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Do you need a local Insurance Agent?

Posted January 21, 2015 in Advice Column, Beaverdale

Our world is really changing.  We’re seeing fewer and fewer local insurance agents on Main Street than we used to.  The reason? Internet Insurance Companies.  My question to you, though, is can those Internet Insurance Companies really replace the local agent in your life?

I would say that there’s no way that they can.  I believe the primary reason anyone shops Internet Insurance Companies is they THINK they will get a lower price.  The truth is, the rates are the same Online as through the 800 number as through an Agent.  But – will someone in a Call Center be as concerned about your protection as the agent sitting across the desk from you, looking you in the eye?

You buy insurance to protect your assets – the money you have saved up now and ALL the money you could make in your future. It is a dangerous idea to trust that protection to a stranger over the phone – or worse yet a computer.  You need to buy what you REALLY need. How can that be assessed in 15 minutes online or over the phone? The people on the phone don’t live, shop, or work where you do.

Your local insurance agent goes to church where you do, shops where you do, and eats at the local restaurants that you do.  My point is that your local agent really cares about you and knows what you’re like because she lives in your community, and her office is right down the street from where you live. He will be there in the middle of the night when you have experienced a loss.  She knows what kind of a house that you live in and what kind of car that you drive and all of the facets about you and yours.  So, you see, going down the street to meet with your local agent is really a very good idea because he will customize an insurance plan that will really meet your needs – and it may even save you money!

So, the next time that you buy a new car, or purchase a new house, stop and think about your local insurance agent and give him a call.  Most of the time she will have a hot cup of coffee waiting for you and time to sit down and review your needs right then, because she would love to see you!

Take care, from YOUR Local Insurance Agent – Larry Novak.


Information provided by Larry G. Novak, Novak Agency of Farmers Insurance.

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