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A Sight to Behold

Posted January 21, 2015 in Community Featured, Bondurant

In small town Iowa, a certain chain of convenience stores has cornered the market on fresh made pizza. Their motto “Famous for Pizza” spells it out. In Bondurant, Polito’s Pizza House has competed for over 12 years in a town that is home to two of those previously mentioned convenience stores.

A medium Polito’s pizza, half Taco Tom and half pepperoni. Left: An order of Specialty Chips rounded out the meal. Photos by Marc Bailey.

A medium Polito’s pizza, half Taco Tom and half pepperoni. Left: An order of Specialty Chips rounded out the meal.
Photos by Marc Bailey.

I had not visited Polito’s in some time, so I decided a check in was in order. I walked in past two customers waiting on takeout orders, and was seated via a very friendly waitress. The room was over half capacity and I soon learned the friendly waitress was the only person serving. I expected the service to suffer because of this, but was proven wrong by her prompt service and positive attitude.

Polito’s menu boasts an impressive selection of pizza, all served on homemade thin crust. Along with the build your own pizza options are some select specialty options. A vast array of non-pizza options are also available, such as baked cavatelli, fish, steaks and a variety of sandwiches served on homemade bread.

To make it a true pizza house visit, I ordered from the pizza side. The Tom’s Taco was a must, as well as a traditional pepperoni, so I ordered a medium with each option on half. I also went with an appetizer option, the Specialty Chips. They arrived first and were fantastic. Freshly sliced potatoes fried crisp, while still allowing some of the slices that tender bite that makes homemade potato chips so great.

The pizza arrived soon after and was a sight to behold. Served on a lunch tray, the taco half was a solid three inches tall. Taco pizza is a true test of a restaurants abilities. Too many times an establishment will throw together a bland amalgam of ‘south of the border’ toppings. Polito’s is not that establishment. The sauce and ground beef had great seasoning, contrasting the crunchy nacho chips and crisp lettuce. All drizzled with a zesty taco sauce.

An order of the Specialty Chips

An order of the Specialty Chips

The pepperoni side of things was impressive as well. The tangy marinara paired well with the spiced pepperoni. Each piece was perfectly supported by the thin homemade crisp crust. The heft of the taco side forced this patron to request a to-go box, and I was on my way.

Despite limited advertising and only serving during dinner hours, Polito’s Pizza House is bringing a fantastic fresh made pizza option to Bondurant.


Polito’s Pizza House
210 Lincoln St NE
Bondurant, IA 50035
(515) 957-8545

Wednesday & Thursday 4pm-9pm
Friday & Saturday 4pm-10pm
Sunday-Tuesday Closed

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