids. “That’s the only time it’s been trailered,” he said. He pointed to a scratch on the bag, which happened during the move.

“People don’t ride anymore.” He continued to talk about how a lot of people trailer their bikes to go ride. “I still carry a hard map,” as he pulled it out. He refuses to use a GPS. Sunny and his buddies ride a lot of the red highways, and rarely rides interstates.

As Sunny talked about his many stories from the open road, he refers to it as a “modern day cowboy.” They ride back roads, stop where they want to stop, and camp. “The outdoors is amazing, but can be dangerous.” He went on to tell me a story about him and a few friends camping one night when they heard some noise. “You could hear something scratching.” When they woke up, they found a long hair next to his buddy’s bike. They later concluded a bear was using the bike to scratch when they met a park ranger down the road. A bear was apparently feeding on a buffalo carcass, which was only a few miles away from their camp.

He would ride hundreds of miles at a time, and used to do rides where he had so many hours to ride a certain amount of miles. “I would get up at 6 a.m., ride 700 miles and be back by 6 p.m.”

Sunny is able to ride a lot more since he owns his own business called “Sunny’s Specialized Services.” He cleans carpets, upholstery, area rugs, tile and grout, and more.

He looks forward to warmer weather so he can put more miles on his “cycle.”

“I will make it to Alaska sooner than later.”

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