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Will it be a Good Year in Grimes?

Posted January 14, 2015 in Community Featured, Grimes


Last year was a year for the record books for Grimes, as it pertains to growth.  For the first time in the history of our community, over 200 new single family homes were built.  In order to accomplish something this significant a lot of factors had to occur, that drove a positive development environment.  From landowners, to developers, to engineers, to contractors, to buyers; the environment was ripe for investment.

However, while there is value in reflecting on past successes, the compass points us forward at this time of year.  We must prepare to take advantage of all of the opportunities that lie ahead.  Economic Development is a critical component to staying healthy as a community.  This is true in any community, but even more so in Grimes, because a large portion of our local business community is connected to the construction industry.  If people quit building in our area, local employers will likely have to eliminate jobs. 

For the time being, we appear to be on solid footing.  The many rankings the Des Moines metro area received in the past year are well deserved and are indicators of a strong local economy.  Grimes is positioned geographically and otherwise to see a continued pattern of growth.  Our organization’s tagline indicates why this is the case, “Grimes.  Far from Ordinary. Close to Everything.”  People and businesses alike want to be in a community that provides great access to the region and maintains high standards for future growth and other quality of life factors.

So, will 2015 be a good year for Grimes?  We think it will be, but we remind all of our readers that it is really a team effort.  That means each and every person who lives, works, invests, or has any interest in Grimes can have a positive impact by sharing information about the community, addressing small problems before they become larger, and by keeping a positive attitude about the community many of us call home.

So thank you to everyone who helped make 2014 a successful year in Grimes.  We look forward to working with you and others to ensure that 2015 is even better.

(If you have questions about the community, or information that you are willing to share that could help us continue to improve as a community, we encourage you to contact Grimes Chamber & Economic Development at or (515) 986-5770.  To learn more about our member organization, please visit

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